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Chapter 930 - Calculating is Useless

The two inactive pro players were fighting a match even more difficult to understand than what was seen on stage in the Alliance. For a moment, Lou Guanning couldn’t figure it out. It wasn’t rare for Berserkers to trade health, but God’s way of doing it was just too unprofessional. No one was going to just stand there and let the opponent hack them to increase their damage. The correct way should be like when Ye Xiu used Colliding Stab previously. It was calculative, and it had a purpose. From a long-term perspective, trading skills should make up for the health lost, especially in a 1v1.

Perhaps he was waiting for the right moment to break the opponent’s combo and counterattack?

Lou Guanning could only guess. As a result, he began viewing the fight from this perspective and looked for openings. Lou Guanning’s eyes lit up!

This opening was too good. He could use Wild Blood Strike and directly counter attack. It should be here, right?

During the time it took Lou Guanning to think of all that, Loulan Slash was hit again.

Why is he not using it? Lou Guanning was depressed. It was such a good opportunity... Suddenly, Lou Guanning realized where the issue lay.

Using Wild Blood Strike to forcefully counter the attack was certainly a good choice, but could Loulan Slash make this choice at that moment? His Wild Blood Strike was probably on cooldown.

As a result, Lou Guanning instantly understood.

When he carefully recalled Another Summer of Sleep’s offense, Lou Guanning realized that those places, which he thought could be broken, were only in theory. In reality, those combos corresponded perfectly with Loulan Slash’s skill cooldowns, leading these combos to be incapable of being broken. Ye Xiu wasn’t trading his health away, but was truly being suppressed.

The person at the scene is baffled, but the onlooker sees clearly. That saying wasn’t always true. If you weren’t the player, some details could easily be missed. In that case, the saying should be that the person at the scene sees clear, but the onlooker is baffled.

After recognizing this point, Lou Guanning also immediately realized that God being on the defensive was about to end. Skills wouldn’t permanently be on cooldown. After using Wild Blood Strike, Loulan Slash’s skills had already been refreshed, but if Another Summer of Sleep was able to figure out his opponent’s cooldowns and create such a combo, how could he not know that? After this attack, Another Summer of Sleep quickly activated Berserk. He dragged on the previous wave of attacks using Berserk and ended the combo with a high-level skill.


Another Summer of Sleep’s wave of attacks lowered Loulan Slash’s health by 28%. Loulan Slash’s previous combo had only taken away 15% of his health, so under the effects of Blood Awakening, he possessed powerful combat stats. In addition, his combo had been far longer than Loulan Slash’s. His combo was terrifyingly strong.

Lou Guanning couldn’t help but be worried for Ye Xiu. Another Summer of Sleep’s precise calculations and comboing proved that he was absolutely a top-tier expert. The opposing Berserker’s skill level was a good level higher than his own. Lou Guanning didn’t think he would have the ability to complete a chain of attacks taking the opponent’s cooldowns so precisely into account, even more so facing a God.

Lou Guanning had all sorts of thoughts. The battle didn’t stop though. After taking an enormous amount of damage, the first thing that Ye Xiu did was have Loulan Slash counterattack.

He was also taking advantage of the opponent’s cooldowns!

Lou Guanning watched with understanding this time. He understood this strategy, but he couldn’t utilize it as perfectly as Another Summer of Sleep. His set of combos made it seem as if the holes in Loulan Slash’s skill cooldowns were lined up one after the other. His efficiency was unimaginably high.

If this guy could do it, God could probably do it too, no?

Lou Guanning was incomparably confident on this point, but he didn’t consider that if Another Summer of Sleep could do it, then he would also be wary of it too. When the two Berserkers clashed again, Ye Xiu didn’t quickly gain the upper hand like Lou Guanning had imagined. Another Summer of Sleep had been fighting wildly the entire time. Once he gained a clear advantage, he suddenly became a lot more conservative and emphasized defense.

The two characters once again began trading blows to reduce their health.

At the moment, Another Summer of Sleep had more health, while Loulan Slash had less, but because of the existence of Blood Awakening, his attack power was stronger. As a result, trading blows became more complicated. Which skill to choose required precise calculation.

The pace of the battle was still extremely fast, as if neither side wanted to give the other time to carefully think. As the blood splattered, the health of the two characters dropped. The observers watched the numbers change to see which side was winning or losing the exchanges.  

God was slightly winning!

Lou Guanning concluded. Before, he had even pulled out a calculator to compute the loss in stamina for both sides. Later, he got so absorbed into the battle and forgot to close it. Now, he took it out again and nimbly computed it, reaching a conclusion very quickly.

This slightly winning wasn’t enough! Because God’s health value was lower. If this trade continued, Loulan Slash would be the one to fall first, unless he could suddenly find an opportunity to deal over 5% of his opponent’s health. However, with how cautious both sides were being, this type of opportunity would be unlikely to occur.

Lou Guanning was anxious. After looking for a bit, he suddenly discovered that the health of the two characters wasn’t decreasing at the same rate as he had predicted. Lou Guanning took out his calculator again and confirmed a discrepancy with his previous calculations. After puzzling over it for a bit, he soon figured it out. It was because it was a battle between two Berserkers. As their health fell, their attack power would constantly be changing, so trading attacks was much more complicated for them than with other classes. In this confrontation, besides testing the knowledge and technical skill of the two sides, it also tested their ability to calculate while fighting.

But due to the fast pace of the battle, it might be very difficult to do that for someone like Lou Guanning, who was using a calculator to make precise calculations. In this battle, their calculations most likely came from experience and intuition alone.

The two continued fighting. Lou Guanning had a calculator in his hands. He thought that he would have a better grasp of the situation than the two players, but in reality, because of how their battle strength changed as their health decreased, there wasn’t much point in Lou Guanning calculating anything because he couldn’t make any future inferences based on the numbers. As for deciding who was winning… just looking at the health on both sides was enough. Calculating wasn’t necessary.

Lou Guanning was calculating wildly like an idiot until the health of the two sides kept surprising him. Only then did he suddenly realize that he was being stupid. It was pointless to calculate. The only thing that could be concluded was the overall situation.

After a series of back and forths, Another Summer of Sleep’s health was at 10%, while Loulan Slash’s health was at 7%. There had originally been a 13% difference, but it had been pulled closer by 10%. Lou Guanning immediately started playing with his calculator again. By checking the rate at which their health dropped from trades, he realized that if Ye Xiu could keep this rate up, using his 7% to make a comeback over the enemy 10% was set in stone.

He really does deserve to be called a God!

Lou Guanning’s worship for God increased, but then, the situation abruptly changed. The trading of attacks was disrupted. Another Summer of Sleep suddenly began fighting for the initiative.

"Tsk tsk..." Lou Guanning sighed, "This guy’s skill level is really high. He’s realized that if this continues, he’ll lose. He has to put his all into the fight! But I’m sure that this is all within God’s calculations. He must be prepared, right?"

From Loulan Slash’s response, Ye Xiu had been prepared, but not longer afterwards, Lou Guanning discovered that Loulan Slash was still being suppressed.




Even though it wasn’t considered a combo by the system, it was clear that Another Summer of Sleep held the upper hand. Blow after blow reduced Loulan Slash’s health. He himself was also losing health, but with his health advantage, as long as the trading between both sides was equal, the one to fall in the end would be Loulan Slash.  

How is that possible?

Lou Guanning was shocked. Victory and defeat was about to be decided. He felt so nervous that he couldn’t calmly analyze the situation anymore and glanced at God sitting over there. Ye Xiu’s expression was as calm as ever. His hands never stopped moving. However, he let out a light sigh; it didn’t escape Lou Guanning’s eyes.

He’s going to lose!!!

Lou Guanning realized. He turned his head to check on the battle. Loulan Slash’s health had fallen to 1%. Another Summer of Sleep’s health was still around 5%. In the final stage of the battle, not only was Ye Xiu not able to pull the health disparity closer, the other side had increased the health difference to 4%.

Will there be a miracle?

Lou Guanning was still looking forward to it. Loulan Slash fell in the end. Ye Xiu had lost.

Who is this guy!

Lou Guanning’s astonishment couldn’t be described using words. He knew that there was always a winner and a loser in a Glory match. No one was invincible. Even God had lost numerous times in the pro scene, but he could not accept the reality in front of him. It wasn’t just him. Chen Guo, Tang Rou, and Steamed Bun were so shocked that it looked like they had just seen the impossible.

Even when Loulan Slash only had 1% health remaining, they thought Ye Xiu would immediately suddenly burst out. It was only when Loulan Slash actually fell did they come back to reality. For them, Ye Xiu losing was even more shocking than Ye Xiu suddenly make a comeback with just 1% health left.

The practice room was completely silent. Lou Guanning’s bad friend unexpectedly didn’t jump out to start taunting him despite it being such a rare victory for him. For Lou Guannin’s friends, this was definitely a miracle. This bad friend was also staring into blank space when the match ended. This match had been extremely thrilling and intense, even someone like him, who only had mediocre interest in Glory, was sucked in.

A moment later, this guy came back to reality. He didn’t immediately begin mocking Lou Guanning. Instead, he stood up and stared at him. His face was filled with astonishment: "Old Lou, when did you become so good?"

"Your skill level is truly exceptional. Even though I won that match, who knows if I’d win again if we played another round. We’d have to start over from the beginning." Another Summer of Sleep also stood up and looked at Lou Guanning.

Lou Guanning couldn’t sit still. He felt very ashamed. He was just about to admit the truth, when Another Summer of Sleep suddenly shouted: "What the f*ck? Why are you here?"

"What?" Lou Guanning looked over in confusion. He saw that Another Summer of Sleep’s astonishment was directed at Ye Xiu.

"It’s you! No wonder!" Ye Xiu also looked over at the other guy. His expression was much more calm.

"You guys know each other?" Everyone else in the room was surprised.

"Ye Qiu!" When Another Summer of Sleep said this name, there was clearly a bit of anger within.

"Sun Zheping." Ye Xiu was still rather calm.

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