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Chapter 844 - Finally in the Papers


The moment Go Forth fell, Chen Guo immediately jumped up in excitement. This time, she had known about Ye Xiu giving Lord Grim mana recovery equipment, so when she realized Team Everlasting’s strategy against him, she looked forward to the results.

Sure enough, Ye Xiu didn’t disappoint her. He switched his equipment, slowed down the pace of the match to recover mana, and then counterattacked to defeat his opponent in one go. The second round of the match could be considered over at this point. By winning the group arena points, even if Team Everlasting won the team competition, they wouldn’t be able to turn the situation around. This was the so-called match killer.

“Calm down. It’s just the second round that’s over.” Ye Xiu saw Chen Guo’s excitement. Even though he said that, he still had a smile on his face.

In the crowd, the spectating face slappers had quietly left. In reality, it proved that those who decided not to come were very wise. Was an 8.5 to 1 point lead so easy to come back from?

The face slappers ran away at top speed as if waiting even a second longer would result in their faces being slapped. The remaining crowd members were the few actual fans of Team Everlasting. All of them were dejected. They didn’t know what Team Everlasting would do next, but from their understanding of how pro teams operated, it would be hard for their team to continue.

Silence filled Team Everlasting’s practice room.

He An’s head was still buried in his two hands. He felt like he couldn’t show his face to his teammates. But at this moment, who would go up and blame him. This result wasn’t because of any one person’s mistake, but rather the collective mistakes of the team, which ended in their tragic elimination from the Challenger League.

Would Team Everlasting stop here?

Everyone was quiet. From time to time, they would glance at their boss, who would be deciding the fate of the team.

Team Everlasting’s boss was naturally very disappointed and grieved. However, he knew that every member of team was also feeling down, especially Wu Chen, who had never abandoned Team Everlasting starting from the pro scene. His feelings towards the team might be even deeper than his own.

As the boss, he knew that Wu Chen had received invites from other teams, when Team Everlasting had been relegated. But in the end, he stayed. However, the results were disappointing. He wasn’t able to return back to the pro scene with Team Everlasting. He would even have to personally witness Team Everlasting’s disbandment.

The boss sighed. He wanted to say a few words to console everyone, but at this point, trying to comfort He An would be fruitless. No matter the result. It had to be faced head on.

“Everyone’s worked hard…… today, go to bed early……” The boss said and then left. 

He might have said go to bed early, but would anyone in the team be sleeping tonight? The boss himself let out a long sigh after leaving. Starting from tonight, he probably wouldn’t be able to get a good rest for a long period of time.

Winning and losing came with happiness and sadness.

At City H, there was one other person excited about Team Happy’s victory.

“Happy won!” Chang Xian had gone to watch the match. The instant Go Forth fell, he ran out of the room shouting wildly.

“Cough……” Cao Guangcheng, who had been drinking beer while watching the big screen, choked because of Chang Xian’s sudden shout. Beer spilled everywhere. Just when he was about to curse angrily at him, he saw Chang Xian flipping through the material that he had prepared last week. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“An 8.5 to 1 lead, isn’t it normal for them to win? Is there a need for you to be so excited?” Cao Guangcheng wpied the beer that he spat out as he spoke.

“I can send out my draft now, right? Let me see if there’s anything I need to revise.” Chang Xian said.

“I recommend that your article not be too long. Even though it’s an upset, it happened in the Challenger League, so its value is only so much. It’s best for the article to have less content, more news.” Cao Guangcheng said.

“Teacher Cao, could you help me take a look then?” Chang Xian asked.

“Sure!” Cao Guangcheng actually quite liked this eager newbie Chang Xian. He would do his best to guide him. Looking over his draft took only a slight effort. Of course he wouldn’t refuse.

With so many years of experience, Cao Guangcheng reviewed the draft very fast because he knew how to see the important points. After skimming over his draft, Cao Guangcheng nodded his head: “Good. The member introductions are quite good, but the later parts related to the match could be more brief. Just going over the course of the match like a clickbait article is fine.”

“Oh, okay let me revise it.” Chang Xian respected his senior, Cao Guangcheng, and didn’t object any of the suggestions.

As for Cao Guangcheng, who was holding his beer, he was a bit distracted. After seeing the interview material that Chang Xian got last week from Happy, from the their player backgrounds, Cao Guangcheng had become aware that Team Happy had much more to talk about than those relegated teams.

Those relegated pro teams really didn’t have too much to talk about. But for a team like Happy, if they really did have the strength, there was a lot of topics that could be discussed. The existence of this type of team was a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately, this season’s Challenger League had another big surprise: Excellent Era.

With Excellent Era keeping watch, would Happy be able to continue surprising everyone all the way to the end? Cao Guangcheng smiled bitterly. This was fate! Sometimes you might not admit it, but there was no other way around it. If this was any other season, a grassroots team that could defeat a relegated pro team might have made it to the front page. But this season, getting onto the front page might need them to go further. Perhaps when they encountered Excellent Era, they might be mentioned in the front page as loser to be pitied?

The experienced Cao Guangcheng had plotted out the attention that Team Happy would get this season.  

The night of joy and sorrow soon passed.  

Cao Guangcheng’s prediction was on point. After Team Happy eliminated Team Everlasting, a grassroots team defeating a former pro team was worthy of being reported.


A complete report on Team Happy had finally been published in the Esports Home. 

Even though it had been published on an ordinary page and only took up space about the size of a chunk of tofu, it was a report dedicated to them. In the history of the Glory Pro Alliance, no non-pro team had ever obtained this type of report. The Challenger League had been nicknamed the Revival Tournament because up until now, no non-relegated team had ever entered the Alliance through the Challenger League.

The Esports Home’s professionalism, authority, and influence was shown here. After Team Happy’s report in this week’s issue, the amount of attention that they received was far greater than what they had received through Chen Guo’s free Internet event. Chen Guo’s promotion had attracted a bunch of face slappers too, and then a bunch of face slappers who wanted to face slap the face slappers. Team Happy had become an important topic among these two groups. The support for Team Happy was similar to the faceslappers who supported Team Everlasting those previous two rounds. It was temporary and fake. They wouldn’t feel bad about Team Everlasting getting relegated at all.

The attention received from the Esports Home report was relatively positive. Many players who didn’t care about the Challenger League now knew that such an interesting team had been hiding there all along. When they saw the introductions on the team members, it wasn’t just normal players that were amazed.

“Qiao Yifan?” 

Although Qiao Yifan was invisible, he had only left Team Tiny Herb three months ago. Team Tiny Herb’s players wouldn’t forget someone that they had seen everyday for a year so quickly. When they saw this name, they thought they had mistaken the name, but they soon clearly saw how the name was written. It was the Qiao Yifan that had been kicked from the team.

“That fellow ran to this team?” eam Tiny Herb’s members discussed. They didn’t care too much about Qiao Yifan, but they were still curious. 

“What’s all this commotion so early in the morning?” Someone’s voice came from the practice room. Everyone immediately returned to their seats. An Esports Home paper was left on the table, where everyone had dispersed from. It was on the Challenger League page.

Wang Jiexi went up and picked it up. He soon saw what everyone had been discussing.

Qiao Yifan. That kid had ran to this team? That’s a good choice! Wang Jiexi thought. He couldn’t help but think of that phone call he personally received from the manager, asking about Qiao Yifan. He didn’t deny Qiao Yifan’s talent, but he was certain that Qiao Yifan wasn’t a player that Team Tiny Herb needed right now. Wang Jiexi didn’t ask further about the reason for that phone call. But after seeing Qiao Yifan at Team Happy, he approved of his decision.

Wei Chen???

Following afterwards, when Wang Jiexi’s gaze swept over the rest of the article, he noticed this name. Wang Jiexi had become a pro player his third season, right when Wei Chen had retired that season. Even though he had never interacted with this former God, it wasn’t like he had started playing Glory in season three. Before his pro career, he had known of Wei Chen’s fame.  

“How old is he now? He’s also gone to Team Happy?” Wang Jiexi lifted his head and thought about it. Then, he saw Gao Yingjie sitting in front of his computer in a daze.

Gao Yingjie soon noticed the captain’s gaze and froze in fright.

“Sorry…..” Gao Yingjie said and immediately went back to practice.

“Work hard!” Wang Jiexi obviously knew why Gao Yingjie had been distracted, “When you meet again, it’ll be on the stage.”

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