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Chapter 936 - Finisher

As the host of this party, Lou Guanning would lose a lot of face running into this sort of trouble. Then, Ye Xiu and Tang Rou came out to slap faces and. In the end, even Tang Rou’s dad came, blow after blow landing on the troublemaker, resulting in Lou Guanning not even having the chance to make a move. If he really let Young Master Lu go just like that, how was he going to show his face in the future?

Young Master Lu had wanted to flee when no one was paying attention, yet someone had seen him. Running away without care was something that uncultured people did. For them, on the other hand, image was very important.

Young Master Lu turned his head back, afraid to initiate anything further, just waiting to see what Lou Guanning had planned.

"I remember there was a rule here, that if more than a certain number of members agreed, we could kick someone out, right?" Lou Guanning said, looking at the club staff that had yet to leave.

Everyone was surprised upon hearing this. They hadn’t thought that this host, who had been watching the drama unfold all this time, would suddenly strike, and strike so viciously. Getting kicked from the club was a most humiliating thing.

Hearing this, the staff were also shocked, but the guest had asked for the rules, so he could only oblige and answer truthfully, "Yes."

"Wonderful. Then I suggest we kick out this uncultured, uneducated person, who doesn’t seem to have any idea what to do with his life. Does anyone concur?" Lou Guanning immediately called out. Ye Xiu and the others heard his tone, immediately reminding them of someone shouting and looking for a party outside a dungeon entrance!

The guests were all here to spectate. Who would concur to such an offensive decision? Ye Xiu's group weren’t members themselves, so they didn’t have the right to concur.

"I concur."

"I agree."

"I’m all for this."

"I’m definitely in accord."

It was then that several voices rose up in agreement. The guests were all shocked. Someone was willing to risk offending people and agree?

Ye Xiu’s group turned to look, only to find that the ones that sent out voices of agreement were Zou Yunhai, Wen Kebei, Gu Xiye, and Zhong Yeli. The four of them were composed as they walked over to stand at Lou Guanning’s side, looking at Young Master Lu tauntingly.

These people...

Ye Xiu paused for a moment before having a sudden understanding.

Zou Yunhai and the other three could give a response, meaning that they were members of the club, and if you wanted to join a club like this, you had to be worthy of it. If they were just Lou Guanning’s playmates, then they would, at most, be like Ye Xiu's group, here as Lou Guanning’s guests. If they wanted to be members, then they had to have some sort of background. If they were merely Lou Guanning’s Glory friends, then that wasn’t enough.

Seeing how these four were also dressed immaculately, fitting in completely with the environment, how could they possibly be normal Glory players? These four were also of the upper-class. Considering their age and how they were always holed up, playing Glory, it was evident that they couldn’t have been young geniuses that built themselves up from scratch. They should also be the young masters of rich families.

Team Heavenly Swords wasn’t just the creation of Lou Guanning, this one money warrior, but rather five money warriors.

No wonder they hadn’t listened to Ye Xiu’s suggestion to find a skilled veteran to strengthen their team. It was because their team, no matter what, would have them five as the core. This could not be changed. This team was theirs and the five of them were all bosses in their own right. They had built a team to have fun in the pro circle, not as an investment. Anyone who came to Team Heavenly Swords would want to take the place of a core member. This sort of stable line-up of Team Heavenly Sword’s was unprecedented and very possibly never to occur again. That was why the addition of a God like Sun Zheping who had special circumstances made Lou Guanning so happy. Otherwise, nevermind a God, any skilled player wouldn’t be able to accept being a sub in a team where they would never have a chance to become a core player of.

The number of people who had concurred with the idea of kicking young master Lu out had suddenly become five. Young Master Lu’s complexion became extremely ugly. He didn’t recognize any of these people, but being members of this club, they definitely weren’t normal people. Yet with the situation between them having escalated to this, Young Master Lu didn’t bother to worry about offending them. Seeing that there were a total of five, he laughed mockingly. "So few people, I think that’s far from enough."

"Count me in as well." Young Master Lu then heard a voice say from behind him.

Who was this?

Thinking of how Tang Rou’s father had come before, Young Master Lu felt that this definitely was a good omen. Turning his head to look, he saw a person who only lacked the words "savage" written on his face walk in. The people who came in and out of the club, even the staff, were all well-dressed. Only Ye Xiu’s group wasn’t up to standard. This was also one of the reasons why Young Master Lu felt disdain when seeing them: dog meat wasn’t fit for ceremony*. However, this person, was also dressed casually, not at all classy enough for this club. Yet since this person could concur, he also had to be a member.

Young Master Lu didn’t recognize this person either, but he saw that the staff had already gone over to him, greeting him respectfully, "Young Master Zhong came."

"Yup, I came, do we have enough people yet?" The person referred to as Young Master Zhong was that frenemy of Lou Guanning’s. The party had already been going on for half a day and this guy only arrived now, it was definitely not giving the host any face. Yet as soon as he came, the first thing he did was back the host up.

"Um, I still don’t think it’s enough…" The club staff said.

"Really? How many votes are we missing? I’ll call them over!" As Young Master Zhong said this, he grabbed his phone. With the way he was yelling, it was like he was calling for reinforcements in a gang war or something.

Young Master Lu looked around at the people present, his head aching.

Tang Rou’s father was obviously controlling himself. Considering his identity, he was above getting into petty fights with these juniors. After shutting up Young Master Lu with a single sentence, he had gone to one side to talk with his daughter, completely ignoring the matter.

What about Young Master Zhong? He didn’t have any sort of elder’s tolerance. What this guy did most often in this club was make a big deal out of something small, and make it such a deal that there was no way to settle it. Causing trouble was his forte. Why was he so unlucky as to have run into this guy today?

At this point, going over to try and smooth things over would be uttering humiliating. Young Master Lu, face pale, glared at them as well as Young Master Zhong, whom he was secretly somewhat afraid of.

"I see how it is…" With that sentence, Young Master Lu turned and left.

"Hey, how come you’re leaving? You should at least struggle a bit. Are you just willing to get kicked out without any resistance?" Young Master Zhong was still yelling loudly.

Yet what reason would Young Master Lu have for turning back? He was gone quickly, as if he had activated an Assassin’s Shadow Move. In the end, he still ran like a street gangster that couldn’t win in a fight. However, this was a smart move considering the situation. Running and ruining his own image gave the other side a reason to stop. After all, running off like that was better than being kicked out. It would be too easy for others to misunderstand being kicked, thinking that he had done something terrible. It would ruin his reputation.

"How boring!" Seeing Young Master Lu running away, Young Master Zhong put away his phone as his interest flagged visibly.

"You’re early!" Lou Guanning didn’t express any form of gratitude to Young Master Zhong at all, his first words mocking how late this guy was.

"Shut up. I just came out of a Board of Directors meeting. Do you think I’m like you, having nothing to do but play games?" Young Master Zhong asked.

Ye Xiu’s group was bewildered by the true nature of the relationship between these two, sweat dripping at these words. Wouldn’t you call taking the time to find someone just to strike a blow at Lou Guanning’s face "having nothing to do"? Board of Director’s meeting? Placing something like that with this person was like talking about Ye Xiu and Beethoven together. They did not complement each other at all, completely unimaginable.

"Hey, you guys came too." Young Master Zhong even greeted Ye Xiu’s group, surprising them greatly.

By the time he had finished greeting them, a waiter had already brought over a plate of wine glasses.

Young Master Zhong took one glass at random, raising it in a toast to everyone. "I’d arranged to meet with someone about a contract, so I was just passing by. Now that I’ve finished passing by, bye bye." After that, he put the emptied glass back on the plate and left.

"Your friend…" Chen Guo seemed to have a thought.

"Yes?" Lou Guanning asked.

"Was he really passing by, or was he busy and came over for you after hearing of your trouble?" Chen Guo asked.

"God knows what he’s thinking." Lou Guanning seemed to think it not worth his time to consider Young Master Zhong’s train of thought.

With Young Master Lu’s departure, the party went back to normal. It was just that with Tang Rou’s father here, more and more people began to pay attention to Ye Xiu’s group. Originally, with their unfitting attire, everyone could tell they weren’t on their level, so very few people initiated conversation with them. Now, everyone kept coming over. Even Ye Xiu, who kept hiding in a corner, smoking, had been pulled into a conversation by someone. Team Happy wasn’t something that went in one ear and came out the other anymore. Many people had taken notice, prepared to research once they got back, especially what the heiress of the Tang family was doing there. That was the crucial point.

No one knew where Tang Rou and her father had gone. All they knew was that they came back a long time after they had left. With her identity, not dressed well? That could easily be ignored.

With Tang Rou’s return, she was immediately surrounded. These immaculately dressed people seemed to have forgotten all propriety.

"Don’t you think it might be time for us to leave?" Chen Guo hurriedly suggested, seeing the situation. Lou Guanning, their host, for the first time didn’t seem to want them to stay.

Seeing that Tang Rou was going to leave, many voices called for them to stay, but no one dared to cling to them and force them to do so. Seeing that they still wanted to go, the crowd could only try to leave a good and lasting last impression as they sent Ye Xiu's group off. Lou Guanning’s party almost ended because everyone wanted to say goodbye to Tang Rou.

"The car will be here soon." Lou Guanning could feel himself sweating at the sight of all these people who had lost their cool at the entrance of the club. These people were crowding around and fighting over a send off! The job of chauffeuring suddenly became a something everyone wanted to offer.

"My Lady!" It was at this moment that a car drove past the front door, parking itself at the side of the road. The chauffeur came out and called over.

An abrupt silence fell.

"Shall I drive you back?" The chauffeur said.

"What if we ride my dad’s car?" Tang Rou asked Ye Xiu's group.

Who dared to try and argue when Tang Rou’s father wanted to take them back?

"Sure." Ye Xiu didn’t care at all.

The four got on and left. Lou Guanning let out a breath of relief.

"I never would’ve guessed that Soft Mist would be the heiress of the Tang Family," Zou Yunhai said, edging over. They were still more used to calling Ye Xiu's group by their in-game tags.

"Yeah… who would’ve?" Lou Guanning agreed.

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