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Chapter 770 - Practice Routine

Wei Chen woke up very early, earlier than anyone else, but as soon as he woke up, he started shouting at Ye Xiu, startling everyone awake. Most of them had a hard time sleeping because they were used to staying up all night. They came out of their rooms half-awake and saw Ye Xiu and Wei Chen chattering.

“What are you guys doing?” Everyone was puzzled.

“The bosses haven’t respawned yet, no?” Someone looked at the calendar.

“No.” Someone confirmed it.

“Let’s go back to sleep?”

“I agree……”

Everyone climbed back into their beds.

Meanwhile, Ye Xiu talked quite a bit about practice methods, which Wei Chen wouldn’t know about unless he were part of a Club. Wei Chen immediately began racking his brains to figure out how these methods could be simulated in the game.

It had to be said that Wei Chen, who had continued playing in the game after retiring, had a much better understanding of in-game matters than a pro player like Ye Xiu did. As for Ye Xiu? It was similar to how he always needed to check dungeon guides. He had done it in the past, but he had practically forgotten everything from back then. His knowledge of the game couldn’t compare to Wei Chen in this aspect. After the two discussed for awhile, they came up with all sorts of creative ideas. They rushed to Happy Internet Cafe and the two began testing their newly formulated practice methods on the second floor.

The vast maps, various dungeons, and tremendous number of quests were all used as replacements for training software. The two tested and recorded the results. After two hours of testing, the two obtained plenty of insight. At this moment, the others finally arrived at the Internet Cafe.

“What were you two doing so early in the morning?” Chen Guo turned around to look. Ye Xiu and Wei Chen were sitting next to each other, playing the game. From time to time, they would start discussing something. Their characters were in the same place in the game. They weren’t fighting, just jumping around non-stop.

“Pear Wood Mountains. What are you doing there?” Chen Guo recognized the location of their two characters.

“We’re utilizing the cliff here to see if we can practice jumping.” Ye Xiu pointed at the cliff in front of his character.

“You can jump here?” Chen Guo was surprised.

“Of course.” Ye Xiu said. He controlled his character to jump onto a small protrusion on the cliff face. Then, he jumped left and right continuously, making his way up the cliff.

When the others heard them talking, they crowded around. Qiao Yifan came from a pro team, so he had practiced technical skill, such as jumping. The team would have a fixed practice routine everyday that each player needed to complete. He understood that Team Happy had limited conditions and resources here, so they were searching for suitable locations in the game to emulate the practice routines used by the Clubs.

“We’re preparing a practice routine for our team. Everyday, everyone must complete the basic tech skill practice, as well as class specific practices. There will also be team practice and so on. From now on, everyone will need to complete the scheduled practices everyday. We’re going to start taking a step towards making things official.” Ye Xiu said.

“Good good!” Chen Guo was excited. She was happy to see the team move in the right direction.

“Mm. Wei Chen and I are currently arranging the practice routines. We hope to finish it by the end of today.” Ye Xiu said.  

“Keep up the good work.” Chen Guo said.

The two had experienced the early stages of the competitive scene. One of them had continued to work hard in the pro scene, accumulating plenty of practical experience. The other had returned to the game, carrying knowledge and experience far surpassing that of a normal player, as well as going through the changes in the game throughout the years. The two progressed at a satisfying pace. They recorded the summaries and results of their tests in a shared document. The experienced Su Mucheng was also called over to help them out. She helped to organize their discoveries into a final complete plan.

They kept working until 7:00 PM. A document called “Team Happy’s Practice Routines” was born. This document only contained the basic tech skill practice content though. It still didn’t include any class-specific practice content.

The document was passed around for everyone to see. On it were both things that they were already doing in addition to some new things. There was a lot of content, but their style was mostly the same: demanding, repetitive, and dry. The purpose of it was to train a player’s precision and speed in his or her tech skill. 

“Next week, which is starting tomorrow, everyone must complete the practice content in this document every day. Right now, we have to spend time fighting for wild bosses, so there isn’t a set time frame for you to follow. When we’re not fighting for wild bosses, this will be your number one priority. The practice content is very dull and boring, but it will be very helpful for everyone. Never disregard the importance of the basics, even when you become a God in the Alliance. Clearing this list of items must still be done every day.” Ye Xiu said to everyone in a serious tone.

Everyone nodded their heads with solemn expressions. Only Mo Fan had no expression. He just stared blankly at the practice content in front of his screen.

“Mo Fan, you try them out too. It’ll help you improve.” Ye Xiu picked him out in particular.

Mo Fan refused to comment. He just lifted his head and glanced at Ye Xiu.

But on the second day, Mo Fan also followed the practice routine. He started completing them on his Deception.

Everyone’s varying skill levels showed through this basic tech skill practice.

Qiao Yifan, whose hand speed wasn’t any slower than Tang Rou or Steamed Bun, completed these various tasks the best. He could complete each task in one try the majority of the time. He just wasn’t too used to it because practicing in the game was more crude. But because the theory was the same, the end results would be the same. It just wasn’t as convenient as the specialized software.

Just take the rolling practice. Using the Club’s software, if the roll direction was slightly off, their would immediately be a notification. However, in the game, there obviously wouldn’t be any notification. In order to determine whether his roll direction and distance satisfied the task’s requirements, he had to judge the direction and distance himself after rolling.

This definitely tested everyone’s self-control. In a pro team, the software would record any mistakes. Afterwards, everyone would know if they did well or poorly. It could be considered as a method of inspecting each player. But in Happy, it was entirely up to the individual. Ye Xiu alone couldn’t watch everyone, so he didn’t bother. He didn’t think that anyone in this group would be lazy and slack off. He believed that they would either do it to the best of their ability or not do it at all.

Qiao Yifan completed each task, inspecting his own practice.

Steamed Bun kept muttering to himself. It clearly wasn’t going smoothly for him. From time to time, he would look defeated.

Tang Rou wouldn’t mutter to herself like Steamed Bun, but her expression was grave too. Her brows were slightly furrowed, which was something that never happened when she rushed into a sea of people to battle. She was clearly having trouble facing these harsh training tasks.

In the beginning, Mo Fan continued to maintain an expressionless face, but his brows gradually started to furrow just like Tang Rou. He clearly wasn’t used to doing this type of practice.

It was even more painful for An Wenyi. He frequently couldn’t meet the requirements for the tasks. He even started to worry if he could even complete these tasks by the end of the day.

As for Luo Ji, he was still struggling in the normal server! Ye Xiu and Wei Chen mainly used the resources in the Heavenly Domain to devise the practice routine, so he couldn’t complete them in the tenth server. However, this practice routine had many similarities with the Heavenly Domain quests. In fact, when the Heavenly Domain first came out, many were surprised at how the Heavenly Domain quests were like an all-inclusive test of a player’s mechanics. Luo Ji’s attempts at the quests could be considered as tech skill practice too.

On the first day, using the gaps between the various wild boss battles, everyone apart from An Wenyi completed the tasks. The speed of their completion varied greatly though. Qiao Yifan was truly much faster than the other three. As for the other three, it was fortunate that the system wasn’t keeping track of their failures. Otherwise, if they used the Clubs’ software, their score would probably make them ashamed to death.

However, in the next few days, Mo Fan began showing that he wasn’t a new player at Glory. After getting used to the practice routine, he improved rapidly and began completing the tasks more and more smoothly. As for Tang Rou and Steamed Bun, they were still paying for their rough precision. They were fast enough, but not precise enough. For example, it was similar to how Lu Hanwen could create eight shadows using Shadow Steps, but since those eight weren’t perfect, it couldn’t be considered as complete. Tang Rou and Steamed Bun were still lacking in precision. It was because they hadn’t played the game long enough. To put it plainly, practice makes perfect.

An Wenyi was still doing the worst. He struggled with completing each task every day. Even though he had completed the Heavenly Domain quests before, you only needed to complete each of those quests once. It didn’t matter how many times you tried or if you did it by luck. However, these tasks eliminated the aspect of luck. An Wenyi couldn’t finish the practice routine within the necessary time limit. He could only keep repeating and failing the task over and over again. But he wasn’t discouraged. How many days had it been? If he could improve that quickly, Glory would be too simple.

An Wenyi was the one who spared them the most from worry. He may be the worst out of everyone, but he didn’t need anyone to encourage or console him. He even asked Ye Xiu if could skip the wild boss battles in order to spend more time on the practice routine.

Fighting for wild bosses was practically a break from this monotonous practice, but An Wenyi was willing to give up on his breaks. 

“These guys certainly have a bright future ahead of them!” Wei Chen felt greatly moved.

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