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Chapter 657 - The People’s War

Hu….. when the match ended, everyone heaved a sigh of relief, even Team Blue Rain’s fans.

This match had been as brilliant as it had been intense. From the first clash between the two teams, the fighting never stopped until there was only one player remaining. This sort of match weren’t commonly seen. The fierceness of this season’s finals made the entire crowd feel like it was worth their money to watch it live.

7.5 to 2. Team Samsara’s lead seemed quite large. However, players familiar with the Glory scene knew that these points didn’t have the same amount of weight as a sport like football. One side leading by five points after a single round wasn’t a dealbreaker in Glory. After all, following the competitive scoring rules, the team competition was worth 4 points. Along with a few points obtained in the individual competition and group arena, this difference in points was actually quite common. The finals would be decided by the total points obtained in the home and away matches, so this difference didn’t mean the competition was over.

The post-match interviews after the first round of finals were like fire. Team Blue Rain’s captain Yu Wenzhou was as calm as ever. He praised his opponents as well as the performance of his players. He expressed his regret for being the first one to die in the team competition: “Because of a few reasons that everyone knows about, I’m often the enemy team’s priority. Maybe I should have considered being the team’s reserve player and substituting in occasionally to prevent our opponents from finding any opportunities to focus me.”

Whether his words were true or not, Yu Wenzhou’s relaxed attitude could still be seen. He was an experienced player who had passed through many storms. A 2 to 7.5 point disparity didn’t make him feel too much pressure.

As for Huang Shaotian’s interview, he once again tested the writing speed of the reporters and their recording device’s battery life. They would need to search through a lengthy speech later to dig up valuable information. It would put their skill as a reporter to the test.

But the most important interview was the one that gave them the greatest headache.

Zhou Zekai was without a doubt the MVP of today’s match. Even though Team Samsara’s Lu Boyuan had been the first to open up the match in the team competition, Zhou Zekai was still the deciding player in the end.

After a bunch of “mm, ah, oh”, The reporters finally obtained a few relatively long responses. One of the questions that they obviously needed to ask was how he felt towards their victory, to which Zhou Zekai replied “Very happy.”

Another lengthier response was Zhou Zekai’s comment towards Huang Shaotian’s performance, which he expressed was “Very outstanding”.

Someone asked Zhou Zekai for more details and his feelings towards Huang Shaotian’s trash talking.

Zhou Zekai fell silent for quite awhile before responding: “No time to read!”

That was about all they managed to unearth from Zhou Zekai. They would be able to get more information out of the other members of Team Samsara, but most of their answers were just decorous remarks, praising their opponents or their team. When the reporters asked about Team Samsara’s skill points, the players would simply smile, but wouldn’t say anything.

After the post-match interviews ended, the stream showed a few highlights from the match. Then, the commentator and guest conducted a detailed analysis of the match. Ye Xiu obviously didn’t need to listen to the content of this analysis. The analysis of the commentator and guest couldn’t compare to their own analysis.

“Tsk tsk tsk tsk……” Wei Chen clicked his tongue. He didn’t say anything. His hands and head seemed to be focused on the game, but his heart clearly wasn’t in it. His character was just running around in circles, not doing anything. His mind still lingered on the match!

Ye Xiu also went back to the game. He soon received a message from Loulan Slash: “A boss spawned!”

“No way. How could it be such a coincidence? A boss spawned right when the match ended?” Ye Xiu replied.

Loulan Slash sent him an ashamed emoji: “The match was too intense. I forgot to pay attention to the game. It was info we received from awhile ago……”

“The boss is still there?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Still there. I just checked.” Loulan Slash replied.

“Then let’s hurry!” Ye Xiu immediately called Tang Rou and Steamed Bun. Those two were still watching the highlights from the match. When they heard his call, they went back to the game.

“Which boss?” Ye Xiu asked Loulan Slash for more details!

“Darkness Palace’s Night Streak” Loulan Slash replied.

“Ah, that guy!” Ye Xiu was excited. Night Streak was a Level 70 wild boss. It was Darkness Palace’s secret protector, an expert in subterfuge and assassination. Among the player classes, he would be categorized as an Assassin.

“I’m on my way. What’s the situation over there?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Currently, none of the guilds have made any movements. However, a few players have grouped up to kill the wild boss, but they’re hovering between life and death. Let’s hurry!” Loulan Slash was quite excited. His guild probably hadn’t gotten a Level 70 boss yet.

“The other guilds might be on their way too. Have your people be on the lookout.” Ye Xiu said.

“Should we start acting now?” Loulan Slash asked.

“Having many bully the few won’t be an issue.” Ye Xiu replied.

Loulan Slash immediately arranged his troops. Ye Xiu asked Wei Chen: “Night Streak has spawned. Did you guys get the information?”

“My side? No……” Wei Chen checked his messages. He looked at the guild chat. It was filled with the guild celebrating their victory. Tonight was, without a doubt, a holiday for Samsara’s fans. It wasn’t just their own guild chat. Samsara had included the global chat with them. They acted like Samsara had already won the championships.

The fans of the other teams couldn’t keep watching.

Especially Tyranny’s, Tiny Herb’s, and Blue Rain’s. These teams had already won the championships before. Their fans were looking down on Samsara’s, regarding them as country bumpkins. Samsara’s fans weren’t looking at the big picture. They had only finished playing the first round of the finals. How could that be considered worth celebrating for?

Excellent Era’s fans also wanted to say a few words, but Excellent Era’s performance in the regular season was too embarrassing. The smarter ones shut their mouths and endured it. A few jumped out and argued about Excellent Era, which attracted a lot of attention. They were immediately met with ridicule.

All sorts of insults were thrown in the global chat. In this virtual world, it was always easy to make sparks fly. It couldn’t be stopped either. Being able to say whatever you wanted was one of the charms of an online game.

Wei Chen finally received a message. He checked it. It was unexpectedly a call for him to PK……. The dispute between the fans of different teams had gone up a level. The friction had been continuously rising. That night, the arrogance of Samsara’s fans had reached the peak.

The guilds couldn’t stop it from happening. This was the people’s war. At this moment, as symbols of their team in the game, the Club guilds could only stand on their fans’ side. Any burden or losses from this large-scale PK was something that they couldn’t ignore. The will of the people was everything.

The fires of war continued to reach new heights. Even Wei Chen, the group leader of Samsara’s second elite group, had been called to battle. The elite groups were the peak powers in the Club guild. They would only set out for important battles.

“I’m…… going……” Wei Chen was solemn as he replied to the call. From the rapid scrolling in the global chat, he could already predict how bitter this war would be. No matter how strong his character was, he would certainly drown within that ocean of people.

The fires of war spread from the fans of the teams, who stood at the top in the game. A guild like Heavenly Justice could only watch as a spectator. Ye Xiu quickly helped Loulan Slash recognize how good of an opportunity this was. Loulan Slash continued to dispatch troops over.

Everywhere they walked was a battlefield.

This was a war among the people. At the same time, it was a paradise for scrap pickers. The fans of these powerful teams were relatively high-end players. When they fought, good equipment would drop everywhere. Even non-professional scrap pickers would join in for this opportunity. However, how could the PKers just let scrap pickers take their equipment? The scrap pickers also got dragged into the war.

An element of equipment soon added into the war between the fans.

Ye Xiu didn’t care about any of this. He picked the shortest route to Darkness palace. Lord Grim’s colorful equipment made others want to vomit at the sight of it. No one was crazy enough to want to fight him. His Myriad Manifestations Umbrella was a Silver weapon, so many people would covet it, but Ye Xiu wasn’t so stupid as to show it off to everyone. He obviously hid it in his bag. As a result, from the outside, it looked like Lord Grim didn’t have a weapon equipped. His character was also equipped with a set of garbage equipment. It didn’t matter if others had heard of the famous “Lord Grim”. No one caused him trouble.

Tang Rou and Steamed Bun’s situation were similar. They weren’t members of any of the top guilds. Their equipment was below-average. They were practically invisible in the current environment. The three quickly met with each other midway and headed over together.

Halfway through, Loulan Slash received a message. A guild had started making movements in Darkness Palace.

“Which guild is it?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Conquering Clouds.” Loulan Slash said.

“Conquering Clouds…..” Ye Xiu repeated.  

Even though Conquering Clouds was also a Club guild, in terms of the fight for wild bosses, they were a relatively low presence.

In the Alliance, Team Conquering Clouds had performed quite well in the first half of the season. They had reached eighth place, but after Sun Xiang transferred to Excellent Era, Team Conquering Clouds quickly dropped and ended up in fifteenth place. It was hard to even consider them as middle-tier team in the pro scene. Their guild was certainly more powerful than your average player guild, but they were far from being at Blue Brook Guild’s or Herb Garden’s level. However, arranging a few elite groups to kill a wild boss wasn’t a problem for them. For a lot of player guilds, even if you threw an uncontested wild boss to them, they still wouldn’t be able to take it down.

Thinking about this point, Ye Xiu was a bit worried for Heavenly Justice. Heavenly Justice had started as a player guild. He also didn’t know how good Loulan Slash’s elite groups were. What if they controlled the field, but Heavenly Justice still wasn’t able to take down the boss?

When Ye Xiu asked, Loulan Slash cried: “God, don’t look down on us!!”

“Okay okay. That’s good. I’ll be there soon. Give me a group to lead. I’ll take care of Conquering Cloud. You take the boss.” Ye Xiu said.

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