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"Alright, that's all for today. Remember to practice more after you return. Come back again the same time tomorrow. I want to see improvements in you." Liang Xiaoyu patted Xie Xie's shoulder. His body flashed past and vanished into thin air.

What an extremely fast speed!

Xie Xie was secretly gasping in admiration. He found it a little strange actually. 'Why did Brother Liang find me and impart his Agility-System soul master skills to me? It doesn't seem like I was acquainted with this person in the past! Moreover, it seems like he's not a teacher in the academy yet he's capable of entering and exiting the academy at will.'

He had attempted to ask Liang Xiaoyu on a few occasions, but Liang Xiaoyu always smiled and refused to answer. Xie Xie simply stopped asking since this benefitted him anyway.

He dragged his lethargic body back to the dormitory section.

He darted a look at Yuanen Yehui's side of the dormitory. The doors were shut tight. Yuanen Yehui should still be in there.

Xie Xie looked around and peeked twice. He found the curtains were tightly drawn, and there was nothing he could see.

He felt his heart shake a little the moment he recalled how he was tossed out yesterday. He must work hard to cultivate with Brother Liang. 'It's my fault for taking a fancy to such a girl. How can I possibly stand a chance in the future if my power's not strong enough to pin her down!'

The lethargy in his body seemed to have lessened when he thought of this.

He ran to the water pipe and filled a basin full of water to wash his face. It felt very refreshing.

A sound resounded from his back at this moment, Xie Xie hastily turned around to take a look. As he had expected, the door to Yuanen Yehui's room opened as she walked out from inside.

She had already returned to her boyish disguise. She walked outside without glancing at Xie Xie.

Xie Xie felt a jolt in his heart, and he hastily followed her. "Yuanen, where are you going?"

Yuanen Yehui did not utter a single word as she continued walking.

"Are you going to have your meal? Then I shall join you. What do you think of that? I'm feeling hungry too." Xie Xie followed behind her like a little child.

Yuanen Yehui suddenly stopped walking. She looked over her shoulder as she stared at him calmly.

Xie Xie, on the other hand, raised his head. His gaze drifted to the sky as he whistled, pretending like he did not see anything.

"Rascal!" Yuanen Yehui scoffed immediately. She turned around and left.

Xie Xie immediately caught up with her. This time he simply stopped talking. He followed behind Yuanen Yehui and maintained the distance of half a footstep away from her as he followed her step by step.

Yuanen Yehui exited the academy and widened her steps. She simply stopped acknowledging Xie Xie's presence. However, who would have thought that this fellow would continue following her just like chewing gum.

Yuanen Yehui stopped walking. She turned around and scolded angrily, "Are you done?"

Xie Xie looked around before he finally settled his gaze on his feet. He smiled as he said, "This path here doesn't belong to your family right? If you can walk on it, why can't I?"

"Shameless!" Yuanen Yehui could not strike him since they were on a bustling street with people hurrying to and fro.

Xie Xie laughed. "How do you know my humble name? You got it right this time."

"You…" Yuanen Yehui truly wished she could toss him out again, but Xie Xie seemed to have come prepared this time. He fell back by one step suddenly and lengthened the distance between them. Agility system soul masters would always have the upper hand when it came to moments when speed mattered the most.

Yuanen Yehui decided that she would just ignore him. In any case, she would have her meal and return on her own. If he was willing to follow, then so be it.

The two of them walked in tandem into a snack street near the Shrek Academy.

The business in the snack street appeared to be slightly empty. It was most likely because it was the school holidays. On usual days, there were a lot of Shrek Academy students who were here for a rare and sumptuous meal.

All sorts of food were available in the snack street and were both cheap as well as scrumptious. A wave of different scents would permeate the air with every few steps they took.

Xie Xie truly felt slightly hungry. His stomach growled loudly at once after he smelled the food scent on the snack street.

Yuanen Yehui looked everywhere. She continued walking before she finally came to a stop before a teppanyaki stall. "I would like to order two sticks of squids and two sticks of bean curd skins."

Xie Xie poked his head out from behind her and said to the stallkeeper, "I'll have two stick squids and two stick of bean curd skins too. I'll pay for both the bills later."

"I don't need you to pay my bills," Yuanen Yehui said coldly.

Xie Xie laughed. "We're all classmates. You don't have to be that serious."

"You're from Grade 1 class 1, I'm from Grade 2 class 1. No one is your classmate here." Yuanen Yehui scoffed coldly.

Xie Xie laughed before he said, "We're still from the same academy. Senior sister, why don't you buy us the meal then? I've no objections to that."

Yuanen Yehui's expression darkened as she glared at him fiercely. "What did you just call me?"

Xie Xie reacted to the situation and replied, "Senior!"

Yuanen Yehui looked back and stopped paying attention to him.

"It smells so good! Brother, can we have some grilled squid?" A pleasant voice sounded at this exact moment.

Soon after, another voice that was even more familiar to Xie Xie said, "Stallkeeper, I'll have fifty sticks of squids."

Xie Xie turned around abruptly and crashed into Tang Wulin.

Following that, he saw Tang Wulin was holding the hand of a girl who looked about their age.

Xie Xie felt his body shook once after seeing the girl's face. She was too beautiful, it was as if she was a fairy that had descended to earth.

Yuanen Yehui, Xu Xiaoyan, and Ye Xinglan were all beautiful girls. Even Gu Yue could be described as a girl with a beautiful temperament. However, all of them paled in comparison to this girl before his eyes.

The beauty of the silver-haired girl before his eyes was the kind of beauty that dominated the entire world. Her beauty was absolute, neither gaudy nor unkind. She was naturally beautiful as if she was a favorite of the heavens and earth.

"Huh? Xie Xie, why are you here? Yuanen, you're here too!" Tang Wulin saw them as well naturally.

Yuanen Yehui turned around, and when her gaze met Tang Wulin and Na'er whom he was pulling along, she was momentarily stunned too. 'This fellow is truly a straight man! I thought he has a good relationship with Gu Yue?'

Na'er looked at Tang Wulin before she curiously looked at the two people standing before her.

"We're out for a meal. This is?" Xie Xie finally managed to regain his senses at this moment. He looked at Tang Wulin in puzzlement.

Tang Wulin hastily introduced, "This is Na'er, my little sister. We were separated for many years but unexpectedly bumped into each other on the Sea God's Island. Na'er, this is Xie Xie and Yuanen. The second word to Xie Xie's name means meeting by chance."

"Hello everyone." Na'er gracefully nodded at them as a greeting.

This time even Xie Xie could figure out the situation. There was deep emotion in his eyes as he looked at Tang Wulin and said, "Biological sister? Oh, I remember. When you first arrived at our Eastsea Academy, there was once you started fighting when your blanket was stepped on by someone. You said that the pattern embroidered on the blanket was done by your sister. Is this her?"

Tang Wulin laughed as he nodded. "That's correct, this is her."

Xie Xie stared at Na'er's exquisite face as he hastily extended his hand to her. "Nice to meet you, nice to meet you. I'm Wulin's good friend. I'm Xie Xie, an agility system soul elder."

Na'er giggled and hid behind Tang Wulin. She did not extend her hand to shake his.

Xie Xie was given the cold shoulder, but he did not take it seriously. His gaze that was trained on Tang Wulin remained strange.

Yuanen Yehui, on the other hand, nodded at Na'er as a greeting.

"Take a seat over here. All of you ordered a lot of food, it'll take a while for me to cook," the teppanyaki stall keeper said.


There were a few tables behind the teppanyaki stall. The area was open air, but the business was still pretty good because the food was scrumptious. There was only one empty table available at this time.

Tang Wulin and the group arrived at the table and took a seat. The scene as they sat there smelling the scent of barbecued squid had a kind of beauty to it.

Tang Wulin naturally sat with Na'er on one side while Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie sat on the opposite side. Yuanen Yehui had no other choice but to put up with Xie Xie unwillingly since the place was not very spacious.

"Big brother, why didn't you return last night?" Xie Xie questioned Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin looked at him before he looked at Yuanen Yehui. There was a smile in his eyes as he said, "I'll be spending the next few days on Sea God's Island to cultivate so I won't be returning. Anyhow, there are still the both of you to guard the dormitory. Yuanen, I'll forge the spirit alloy that I promised you when I'm back."

"Alright," Yuanen Yehui answered.

Soon, the squid was served. There were a total of fifty-four squids and four bean curd skins that filled up a large plate.

In Tang Wulin's view, this small portion of food was naturally insignificant to him. He picked up two squids and passed it to Na'er before he started gobbling away.

Na'er looked at Tang Wulin with a smile before she began eating. "Brother, your appetite is still shocking!"

Tang Wulin sniggered. "This is a habit that I'm afraid I can't change in a short amount of time. You ought to eat more too. I remember you can eat a lot too!"

"Hmm," Na'er answered. Immediately, two sticks of squid had already been consumed by her. She stretched out her hand and grabbed another two sticks.

"Shopkeeper, please serve another fifty sticks of squid, fifty chicken skewers, fifty lamb skewers and also…" Tang Wulin's appetite was really shocking. At this moment, he was in a great mood due to being able to have a meal with Na'er after so long so his appetite was increased by a few times. He ordered a whole bunch of food again.

Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie's appetite was in the ordinary range. They were full in a just a short while. Afterward, they only watched as Tang Wulin and Na'er ate their fill.

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