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Chapter 978 - Flimsy Tactics

"Hello friends, let's return back to the stage. Happy versus Mysterious Fantasy. This match will determine who will be eliminated during this knockout tournament. On the screen now is a list of the players who will be going on stage from Team Happy. Looking at this list, I'm sure those who have been paying attention to Team Happy must have realized something." After the ad break, the broadcast returned to the competition stage, and the commentator incessantly started talking.

"Yes, Happy's team composition doesn't have a healer. What a bold move! To dare to make such a move in a life and death battle, we have no choice but to recognize Happy's courage. I think this arrangement is surely a huge surprise to Mysterious Fantasy. I hope that their plans won't be thrown into disorder because of this!" It wasn't good for the commentator to be biased towards one side, so after admiring Happy, he gave his blessings to Mysterious Fantasy to make up for it. Unfortunately, the commentator's remark was spot on. Team Mysterious Fantasy's plans had been completely thrown into disarray because of Team Happy's surprise move.

After the five second countdown, the battle began.

Zhang Yiwei didn't want to look at the screen. Happy's unexpected team composition had disrupted his arrangements. As a result, his value as a coach couldn't be shown in this team competition. Everything depended on the players on-stage to resolve.

And for Team Mysterious Fantasy, without the guidance from their coach, they had undoubtedly lost their main pillar of support. When the battle began, Team Happy's five leading players rushed towards Team Mysterious Fantasy's location like wolves. The players on Team Mysterious Fantasy still hadn't moved yet. They were currently discussing what to do in the team chat.

An Wenyi's Little Cold Hands wasn't there. Steamed Bun Invasion wasn't there either. Who should they target among Team Happy's five players?

Ye Xiu, Sun Zheping, Wei Chen?

Even if these three were Gods of the past, they were still towering mountains compared to them.

Qiao Yifan. He had come from Team Tiny Herb. Even though he didn't seem to have made any accomplishments in Team Tiny Herb, just being accepted into Team Tiny Herb made him appear more precious than them. Being a part of Team Mysterious Fantasy truly meant that they were the bottom rung of the pro scene. Getting noticed by a top team like Team Tiny Herb was only a dream to them.

Besides these four, there was only Tang Rou left.

She was an extremely beautiful girl. They had cast their glances on her not just a few times off stage, but right now, in this life and death battle, they placed their attitudes towards beauties aside. Even though Tang Rou wasn't someone easily provoked, compared to those four, her background seemed the least impressive, no? If you had to pick a persimmon, pick a soft one. Tang Rou was soon recognized as their new main target.

Afterwards, the Team Mysterious Fantasy players finally shifted into formation. After confirming their target, it wasn't hard to execute their practiced tactics.

Zhang Yiwei saw his players begin to move. Every character was methodically arranged. It looked like they had a clear plan in mind.

What were they planning on doing? Zhang Yiwei could no longer remain calm. He anxiously stood up, staring at the screen.

The players on both sides began their first exchange. Team Happy was in an X formation. Sun Zheping's Another Summer of Sleep and Tang Rou's Soft Mist stood at the front. Wei Chen's Windward Formation and Qiao Yifan's One Inch Ash stood at the back. Ye Xiu's Lord Grim was positioned in the middle. It was a very ordinary and unsurprising formation.

After Team Mysterious Fantasy saw Team Happy's formation, they quickly adjusted their formation. They shifted towards their main target, Soft Mist. Their captain, Tang Xin, quickly spoke in the team channel: "Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire! Heroic Leap to split them apart. Cloud Grasping Fist to grab her!"

Team Mysterious Fantasy's first five players consisted of a Sharpshooter, Elementalist, Knight, Qi Master, and Paladin.

Two long-ranged offensive classes, one mid-ranged class, one close-ranged defensive Knight, and one healer and defensive Paladin. The cautiousness of a weak team was completely revealed by their team composition. This team composition didn't have much close-combat ability. It was clearly because Team Mysterious Fantasy didn't dare to directly confront other teams. Because of this, they needed to use other methods to obtain victory.

After their captain finished giving out instructions, the five Mysterious Fantasy players rushed towards Happy. They took the initiative and launched the first attack.

"Too impatient!" Zhang Yiwei stomped his feet in worry. He had brought this team up with his own hands. As soon as he saw their formation, he could already see through their intentions. However, attacking first wasn't their Team Mysterious Fantasy's strength. What's more, their team composition didn't have powerful surprise attack capabilities.

It had to be said that the strength of Team Mysterious Fantasy's players was limited. In terms of tactics, because of the existence of their coach Zhang Yiwei, the players were used to listening to his orders. Their ability to create their own strategies became even weaker. The thinking behind their plan had some clear problems. How could such crude tactics not be cleaned up by Team Happy? Team Happy had Ye Xiu, the most senior of the Four Master Tacticians. Numerous Glory tactics had been invented by him. Zhang Yiwei himself didn't dare to say he was more capable at tactics than Ye Xiu. Right now, these Team Mysterious Fantasy players, who were used to relying on someone else's tactics, went up to battle against Ye Xiu. A dull gray once again consumed Zhang Yiwei's heart.

But Team Mysterious Fantasy's players couldn't feel their coach's current emotions. They had already started their attacks. The Elementalist cast a Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire. The Knight used Heroic Leap, directly splitting the line between Soft Mist and Lord Grim to separate Soft Mist from the rest of her allies.


A gunshot sounded. Mysterious Fantasy's Elementalist hadn't noticed at all. Lord Grim's attack forced him to cancel his spell cast. The Knight had already rushed forward with Heroic Leap, but while he was still in the air, he was suspended where he was.  

Soft Mist's spear was raised high in the air, stabbing him and making him appear like a piece of clothing hung out to dry.  

That was just the visual impression in that instant. Circle Swing didn't give any time to pose for a picture. As soon as the spear struck him, he was flung down without any delay. At this moment, Mysterious Fantasy's Qi Master had successfully executed Cloud Grasping Fist and dragged her towards their Knight. The others weren't able to protect her. This grab struck, and Soft Mist was dragged over. The Knight pierced by her spear, as well as the remaining arc of the Circle Swing, were pulled over to the Qi Master as well. The Qi Master crashed into the ground, struck by his own allied Knight, who had been smashed down by Circle Swing.

The crowd erupted with laughter. That scene was too funny! The Qi Master using Cloud Grasping Fist reaped what he had sown.

In the first exchange alone, two players from Team Mysterious Fantasy had been knocked into the ground. Their opening move was going extremely poorly. Tang Rou's Soft Mist was full of life though. She didn't panic after being pulled into the enemy ranks by Cloud Grasping First. Instead, she took the opportunity to attack. The two on the ground hadn't gotten up yet, and the Sharpshooter and Paladin were already being forced back by her. They had originally planned on grabbing Soft Mist and killing her, but after she was grabbed, they were the ones being forced into helplessness. Team Mysterious Fantasy's first wave of attacks looked very embarrassing.

Tang Xin's Sharpshooter stepped back five steps. It was the distance that he was most familiar with. Following afterwards, he was just about to unleash his Gun Fu, when a Hexagram Prison suddenly erupted from the ground. Tang Xin hastily jumped out of the way in fright. Windward Formation's Hexagram Prison had been avoided, but Lord Grim's Anti-Tank Missiles were still flying towards him. Tang Xin wanted to dodge again, but Soft Mist had already reached him.

Not only was their target Soft Mist not beaten black and blue, she became the dagger that was lodged in the chink of their armor. At this moment, Tang Xin deeply felt like his plans had been terrible. The other side took advantage of it and turned the tides in their favor.

Tang Xin's Sharpshooter was pressed on both sides and had no path for retreat. Fortunately, he had teammates to help him. The Knight got back up and rushed over with a Shield Strike. Soft Mist had no choice but to dodge it. The Qi Master punched and sent a Dragon Wave flying over.

But then, he saw a figure descending from the sky. Another Summer of Sleep had landed with a Collapsing Mountain. His body ate the Dragon Wave, and his sword slashed fiercely towards the Knight.

The Knight raised his shield to block it, and a loud muffled sound erupted. While making his declaration, another fierce character from Team Happy had approached. Sun Zheping's experience was far richer than Tang Rou's. Compared to Tang Rou, he knew more clearly how to make things difficult for Team Mysterious Fantasy. His first strike was blocked by the shield. He didn't mind. He began ferociously slamming down on the Knight's shield, forcing the Knight to take step after step backwards. The shield could greatly reduce knockback effects. However, it couldn't completely resist Sun Zheping's frenzy. The knockback from skillfully linked attacks, forcibly broke through what the shield could take. The Knight continued to be forced back, giving Soft Mist a new path to maneuver around in. With a Dragon Breaks the Ranks, Soft Mist sent the Qi Master flying far away.

Tang Rou didn't have her Soft Mist chase after him. She turned around and began attacking the Knight, along with Sun Zheping.

That Knight was unable to get away from Sun Zheping. He could only watch helplessly as Soft Mist attacked. He could only hope that his teammates could break through and rescue him. However, when he turned his head to look, their Elementalist was jumping like a rabbit under Lord Grim's gunfire, and their team's Sharpshooter was being suppressed by Windward Formation's long-ranged curses. Their Sharpshooter wouldn't be able to escape for awhile. Warlock attacks weren't as simple as just damage. Many of their skills were catered towards control. As for their Qi Master, he was still trying to get up after being sent flying away by Soft Mist's Dragon Break the Ranks! As for their Paladin? Oh, their Paladin was still there. Furthermore, Another Summer of Sleep and Soft Mist were pushing him towards his own Paladin! This... they wanted to get rid of both him and the Paladin all at once!

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