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Chapter 822 - Help Needed

Fire pits and geysers scattered the map. All of them lay bare in front of them. It didn’t affect Team Everlasting in any way. They were adept at identifying the positions and ranges of the geysers by using the flag markers, but this was very helpful for Team Happy. They didn’t need to waste time looking at flags. With the fire pits and geysers exposed, their locations were very obvious. They just had to avoid them.

The terrain effects didn’t completely disappear, but the players didn’t need to spend as much effort paying attention to where they stepped.

An experienced player like Wu Chen could see the importance of this tiny difference. As a result, he was able to instantly decipher his opponent’s intentions. Team Happy was indeed surrounded, but their position was starting to transition from defense to offense. As Team Happy defended against their attacks, they were also using this opportunity to change the terrain, transforming it to something different from the original Flame Flagged Springs.

“Everyone, be careful!” Wu Chen immediately warned in the team chat.

Their team chat could not be seen by the other team, but it could be seen by the spectators. Many of the spectators were puzzled by his warning. Team Everlasting had a huge lead. They had even withdrawn their healer in exchange for another DPSer, boldly bombarding Team Happy with attacks. Why was he suddenly worried?

Let alone the spectators, even Team Everlasting’s own players were confused at Wu Chen’s sudden warning.

“What is it?” Someone asked.

It was quite embarrassing for the team if even the team’s own players didn’t understand, but during the match, they couldn’t care about all that. They needed to understand what Wu Chen meant.

“The map has changed.” Wu Chen said.

The spectators were still puzzled, but for Team Everlasting, even if they had no experience in the pro scene, they were still skilled players. After listening to Wu Chen’s reminder, they focused on the issue and also discovered where the problem lied.

Among the spectators, people like Tao Xuan, Cui Li, and Chen Yehui also came to a realization after hearing these words. They had never thought that Ye Qiu would fall so easily. Now from the looks of it, he really did have a countermeasure in mind. It was exactly what they had expected. However…… that didn’t make any of them happy. It only annoyed them.

”Keep your distance. Who’s closest to the support zone? Switch out for the Cleric.” Wu Chen ordered.

“The closest one…… is me…..” He An replied gloomily.

“You too.” Wu Chen ordered without any ambiguity. The sense of crisis in his heart was growing more and more intense. At this moment, it wasn’t too important if the core player was on the field or not, hurry up and switch in for the Cleric.

He An understood how crucial this was. He wasn’t someone, who only cared about himself and not the team as a whole. Even though he wasn’t happy, he still immediately rushed towards the support zone.

A flag unfurled on his screen, and a player appeared in front of him. He An saw that it was Steamed Bun Invasion. The only point that Team Everlasting had won came from this guy, some noob who got lost on the map.

“F*ck off!”

He An was not in a good mood. Seeing Steamed Bun Invasion blocking his path, he threw an Earthwave Sword directly at him.

Among all the wave swords, Earthwave Sword was the quickest. His sword slashed down and chunks of earth flew wildly towards Steamed Bun Invasion.

But the two sides were rather far from each other. Earthwave Sword had some range, but hoping to hit the opponent in this way was looking down on him too much.

Steamed Bun Invasion stepped to the side and dodged it. He raised his hands and threw sand at Go Forth.

He An had Go Forth turn his head slightly, ready to take this Sand Toss directly. If this skill didn’t have a Blind effect, just the damage alone was nothing to be afraid of.

He turned his head and the sand hit him. He turned his head back…… a brick.

He An was confused.

He didn’t even notice that Steamed Bun Invasion had hidden a brick in the sand. He An was a bit glad. If he hadn’t turned his head back quickly, just a little bit slower and that brick would have hit the back of his head, not the front. According to the skill effects, a back attack would have a 100% chance of inducing a Dizzy effect.

But the next second, He An discovered that he had rejoiced too fast.

Because Go Forth still became dizzy.

When a Brick hits a target’s head, there was a 50% chance to induce a dizzy effect. Now that it had triggered, whether or not it hit the back didn’t matter.

Steamed Bun Invasion seized this opportunity and rushed forward. He An could see the duration of the dizzy effect. His hands hovered over his keyboard impatiently.


The dizzy effect usually lasted three seconds, but the Spirit stat affected status effect durations. Spellblades had a 3.5 Spirit growth, higher than the 2.5 Spirit growth for Brawlers. In addition to the difference in their equipment, the gap between their character’s Spirit levels was even wider. The dizzy effect from Steamed Bun’s brick lasted less than 2 seconds on Go Forth.

Steamed Bun Invasion had just arrived in front of Go Forth, when the dizzy wore off. Go Forth immediately used Wave Wheel Slasher.

“You thought you could make me dizzy for 3 seconds?” The timing of this Wave Wheel Slasher was perfect. Steamed Bun didn’t have time to dodge it. Grab skills could not be blocked. After this successful attack, He An taunted his opponent.

“Then how many seconds should it be?” Steamed Bun Invasion replied.

He An was startled.

What type of response is that?

I’m clearly taunting you! Did this guy think I was chatting with him? 

He An didn’t know how to answer Steamed Bun’s question. Unable to respond with words, he could only respond with actions. After Wave Wheel Slasher ended, Steamed Bun Invasion fell. Go Forth followed up with a Fire Wave Sword. Flames engulfed Steamed Bun Invasion. Fire Wave Sword also had a powerful knockback effect.

He An didn’t forget his goal. He needed to hurry over to the support zone and switch with the Cleric.

“Not bad. You’re pretty good.” Steamed Bun Invasion, who had been sent flying by Fire Wave Sword, praised He An mysteriously. His praise was stinging to the ear though. It sounded as if he were playing around with He An.

He An valued the big picture. He ignored him. Go Forth hastily rushed towards his destination, but before he could make a few steps, he saw Steamed Bun Invasion shout in chat: “LOOK AT MY BRICK!”

He An immediately had Go Forth roll. When he looked at the chat again, Steamed Bun Invasion laughed: “Ha ha ha, you’ve been tricked.”

He An was furious! He couldn’t bear it anymore and turned around to send over an Ice Wave Sword, but when his character turned around, he suddenly saw a hand reaching out in front of his eyes. The hand clutched Go Forth’s throat, and Ice Wave Sword was interrupted.

So quick?

He An was surprised. He thought Steamed Bun Invasion should still be several units away from him. Who would have thought that the other side had already reached his back. Brawlers didn’t have any sudden dashes or movement skills. When he thought about it again, the problem might have been with his Fire Wave Sword.

Steamed Bun Invasion hadn’t been completely hit by Fire Wave Sword. When he was grabbed by Wave Wheel Slasher, he evaded or rolled away from Fire Wave Sword, which would reduce the knockback effect of the skill.

He An had been careless. In the end, he had looked down on Steamed Bun Invasion. After Steamed Bun lost the match because he got lost in the map, He An equated him with an idiot, but now he was being lifted in the air like a little chicken by this idiot.

Strangle. A persistent restriction skill. Because of the Spirit disparity, Steamed Bun Invasion couldn’t restrict Go Forth for too long, but this strategy already let He An become aware of his opponent’s intentions. His opponent was stopping him from switching in with the Cleric.

Steamed Bun Invasion might not be the only one who would come to delay him. The other side might have backup come to assist him.

“They’re stopping me from advancing. Find someone else to switch with the Cleric!” He An immediately sent this message in the team chat. He was secretly delighted, when he typed out the message. He obviously didn’t want to be switched out. Now, a perfectly good reason had showed up in front of him. He wasn’t too worried about the other side blocking him. By attracting the attention of the other side, it would make it easier for his teammates to get the Cleric in!

“Support him!” Wu Chen immediately ordered.

“What support? I’ll control them. You guys hurry up and switch with the Cleric!” He An shouted.

“You can’t control them.”

He An suddenly became furious. Wu Chen’s reply wasn’t giving him face. What do you mean I can’t? Are you saying I’m not skilled enough?

Strangle didn’t seal the target’s attacks. After being strangled by Steamed Bun Invasion, He An had dealt Steamed Bun Invasion quite some damage. When the strangle ended, he was just about to show his might and let Wu Chen witness how he could control his opponent. Suddenly, numerous skills slammed into his back. While the effects of Strangle lasted, a chain of fierce strikes struck. Steamed Bun Invasion also timed his attack perfectly. Go Forth was sent flying away too. Even rolling twice wasn’t enough to completely neutralize all of the momentum. During these two rolls, the attacks never ceased. He An watched as Go Forth’s health slid down rapidly. At this moment, he was frightened stiff. When the two rolls ended, he looked up.

F*ck, I really can’t control them! Team Happy cared too much about him. All five characters had come running over to attack him. 5v1. He would be killed in the blink of an eye. Even if their team switched the Cleric back in, they would have still be down a player. It would be very disadvantageous for them. The price for having him control the other team would be too great.

“Help!” He An was decisive and immediately called for assistance.

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