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Chapter 790 - Narrow Minded

Qiu Fei was in an awkward position. Li Rui was definitely among one of the few who took joy at his misfortune. He never accepted the attention Qiu Fei received and frequently complained about it with his friends. Even in this situation, Qiu Fei still practiced hard. To Li Rui, that was an act of pure stupidity.

If he wanted to show off, he should have switched teams. There was no position for you in Excellent Era. Even if your diligence moved the team and they decided to promote you, you would be Sun Xiang’s substitute at best. Are you really willing to just be a sub?

But be that as it may, Li Rui also knew that for trainees, finding a new path wasn’t so easy. If a trainee switched teams and started practicing from the new team’s training camp, it was hard to say if you could even be promoted. Every team had their own hierarchy. A fierce dragon crossing the river to snatch away other people’s opportunities would never be liked by others. It might just be a waste of time. It was because of this reason that the rather conceited Li Rui stayed in Excellent Era’s training camp. He kept on hesitating and could never make up his mind.

Opportunity! I just need an opportunity! 

Li Rui held onto this belief. Now that an opportunity had come, he needed to properly seize it. As for Qiu Fei, Li Rui couldn’t help but concede that he was a formidable competitor. If Qiu Fei couldn’t see this opportunity, that would be perfect, but that wasn’t too likely. Someone who went all out even during practice wouldn’t relax for even a moment. 

What is this guy thinking now?

Li Rui observed Qiu Fei the entire way, but he didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. However, he was only concerned about the issue of the opportunity. When he saw Chen Yehui give them the best possible equipment he could find, Li Rui couldn’t help but speak out.  

The equipment on Team Happy’s characters weren’t considered to be too amazing in game, let alone for in a pro team. All of this had been discovered long ago by the players who had fought against Team Happy. Li Rui was thinking about the future. If he used superior equipment and beat the opponent, it would be a blemish on the victory. He hoped that when he won, everyone would see that it was because the player was more skilled, not the character being stronger.

“It’s best not to be careless.” Chen Yehui heard Li Rui’s words and chuckled, “Those guys aren’t as bad as you think they are. Senior Ye Qiu is there too. I know that you guys are outstanding, but I’m sure you guys have noticed that Team Happy’s arrogance isn’t without reason. They haven’t lost a single time yet, even if those victories were against in-game players. Isn’t that still telling of their strength? That’s why we should do what we can, whether that’s you or your character.”

The others nodded their head in reply. Qiu Fei didn’t say anything. Only Li Rui objected. He sneered: “If they can’t even keep up that win rate, creating such a commotion would be nothing but a joke.”

“In short, let’s do everything we can!” Chen Yehui said. He continued to equip these characters with the best pieces of equipment from the guild storage. At the same time, he asked each of them what type of equipment they preferred. He finished equipping each character one by one and then handed out each account card according to their respective classes. The only two left who hadn’t received account cards were Qiu Fei and Li Rui. They were both Battle Mages. With so many people in the training camp, let alone two people using the same class, it wasn’t anything strange if there were eight or ten. Even more so, as a Battle Mage in a team that used a Battle Mage as a core.

If the training camp supervisor didn’t need to consider that he would need to choose six trainees to participate in a team competition, he would have recommended even more Battle Mages.

Chen Yehui was also a Battle Mage player, so he was very familiar with the class. He had undergone professional training before, so he was actually quite skilled. As a result, he was naturally adept at picking Battle Mage equipment. When he picked out the equipment, he told the two of them: “If there’s anything that doesn’t suit you, just tell me!”

At their skill level, every player had a preference towards their character’s stat and skill distribution. For example, some liked to jump higher. Other liked to run faster. Chen Yehui first picked out the strongest equipment. The details would be adjusted according to their desires. 

Neither of them said anything though.

Qiu Fei’s expression never changed. As for Li Rui? He had said that “better equipment wasn’t necessary”. If he was picky about his equipment right now, wouldn’t he be slapping his own face?

Chen Yehui quickly finished one Battle Mage. The people behind him were silent. Chen Yehui didn’t ask any further questions. Afterwards, he logged out of the game and turned around to hand over the account card, but he wasn’t sure who to give it to. In the end, he asked: “Who wants this one?”  

Qiu Fei and Li Rui exchanged glances. Qiu Fei extended his hand and grabbed the account card.

Chen Yehui quickly equipped another Battle Mage. Even though Excellent Dynasty had an enormous guild storage, they didn’t have a large number of every piece of equipment, especially for Battle Mages, which was the most popular class in their guild. Equipment could be exchanged for contribution points by guild members, so there was never enough Battle Mage equipment. After choosing the best equipment for one Battle Mage, the other Battle Mage didn’t have the same options. 

Chen Yehui finished the other one and gave it to Li Rui: “This one is a bit worse, but it’s not like you care, right?”

Chen Yehui’s remark was somewhat caustic. Chen Yehui may be jealous of Qiu Fei, but it’s not like he had a good opinion of Li Rui either. Li Rui was just some trainee. Chen Yehui regarded his behavior disdainfully.

Li Rui didn’t mind the remark. His Battle Mage was slightly worse than Qiu Fei’s. Normally, he would be unwilling to accept it, but today, he needed to seize this opportunity to attract attention to himself. His character being inferior a bonus point for him. If the two fought at around the same level, others would say: “And Li Rui’s equipment isn’t as good!” Wouldn’t that make it seem like his skill level was higher?

When Li Rui took the account card, he was already imagining this scene. Chen Yehui gave him the card and then stood up to say to everyone: “Okay, everyone find a seat and get used to your character. I’ll be arranging the match with Team Happy. I’ll notify everyone when the time comes.”

Everyone nodded their heads. They went into the game studio, found a seat, and started familiarizing themselves with their character. Chen Yehui also logged into the game. A match with Team Happy would require a reservation, but Chen Yehui didn’t want to reveal his identity as part of Excellent Dynasty. He understood the situation very well. It didn’t matter who beat Happy. As long as they could do so, it would be a fierce blow to the other side. When that time came, there would naturally be many who would argue noisily: if you can’t even beat some randoms, how could you think about challenging Excellent Era? If he went int as Excellent Dynasty, he could make the waves rise even higher. However, Chen Yehui was too afraid.  

Ye Qiu might not be in the official team lineup, but in an online match, who knew if Ye Qiu would be there or not? If Ye Qiu participated, the trainees wouldn’t be good enough. He just hoped that Ye Qiu wouldn’t be too shameless and play in the individual competition and group arena. Thinking about this possibility, Chen Yehui placed his hopes on the team competition. No matter how capable Ye Qiu was, he couldn’t control five characters at once. There would definitely be people dragging him down. No matter how strong an individual was, the team competition required coordination to win. For example, in Samsara, it may seem as if Zhou Zekai alone decided the outcome in Team Samsara, but if you had him play with four random normal players, that team would get smashed.

In any case, Chen Yehui wasn’t completely confident because of the existence of Ye Qiu. As a result, he decided not to appear on stage using Excellent Dynasty’s name and went in as random group. If they won, they could brag about it. If they lost, they could just leave it alone and let the loss fade away into nothingness!

After making his decision, Chen Yehui logged into the game and contacted Happy. Right now, almost no one went over directly to Happy Internet Cafe to request a match anymore. The experts in City H had either already been slaughtered by Team Happy or felt like it was better not to humiliate themselves. Most of the requests for a match were done online through contacting a character called Chasing Haze.

Chen Yehui obviously used an alternate account, so he wouldn’t be exposed as someone from Excellent Dynasty. He tried adding Chasing Haze as a friend with the message: Challenge.

Chen Yehui’s luck was quite good. If this had been a few days earlier, Chen Guo’s message list had been like a flood. Every day, she would ignore quite a few messages. Online, there were even more face slappers. Happy couldn’t respond to them all.

But as more and more experts fell, more and more people had an estimate of Team Happy’s strength, and fewer and fewer experts challenged them. Chen Yehui’s request for a match was quickly accepted by Chen Guo.

“Individual or group?” Chen Guo replied through the friend request.

“Let’s go by the official competition rules!” Chen Yehui said.

Chen Guo smiled. These days, many of the experts asked for the match to be played according to the official competition rules, but after playing to the group arena, these experts didn’t know what to do anymore. The individual competition and group arena was more than enough for them to see the difference in skill. Their losses were so ugly that they no longer had the courage to try a team competition. Very few challengers were able to finish their way through the entire match. Now another player had asked for the match to be played in this way. How long would he last?

“What time?” Chen Guo asked the opponent.

“At night.” Chen Yehui replied. Their side had gathered together already, but they needed to familiarize themselves with their characters. Even more so, he reckoned that the other side wouldn’t agree if they asked to fight immediately. Team Happy always fought at around the same time in the same Arena room. When it was about time, spectators would rush to that room. Team Happy was undoubtedly gathering attention on purpose. If Chen Yehui requested for a private match, the other side had no reason to agree! It’d be better not to act childishly and just follow the normal procedure.

“Okay.” Chen Guo obviously had no issues with it. She replied back and told Chen Yehui the room number. It was the same one that was always used. Over all these days, the room had never left Happy’s hands.

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