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Chapter 884 - Return Day

What day is it today?

Though Chen Guo was half-asleep, this question wasn’t difficult for her to answer. If it was Chang Xian asking, then it must be related to Glory. For Glory, what day was it today?

“The update officially goes online!” Chen Guo blurted out.

“What else?” Chang Xiang asked.

“The eleventh server also opens.” Chen Guo said.

“Yes, what else?” Chang Xian asked again.

“What else?” Chen Guo was at a loss. After thinking about it for awhile, she wasn’t able to come up with an answer.

“On this day last year, Ye Qiu announced his retirement.” In the end, Chang Xian told her the answer.

Chen Guo was stunned.

Indeed. Even though Ye Xiu had arrived at Happy Internet Cafe a day earlier, Team Excellent Era had officially announced his retirement last year today.

“In other words, according to the Alliance’s rules, if Ye Qiu wished to return to the scene, he can now do so.” Chang Xian said.

Chen Guo understood. Chang Xian wanted first-hand knowledge of Ye Qiu’s return.

How proactive! Chen Guo felt moved. In reality, she didn’t have any information to give him. If she had wanted to report it, she would have taken the initiative to contact Chang Xian, but Ye Qiu’s return….. Chen Guo wasn’t really sure what he had in mind. Did he plan on announcing his return now that his retirement period had ended?

Chen Guo got distracted while holding up her phone. For a moment, she forgot to say anything. On the other side, Chang Xian unexpectedly maintained the silence and didn’t urge her to say anything either.

Chang Xian was a newbie, but he had a certain level of reporter’s sense.

In the previous interview, he had asked questions related to Ye Qiu and Happy. Captain Ye Xiu’s reply had been recorded. That day, Ye Xiu had said: You could say he’s here. You could also say he’s not.

Facing this mysterious reply, Chang Xian pursued it further. The other side had replied with a “You’ll know when the time comes.”

When was when the times comes?

Because of Chang Xian’s lack of experience, his interview questions had been arranged poorly. At that time, it wouldn’t have been proper to ask such a question, but after pondering over it, he felt like the time would come at a special moment. For example, Ye Qiu’s fulfilling his full year of retirement.


From that day onwards, when Chang Xian checked the calendar, he would never forget Ye Qiu’s retirement period. Once the date reached today this year, it would mean Ye Qiu could return to the pro scene.

So when the day came, Chang Xian impatiently contacted Chen Guo, and this time, he didn’t want to mess up because of his own inexperience. He stayed patient and calm. Up until now, he had only stated that Ye Qiu could officially return.

This method was undoubtedly much smarter. Even though he didn’t raise a question, he had revealed the subject of their conversation. Now, he needed to see how Chen Guo would respond. Chang Xian patiently waited.

Chen Guo wasn’t aware that her mind had wandered off a while ago. After snapping back to reality, she felt like Chang Xian had just finished talking. She replied: “Right, he can return.”

“Then, does he have any plans in store for his return?” Chang Xian asked. In reality, he hadn’t confirmed that Ye Qiu really was in Happy, but by directly jumping to this question assuming that Ye Qiu was inside Happy, he would be killing two birds with one stone.

“I’m not sure.” Chen Guo said.  


“But Ye Qiu will definitely be back.” Chen Guo was certain.  

“Everyone is hoping that this day will come soon.” Chang Xian said.

“It will definitely come.” Chen Guo said.

These powerful and resonating words stunned Chang Xian. His intuition told him that Chen Guo didn’t have a clear idea of what exactly Ye Qiu planned to do. These seemingly certain confirmations sounded more like a fan’s wishful thinking.

“I don’t know……. If there’s maybe a chance for me to interview him?” Finally, Chang Xian carefully requested.

“This….... I’ll have to ask him before I can give you a reply.” Chen Guo said.

She didn’t know, but her reply made Chang Xian wild with joy. He could finally confirm that Ye Qiu was in Happy. As long as he followed Happy closely, he didn’t need to worry about not meeting this God. Chang Xian had forgotten though that his senior, Cao Guangcheng, had reported for Excellent Era for eight years, yet had only been able to get an interview with Ye Qiu on QQ once.

“I hope I’ll be able to get this opportunity.” After hearing a definite reply, Chang Xian became more confident and patient. His heart was thumping loudly. He could already begin to imagine what type of questions he would ask when he saw Ye Qiu.

“Mm, I’ll contact you in a bit.” Chen Guo said.

“Okay. Then, I won’t keep bothering you, Sis Chen.” Chang Xian said.

The two hung up. Chen Guo didn’t hurry over to ask. At this moment, everyone in Happy was probably still sleeping! Chen Guo rolled over and continued making up for her lack of sleep.

At the interview station, Chang Xian hung up the phone with a big smile on his face. Cao Guangcheng happened to see it.  

“What are you so excited about?’ Cao Guangcheng asked with a smile.

“Ye Qiu.” Chang Xian happily replied.

“What about Ye Qiu?” Hearing this name, Cao Guangcheng’s heart twisted. His feelings were complicated. Eight years. As the reporter closest to Ye Qiu, he could only get a QQ interview at best. It was a stain on his career as a reporter.

“Ye Qiu is at Team Happy! Maybe I’ll even get the chance to interview him.” Chang Xian said excitedly.

“Haha.” Cao Guangcheng smiled. Ye Qiu was at Happy. That wasn’t a secret was it? Who didn’t know that? As for getting an interview because you knew where Ye Qiu was? Cao Guangcheng laughed at that logic. He really wanted to pull Chang Xian over and let him take a good look at him. Cao Guancheng, a gold medal reporter in the Glory community, had known that Ye Qiu was very very close to him, but an interview opportunity? Far far away…….

Young people! Cao Guangcheng sighed. He wasn’t jealous of Chang Xian’s “opportunity”. He patted Chang Xian’s shoulder: “Keep up the good work.”

After saying these words, Cao Guangcheng returned to his room.

Chang Xian wasn’t aware of Cao Guangcheng’s peculiar mood. He was still immersed in happiness at verifying Ye Qiu’s whereabouts. Following afterwards, he ran over to his computer to search up Ye Qiu’s past. He had begun actively doing research.

Team Happy.

When everyone got up, it was already late at night. They had stayed up all night and campaigned through higher-level dungeons non-stop, so they had been exhausted.

After washing up, the ten went to the practice room one after the other. They went to their respective seats and logged into the game. And at the same time, logging on to their QQ, checking their emails, going to websites they frequented, everyone had their own habits.

After logging into the game, everyone subconsciously went to check the Heavenly Domain dungeon records, the Level 75 ones of course.

The break wasn’t over yet. All of the remaining twenty player First Kills had been obtained. Apart from these records, even a few of the hidden boss First Kills for five player dungeons had been taken.

After all, five player dungeons could be run more times per day than ten player dungeons. These teams would run them again and again. If they found a hidden boss, they obviously took care of it.

When they checked the chat group, it was just as lively as it had been that morning. All sorts of discussions were happening. Some of these were related to records too.

“In the end, most of the First Kill records were taken away by Happy!”

“That guy Ye Qiu didn’t sleep last night. He and his group ran dungeons again and again and again. How could they not have taken them all?”

“Is that guy really thinking of having his current team topple Excellent Era in the Challenger League and returning to the Alliance?”

“Wasn’t it said that there is no Ye Qiu in Team Happy’s registration list?”

“It’s the Challenger League. Members can often be switched and even added in during the later stages.”

“Maybe he’s waiting for the retirement period to end! Speaking of which, that’s today, so he can return, right?” 

“It doesn’t matter if he can come out of retirement or not. I don’t think the Challenger League prohibits retired players from participating either way.”

“But logically, the Challenger League is an official tournament, so shouldn’t it be restricted?”

“The problem is that he isn’t restricted!”

“It’s been overlooked.”

“It doesn’t even matter if he announces his return! In any case, he’s not going to join a team during the winter transfer period. He’s definitely planning on charging through with that Team Happy!”

“If Ye Qiu returns and joins Tyranny…...”

“You’re joking. How could Ye Qiu go to Tyranny?”

“I’m just saying what if! If Ye Qiu joins Tyranny, Tyranny’s main five players, tsk tsk……”

“F*ck, don’t talk nonsense. That’d be too scary.”

“Hahaha, you’re already trembling!”

“That roster would seriously be terrifying.” Someone added.

When everyone saw the name, everything went silent for a moment.

Lord Grim.

Everyone knew that the person sitting behind Lord Grim was Ye Qiu.  

“A God is lurking……” Someone joked.

“What level are you guys?” ye Xiu asked a very normal question.

“We haven’t leveled. We’ve been dungeoning all day. In terms of experience, it’s worse than running Level 70 dungeons.” One person replied.

“Of course. It looks like you guys had better hand over your characters so they can level.”

“I wonder how many stat points the new quest rewards give.”

“We don’t know about skill points either.”

“The new cap is 5500!”

“Then in proportion, we should be able to get 400 points.”

“F*ck, we finally get more skill points.” The person speaking probably didn’t have a high number of skill points on his account and felt sorry.

“Don’t be happy too early. The new Level 75 skills haven’t appeared yet! That might make allocating skill points even more difficult.”

The conversation switched topic again to something more ordinary. More normal topics made the players, who were usually battling it out, more relaxed. It was a rare period of time for true friendship to bloom.

At this moment, Chen Guo finally found Ye Xiu: “Right, today that Little Chang called asking about you coming out of retirement. What are your plans?”

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