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Chapter 648 - Boss Spawn

Steamed Bun didn’t kill Blue Bridge Spring Snow. Ye Xiu called for him to come over, so he followed after the team to continue with their tactic.

Ye Xiu’s tactical intentions were very clear and precise. He didn’t plan on completely controlling the situation. He just wanted to create chaos amongst all of the other guilds besides Heavenly Justice, leaving them as the sole guild that still had their calm and clear-headedness. They would be able to smoothly execute their plan by taking advantage of the chaos to snatch the boss.

The other guilds were having trouble facing Ye Xiu’s team. How could they still have the energy to deal with Heavenly Justice?

Blue Bridge Spring Snow once again got up from the ground. He turned around and watched the chaotic battle going on. He opened up the list of names in his group. He could still see Blue Brook Guild members alive from this list, but he couldn’t even see half of his people on the field. Blue River didn’t know what to do in this situation. He could only continue charging forward recklessly. Cheering on the sidelines and pretending to be dead didn’t suit his personality…...

“How’s the boss going?” Ye Xiu messaged Loulan Slash.

He had kept a clear mind from start to finish. The chaos that they had brought to the field would only last for awhile. During this time, Heavenly Justice needed to establish their advantage over the boss. This was extremely crucial.

“Don’t worry!” Loulan Slash replied. His skill level was much higher than normal players. Even Steamed Bun or Tang Rou wouldn’t have an easy time against Loulan Slash. Because Loulan Slash and the rest of his team were unrivalled in the game, they thought that once they entered the professional scene, they would immediately be able to be a runner up for the championship title. Otherwise, if they could only barely win against normal players and thought that they had the strength to be champions, it would only indicate their stupidity.

After dispatching a few of his players to support Ye Xiu’s team, everyone else focused on the boss. He and his team members were very noticeable compared to normal players.

“Hurry up.” Ye Xiu saw that the guild players were continuously streaming in. As the enemy numbers rose, the effects of their killing would diminish.


After reading Loulan Slash’s reply, he noticed a sword light flying towards him. Ye Xiu had Lord Grim dodge. He turned his head helplessly: “When did you become so shameless?”


Blue River was about to go crazy! What type of evaluation was that?! Everyone was fighting for the boss! You’re causing chaos everywhere. I’m attacking you for a completely logical and proper reason and yet you call me  shameless?

“If you really want to die, there’s nothing I can do to stop you!” Ye Xiu sighed.

“Senior, leave him to me!” Steamed Bun shouted as he threw a brick.

This time, Blue River was prepared. How could he let Steamed Bun surprise him so easily? He stepped to the side and countered with a slash of his sword, but another brick smashed into his face.

Steamed Bun obviously couldn’t throw a second brick so quickly. Skills had cooldowns. This brick had been thrown by Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim. Unspecialized characters could still use this Brawler skill.

Blue River was stunned by this brick. His character couldn’t move, but he could still hear. He heard Ye Xiu lecture Steamed Bun: “Steamed Bun, this is a team battle, not a 1v1. We have to attack as a group and use the quickest method to kill the targets. No matter how weak the opponent is, you can’t get careless.”

Blue River really wanted to die!

He was weak compared to a God, but he was still one of Blue Brook Guild’s Five Great Experts! In the Heavenly Domain, whether it was in terms of equipment or skills, he was at the peak! How could he stand being called weak!

Then, he heard Steamed Bun reply: “Senior, that makes a lot of sense. Tang Rou and I will go up together.”

The three second stun from the brick cleared up. Blue River immediately wanted to move, but the other side had listened to their teacher’s lesson and moved forward together. No matter how skilled Blue River was, he wouldn’t be able to defend against the both of them at the same time. Steamed Bun and Tang Rou quickly killed him. Ye Xiu said, soon after Blue River died: “His equipment is pretty good. Make sure you take any items that he dropped…….” Blue River completely collapsed after that.

After hearing Ye Xiu’s reminder, Blue River saw that he had dropped equipment. When he respawned, he immediately opened his inventory. He hadn’t dropped just one equipment, but two: his shoulder piece and his necklace equips.

No one would be completely unfazed upon losing equipment, even a top-tier expert like Blue River. And because of his high skill level, he rarely died, so his equipment didn’t often drop. As a result, when he lost equipment, the feeling of loss was even worse.

But against a God, how could he say anything after being crushed? Blue River could only sigh at his poor luck. Soon afterwards, he messaged the players still alive: “Retreat!”

His heroic efforts made him feel like he had already tried his best. With his skill level, he could figure out Ye Xius intentions. He tried to block him, but wasn’t that the same as trying to stop a train with a mantis? Continuing on was pointless.

Blue Brook Guild withdrew. Blue River reported back to Changing Spring.

“It’s fine. It’s just a Level 55 boss.” What a rare sight! Changing Spring typed a few words to console him. Changing Spring felt it was shame that Blue River suddenly stopped working in the normal servers and didn’t want to PvP in the Heavenly Domain. In this day and age, it was very hard to find high skilled players. High skilled and reliable players were even more difficult to find. Blue River was undoubtedly one such person. If not, Changing Spring wouldn’t have picked him to lead Blue Brook Guild in the new server. However, this new server unexpectedly caused their guild to lose a valuable asset. Changing Spring was unhappy, but also helpless towards Blue River’s condition. He could only hope for his mentality to return to normal. The fight for the boss didn’t go well, but Changing Spring obviously wouldn’t scold him. He had to console him at this moment.

“Sigh, Lord Grim suddenly popped up and made a mess.” Blue River said. If it weren’t for Lord Grim, Blue Brook Guild probably would have gotten the boss.

“!!!” Changing Spring was shocked. He clearly hadn’t received any information about Lord Grim suddenly showing up in this boss battle. He had went into hiding for so long that everyone had almost forgotten about his existence. Of course, they would never forget about him, but because he hadn’t done anything in a long time, they pretended like he had disappeared. In the past, they had attempted to suppress this God, but time after time proved that the correct thing to do was pray and hope this God wouldn’t cause trouble for them.

The expenses invested into suppressing one person had been very large and the results were miniscule, so no one really wanted to do it.

Unless the God provoked them, they wouldn’t take the initiative to bring trouble for themselves. This God had been quiet for a long period of time, so everyone was able to live together in harmony, but now, he suddenly popped up again. In this instant, Changing Spring had an ominous foreboding. After coming out of hiding, he probably wouldn’t be going back into hiding so fast.

The guilds had predicted this God to come out sooner or later. He was planning on forming a team, which directly conflicted with the interests of the Club guilds, so they would have to clash sooner or later. Why else did they want to suppress Lord Grim, when he entered the Heavenly Domain?

Unfortunately, they failed to suppress him and eventually settled the matter by leaving him alone. Now, he had appeared again! A true boss has respawned!

Changing Spring’s worries weren’t over yet! A message on QQ popped up.

Changing Spring looked and saw that it was a message from the discussion group, which had been quiet after Lord Grim went into hiding. It was the discussion group between the top guilds about how to handle Lord Grim.

Changing Spring checked the message. The person who sent the message was Tyrannical Ambition’s Jiang You. He only said five words: “Did you hear about it?”

Changing Spring could feel the seriousness in these five words. He was certain that the others felt it too because Herb Garden’s Arisaema replied: “F*ck.”

“He’s back……”

“All of us knew he’d return eventually.”


“There’s a difference this time. A total of four people have reached the Heavenly Domain from the tenth server. All of them are his people.”

“And all of them entered without being max leveled too.”

“How did he find all of the experts in that server?”

The guilds clearly hadn’t stopped paying attention to Lord Grim’s side. They just hadn’t said anything about it.

“I didn’t see the Ghostblade though.” Someone said.

“He’ll appear sooner or later.”

“What do we do now?”

“What’s the situation so far?”

“What else? Let’s just go to bed……”

“This time, he seems to have allied with Heavenly Justice.”

“Weren’t they always partners?”

“Doesn’t this complicate things even more then?”

The guilds were at a loss! This God alone was already difficult enough to deal with, and Heavenly Justice wasn’t easy to bully either. In terms of strength, the top guilds were still quite a bit stronger than Heavenly Justice, but Heavenly Justice was aware of this fact as well, so they looked for other places to fight. They tussled using their identity as Clubs. Using several good opportunities to bring up hype about their guild, Heavenly Justice pushed themselves into a very subtle position.

Even though the top guilds wanted to ally together and eliminate them, they didn’t dare to. They were afraid of public opinion on this matter. They were afraid the players would accuse them of suppressing all enemies. The guilds couldn’t openly suppress Heavenly Justice, so they could only do it in the dark. The reason Heavenly Justice was having a hard time getting bosses wasn’t just an issue of strength. Right now, they were the enemies of every guild, so it was difficult for them to find any foothold in these kinds of competition. When the guilds cooperated with each other temporarily in these sorts of chaotic battles, they would never cooperate with them.

The top guilds could only pressure them in this way. If they were too obvious and direct, with Heavenly Justice’s previous actions, Heavenly Justice would certainly blow it out of proportions and gain the sympathy of many fans.

Heavenly Justice’s actions truly made the other guilds envious and disdainful. However, the Clubs had given them the order to not give Heavenly Justice any more opportunities. Under this order, they couldn’t make any big movements against Heavenly Justice.

Now that these two difficult opponents had allied together, the guild leaders were about to go bald from stress.

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