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Tang Wulin could feel that the air was filled with a miraculous sense of life the moment he stepped onto the Sea God's Island. His martial soul was Bluesilver Grass, which was why he was very perceptive to everything. The towering trees flourished with massive life energy and had experienced the vicissitudes of life. He wondered how many years these trees had lived through.

Some of the especially tall and erect trees had already exceeded a few meters in height. Those trees had probably lived through ten thousand years of history.

Everything on the Sea God's Island including the plants and trees was protected, even thunder from the heavens was incapable of destroying them. This was Tang Wulin's second visit. His feeling toward the place was quite different from his first visit. Perhaps it was because his spirit power had advanced to the Spirit Sea rank that he had a better perception. He could sense the mystery and profoundness of the Sea God's Island.

Tang Wulin disembarked the boat in preparation to walk with Wu Zhangkong to the island. All of a sudden, his mind became slightly distracted. He turned his head and subconsciously glanced in a direction.

He could see that there was another boat that was heading toward the Sea God's Island. There was a maiden standing on the boat.

Her long silver hair was fluttering in the air. She appeared about the age of thirteen or fourteen and was dressed in red sportswear, and her exquisite face was revealed under the blowing breeze on the lake's surface.

She was beautiful beyond description! Tang Wulin was already extremely handsome himself. Wu Zhangkong was even more of a cold-faced god. However, Tang Wulin was immediately attracted to the maiden's appearance the moment he saw her.

She was truly stunning. Not an ounce of imperfection could be seen on her delicate facial features. She was similar to an elf on the lake's surface. There was utterly no emotional fluctuation that could be seen in her large eyes. Her eyes were surprisingly light silver in color. It was very unique.

The maiden had achieved maturity despite only appearing to be thirteen or fourteen years old. She was already slim and graceful. Her legs were long and straight while the ratio of her figure was almost perfect. She appeared slightly young and pure, still overflowing with the signs of youth.

She was absolutely stunning! Moreover, Tang Wulin felt a sense of indescribable familiarity when he looked at her.

'The red school uniform is the sign of the inner court, is she an inner disciple? However, I thought Xu Lizhi and Ye Xinglan had already transferred from the inner court to the outer court? I thought it was said that one was only allowed to enter the inner court when one becomes a one-word battle armor master? Could it be that this maiden is already a one-word battle armor master? How's that possible?'

"Huh?" Wu Zhangkong was walking towards the inside of the island when he noticed that there were no sounds of footsteps following him from behind. He stopped walking and turned around to take a look just in time to witness Tang Wulin staring off in bewilderment.

His body moved in a flash and returned to Tang Wulin's side. He raised his hand and knocked once on Tang Wulin's head.

Tang Wulin only came to his senses when he felt the pain. "Teacher Wu."

Naturally, Wu Zhangkong had noticed the silver-haired maiden too. He asked Tang Wulin, "What are you looking at?"

Tang Wulin answered, "Is she, is she an inner disciple?"

Wu Zhangkong nodded.

Tang Wulin asked in disbelief, "But I thought only one-word battle armor masters were allowed to join the inner court? I thought this is the new rule? Could it be that she's already a one-word battle armor master?"

Wu Zhangkong darted a look at him. "She's not. She's a special case."

"Why?" Tang Wulin asked out of curiosity.

Wu Zhangkong spoke, "She's the Pavilion Master's prodigy. The Pavilion Master only has her as the sole disciple so naturally, she's a special case. Her potential is undisputed. She'll certainly amount to a great deal in the future. That's why the Pavilion Master puts in the effort to cultivate her on the Sea God's Island."

The Pavilion Master? Sea God Pavilion Master?

How could it be possible for Tang Wulin to be unaware of the Sea God Pavilion after being in Shrek Academy for such a long time? It was the highest organization in the entire Shrek Academy! Tang Wulin once inquired many people about the existence of the Sea God Pavilion Master, yet no one gave him an answer. Everyone closely guarded the secret of that person.

The aloof Wu Zhangkong also did not speak about the existence of the Pavilion Master. There was only respect in his eyes. Thus, it was clear that the person was beyond powerful and respectable.

"Let's go." Wu Zhangkong turned around and walked towards the inside of the island.

Meanwhile, that boat had already pulled in to shore too. However, it was parked at a different spot from Tang Wulin's boat on the Sea God's Island. The silver-haired maiden walked in quick strides into the island and vanished.

'Why do I feel like I've seen her before. She feels so familiar.'

Tang Wulin was a little confused, but he still followed Wu Zhangkong hastily as they walked into the Sea God's Island.

Tang Wulin could not help but ask when he caught up to Teacher Wu, "Teacher Wu, what's the name of that senior from the inner court?"

Wu Zhangkong glanced at him. "You're still young. Don't allow your cultivation to be distracted by external matters."

Tang Wulin answered pitifully, "That's not what I mean, Teacher Wu. I only feel that she looks a little familiar to me."

Wu Zhangkong spoke dully, "A man often feels familiar upon seeing a beautiful woman."

Tang Wulin dared not inquire anymore upon realizing that Wu Zhangkong was unwilling to continue the conversation. He could only follow Wu Zhangkong as they made their way to the Scarlet Dragon Douluo, Zhuo Shi's small building.

Shen Yi was sitting cross-legged on a stone stool to meditate in the courtyard before the small building. A layer of dark green air appeared indistinctly around her body. Tang Wulin could clearly see that the soul power fluctuation on Teacher Shen's body was unusually rich and dense. It was similar to a deep pool. It felt dear to him because it was also a plant-type martial soul that was filled with signs of life.

Shen Yi rarely revealed her powers on usual days. Tang Wulin was only aware that her martial soul was related to vines, but he was unaware of the specifics. Her power was definitely not weak since she was able to become a teacher at Shrek's Academy. She was a two-word battle armor master at the very least.

Wu Zhangkong brought Tang Wulin along as they walked into the small building. Tang Wulin was surprised to discover that Scarlet Dragon Douluo, Zhuo Shi was in the living room.

Zhuo Shi could not help but crack a smile upon seeing him. He waved at Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin hastily walked forward to greet his grandteacher.

"Very well. There's no need for so many ceremonial customs. You're doing pretty good, and you're not embarrassing this old man." Zhuo Shi was very satisfied with this grand disciple of his. He had witnessed the competition when Tang Wulin brought his partners along to join the Imperial Sun Moon Soul Engineer Academy, and he had expressed his admiration for Tang Wulin. It was truly not an easy task to triumph in the competition against an opponent who possessed two Martial Soul fusion skills.

Moreover, the Holy Spirit Douluo had intentionally spoken of his great admiration for Tang Wulin's character to Scarlet Dragon Douluo recently. This was what Scarlet Dragon Doulou was the proudest about.

That was why his attitude towards Tang Wulin was extremely good upon meeting him.

"Thank you for the compliment, grandteacher," Tang Wulin smiled as he spoke, "Grandteacher, I've already mastered the Dragon Shocks the Heavens technique that you taught me earlier. Are you going to teach me another technique?"

Tang Wulin benefited greatly from Dragon Shocks the Heavens. Not only did he gain a set of martial skill, but he was taught the blood essence reversal method to manipulate his blood essence as well. The level of importance of this method to him was only preceded by the Mysterious Heaven Method.

Zhuo Shi nodded. "There's no rush. I'll certainly teach you. However, allow this old man to take a look at how well you've cultivated Dragon Shocks the Heavens first. Come to the courtyard."

Zhuo Shi stood up and walked towards the outer courtyard after saying that.

Tang Wulin thought of revealing himself at this moment. He had just broken through the Golden Dragon King's fourth seal after all. He received his second golden soul ring when the power of his blood essence peaked again. He would like to see what the level of his combat effectiveness was like after breaking through the fourth seal.

Shen Yi seemed to have heard their voices. She had already ended her cultivation when they made their way into the courtyard.

Scarlet Dragon walked to the center of the courtyard and waved at Tang Wulin. He said, "Come, spare no effort. Show me your Dragon Shocks the Heavens."


Tang Wulin walked to a spot ten meters in front of Zhuo Shi while Wu Zhangkong and Shen Yi stood aside. They had a rather good understanding of Tang Wulin's power. Tang Wulin's development after he came to Shrek Academy was universally recognized. His power gradually increased upon breaking through the three soul rings. His soul power cultivation might not be considered outstanding in his class, but his integrated combat effectiveness and his leadership far exceeded a majority of the students.

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