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Chapter 788 Excellent Era’s Trainees

Chen Yehui grew excited the moment he thought of the idea. 

They had previously been using pro gamers like Liu Hao for support. Even though they couldn’t use pro players anymore, they could still use trainees from their training camp. Chen Yehui was confident that so long as the opponents weren’t pros themselves, not many people could contest against them.

The more Chen Yehui thought about the idea, the more reliable the idea felt, but he didn’t dare carry it out carelessly. He would first find manager Cui Li and tell him about the plan. 

Cui Li’s eyes brightened when he heard about Chen Yehui’s idea, but he quickly restrained himself and said: “Even if they’re from the training camp, if they’re facing off against Ye Qiu, the distance between their levels might still be too great!”

“At least we can give it a try! If I send my people out, it would be like telling them to lie down and be stepped on! Even though the skills level of the trainees will certainly be below Ye Qiu’s, we might be able to catch them by surprise, no? We only have to win once, and we will gain an upper hand in the topic. The ridicule from the fans would be more than enough, and we don’t have to do anything.” Chen Yehui said. 

“What if we still lose?” Cui Li asked. 

“We’ll be taking accounts from the guild, so even if we lose, someone else can take the responsibility. No one will know that they came from the training camp.” Chen Yehui said. 

“Well…… we can give it a try. Alright, come with me to pick the people.” Cui Li said. 

Cui Li and Chen Yehui came out of the office and went down two levels to where the base of Team Excellent Era’s training camp was located. The moment they reached the level, the bustling noise of children could be heard. The noise was no different from a school’s classroom. 

Although there were quite a lot of children, not all of them were children. There were many that were 17, 18, or even almost 20 years old. People in the training camp included those who were recruited by the club, and those who enrolled themselves. Needless to say, the former would be valued much more by the club. After all, if the club recruited them, it meant that they already had a certain amount of talent; but as for the latter, the club would take them in accordingly. One couldn’t be accepted just by enrolling, their skills would also need to be tested. How could a club’s training camp accept a player who couldn’t tell the 24 classes of Glory apart? They weren’t there to give free education!

Training was divided into four terms:Term One, Term Two, Term Three, and Term Four. At the end of each term, there would be an assessment that decided whether a trainee would get to stay or leave. Those who managed to stay to the end had the potential to be promoted to the team. 

The training camp’s arrangements and schedule were diverse. For example, the summer of every year was a break for the pro players, but it was a busy time for the training camp. This was because children of this age group were mostly students. Nothing was more suitable than joining the training camp during their school holidays. Although the same could be said for the winter holidays, Chinese New Year made it less continuous. 

The majority of the youths would join the training camp during the summer or winter breaks, while some locals would participate in the training whenever  they had time off school. It was extremely rare to have a trainee live in the club building. Putting their actual skill aside, their passion and commitment to the game were worthy of being looked into as potential recruits for the club.

The practice rooms, like the teams, were located on both sides of the floor, but the size was much greater. There were no more than eleven or twelve people in the team, but for the training camp, it was not excessive to have one or two hundred people during the summer holidays. However, not all of the trainees that joined the training camp were sincere in becoming pro players. Quite a few youths that played Glory treated it as a summer camp. This was both amusing and annoying, because the club couldn’t do anything to prevent it. As long as the participants kept it to themselves, who would know their intentions? The club couldn’t do anything about those who never returned after joining for the summer break. 

Cui Li and Chen Yehui didn’t halt. They kept walking deeper towards a certain area of the floor. The deeper the trainees lived on the floor, the longer they had been there. When the trainees first saw the two, they were surprised, but curiosity slowly took over. Members who had been a part of the training program for several terms recognized these two important figures in Excellent Era. Especially with Cui Li’s appearance, many trainees, that knew about how the club operated, became excited. 

For the manager to appear in the training camp at this time, it was highly probable for him to pick people for the team for next season! Only Xiao Shiqin joined Excellent Era, while three others were transferred away. Even though they were only playing in the Challenger League, if they were cautious, they would still need to add in two people to complete the team. 

With Excellent Era’s current circumstances, not many pro players were willing to sacrifice a year to gamble on Excellent Era’s future. Speaking of this, it would have been easy for a top player like Xiao Shiqin to make such a decision. A top player would have to have more self confidence. Firstly, they had to believe that they could help the team get through the Challenger League. Secondly, they had to believe that their efforts wouldn’t make the team discard them after the Challenger League. 

If an unsuccessful player from a relatively minor team were summoned by Excellent Era at this time, they wouldn’t be too pleased. Although they would be used by Excellent Era to go through the Challenger League, after returning to the league, would they have any right to stay on the team? After all, this team would aim for the championships, but the player was only a small figure from a small team. 

With this sort of realization, it was much easier to recruit a God. This was why it was difficult for Excellence Era to get much out of the transfer market. It was only natural for the club to promote players from the training camp at this time. 

People who knew the team’s affairs would have thought about this, which was why they were excited to see Cui Li appear, but they seemed doubtful when they saw it was Chen Yehui whom came with Cui Li. 

If they were picking people to join the team, no matter what happened, it should’ve been the team captain who came, not the guild leader. 

The trainees were doubtful, but no one dared to ask. The supervisor in charge of the training had received a message in advance, and came out to greet Cui Li and Chen Yehui. After the two revealed their purpose in coming, they waited for the supervisor to recommend someone. Only he knew who had the best skills in the training camp. 

“Come with me!” Without giving it much thought, the supervisor seemed to already have someone in mind. He turned and led the two to walk farther in, and finally entered the deepest training room. The supervisor gestured towards a certain seat. “What about him?”

“Him……” Cui Li only needed a glance to immediately recognize him, Chen Yehui also knew about this youth. 

Qiu Fei, age 17, class Battle Mage. As a member from the training camp, he was pretty well known. Nearly everyone in Excellent Era knew his name. 

This was because Ye Qiu, the previous captain of Excellent Era had thought very highly of him. Everyone knew that this junior might have been viewed as Ye Qiu’s successor, someone who might wield Battle God One Autumn Leaf after Ye Qiu’s retirement and become Excellent Era’s new ace. However, all this became naught after Ye Qiu’s retirement. Qiu Fei was still Qiu Fei, but the club had purchased the new generation’s God Sun Xiang to inherit One Autumn Leaf instead.  

Sun Xiang was not much older than Qiu Fei. It would be impossible for Qiu Fei to inherit One Autumn Leaf after Sun Xiang’s retirement. Qiu Fei’s position in Excellent Era became extremely awkward following the purchase. 

Everyone knew this, but it was as if this guy didn’t understand at all. He still worked as hard as he used to, practicing his Battle Mage. Due to Cui Li and Chen Yehui’s arrival, the teenagers were a bit distracted. Only Qiu Fei didn’t make any moves and continued to stare at the screen. His left hand on the keyboard and his right hand on the mouse seemed unwilling to let go for even an instant. 

He was always like this - he used to be and still was. It was as if he didn’t know of Sun Xiang’s existence on the team, and that it would be difficult for him to stand out as a Battle Mage player. It was not as if he didn’t understand this reasoning. Qiu Fei used to be one of those players who attended the training camp during the break time like a day student. He then transferred to train full time at Excellent Era. So far, it had been a year. If not for Ye Qiu’s departure and Sun Xiang’s arrival, if the succession from senior to junior went smoothly, as Ye Qiu’s appointed successor, he would have been a member of the team in this upcoming season.  

“Would he be a bit unsuitable?” Chen Yehui said, and felt unhappy about it. He also knew why he felt in such a way. He was envious.

Chen Yehui was extremely envious of Qiu Fei, because he also used to dream about becoming One Autumn Leaf’s successor, but this dream was shattered by Ye Qiu. The previous captain clearly pointed out that he was unsuitable to become a pro player. As for Qiu Fei, he was always thought of highly by Ye Qiu. When he was in Excellent Era, he never hid his recognition towards Qiu Fei. 

Even though that appreciation didn’t seem to make Qiu Fei content or self-satisfied, he became even more diligent. Even so, Chen Yehui felt very sour towards him. After Ye Qiu left and Sun Xiang took up One Autumn Leaf, which meant Qiu Fei would no longer have such an opportunity, Chen Yehui rejoiced at his misfortune. 

Of course, he wouldn’t deliberately find Qiu Fei to humiliate him. The envy, jealousy, and hatred that Chen Yehui had against Qiu Fei was hidden inside him. Those two usually wouldn’t be in the same area anyway. 

But now that the supervisor was recommending Qiu Fei, Chen Yehui found it to be inappropriate. Qiu Fei had ability, but if one were to tell him to fight Ye Qiu, it would be like telling Su Mucheng to fight Ye Qiu. What would the results be?

“Haha, I know what leader Chen is worried about. Don’t worry, there won’t be a problem.” The supervisor of the training camp laughed. 

“Oh? What is it?” Cui Li took interest when he heard about it. 

The supervisor didn’t reply, he only called out. “Qiu Fei.”

Qiu Fei was too focused in training, he didn’t even hear his name being called. It was only until the supervisor called louder while walking towards him, did he turn his head around. 

“Come.” The supervisor beckoned for Qiu Fei to come. 

Qiu Fei’s hands finally left the keyboard and mouse, got up and came over. He saw Cui Li and Chen Yehui, as well as the look of envy of his partners in training, but his expression remained unchanging. 

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