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Chapter 626 - The Character with the Most Skill Points

Opponents that must be defeated.

When Ye Xiu said these words, he didn’t grind his teeth or give a determined look. He seemed as calm as ever.

“Yes! They must be defeated.” Wei Chen followed, but he wasn’t calm at all. He said these words fiercely and crushed his cigarette on the window sill.

“It doesn’t matter what type of tricks Excellent Era uses. We have to beat them regardless!” Wei Chen might have been talking to himself. He encouraged himself to not be scared of anything anymore.

At that moment, the door to the practice room suddenly opened. Chen Guo rushed out excitedly and yelled: “It dropped! It dropped!!! 

“Oh? That quickly?” Ye Xiu and Wei Chen were pleasantly surprised.

“Yeah, the quest this time wasn’t as long. The two of them quickly finished it.” Chen Guo said.

“Who got it?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Both of them.” Chen Guo said. 

“F*ck, that punk is really amazing!” Wei Chen said as he rushed into the practice room. Ye Xiu looked back at Excellent Era and sucked in a deep breath before gently extinguishing his cigarette.

When he walked back into the practice room, the atmosphere was naturally joyful.

The second quest in the guide was fairly short, so the results soon came out. Both Tang Rou and Steamed Bun had obtained a 25 point skill book.

“Let me see, let me see.” Ye Xiu hastily walked over.

“What’s there to see? They already used them.” Chen Guo said.

“I wonder how many people would be jealous if they knew that they got a skill book this easily!” Ye Xiu sighed. Afterwards, he didn’t forget to ask Chen Guo: “How’s it going on your end?”

Chen Guo’s face turned ugly: “I’ve already completed these quests before.” 

“That’s too bad, but it doesn’t matter. There will always be more chances later. There will also be some quests that you haven’t done yet too.” Ye Xiu encouraged her.

“I hope so!” Chen Guo said.

Ye Xiu then asked Wei Chen: “I remember that you said the accounts in your group all had around 4700 skill points, right?” 

“Pretty much!” Wei Chen answered.

“The methods that you used weren’t as good as the ones that Concealed Light came up with!” Ye Xiu said.

“But getting drops by chance is never definite.” Wei Chen said.

“That’s true. Have you ever thought of calculating how many possible skill points that could be obtained if everything went your way?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Of course. 1650 skill points.” Wei Chen immediately answered. This number included his many years of work and studying and he was very proud of it.

“Oh, and your friends have around 4700 skill points total. The base number of skill points is 4000, so you got around 700 skill points through these skill books. If that’s the case, then with your original method, your probability of getting a skill book was around 50%.” Ye Xiu said.

“Hey hey, how come everything that comes out of your mouth is so shallow! 4700 points is still an incredible result, okay? Apart from pro player accounts, do you know how many people in the game have over 4700 skill points? With the amount of skill points that our characters have, our characters are worth a lot.” Wei Chen said.

“Then hurry up and sell them. In any case, you guys are blacklisted by the big guilds anyways.” Ye Xiu said.

“Tch, it’s been so long. We fell from their sights a long time ago.” Wei Chen said. This was because of a boss fight. Wei Chen had led his friends and caused chaos amongst the top guilds. Because of this, the top guilds chased after them like crazy. In the end, Ye Xiu had given them the accounts that he had won in a bet, allowing them to continue playing. A long time had already passed since then. It was more than long enough for guilds to forget about them, let alone the top guilds. These Club guilds were very busy. How could any of them have the time to keep chasing down a small team of players? These Club guilds were massive. Everyday, their main guild and branch guilds had tons of problems to deal with. If every single issue was never let go of, the guilds would go crazy.

As a result, once Wei Chen’s group escaped after provoking the top guilds, the top guilds kept one eye open, while keeping the other closed. They might run into each other. If they remember, then they might kill them in the passing, but they definitely wouldn’t send a specialized group tasked with hunting them down.

“Are you still planning on using that Warlock?” Ye Xiu asked.

“The account’s not bad.” Wei Chen said.

“Apart from skill points, what’s the difference between accounts.” Ye Xiu said.

“Their names are different!” Steamed Bun answered.

“Their appearances are different too.” Chen Guo added. She placed a lot of importance on appearances.

“Okay…..” Ye Xiu nodded his head. He didn’t bother arguing because he knew that Wei Chen didn’t care about these areas.    

“He he.” Wei Chen laughed evilly.

“How many skill points does your account have?” Ye Xiu suddenly seemed to have realized something.

“He he, which character in Glory has the highest number of skill points?” Wei Chen suddenly asked.

“Han Wenqing’s Desert Smoke, 4880 skill points.” Ye Xiu said. He seemed to know where Wei Chen was heading with his words.

“Correct. Desert Smoke has 40 more points than your One Autumn Leaf, right?” Wei Chen didn’t hurry.

“Right, how many skill points does your character have?” Ye Xiu asked. 

“Ha ha, not much. It only has 4920 skill points, that’s all. It has 40 more points than Desert Smoke, 80 more points than One Autumn Leaf, 90 more points than Swoksaar, so my Windward Formation is, in fact, the character with the most skill points in Glory!” Wei Chen said delightedly.

“Your luck is pretty good.” Ye Xiu sighed. Wei Chen’s Warlock must have relied on his method to get all of these skill points. After all, as long as he had luck on his side, even if his method wasn’t as good, he would still be able to get a lot of extra skill points. As a result, while the other characters had around 4700 skill points, he was lucky and got 4920 skill points. Wei Chen’s methods could obtain a total of 1650 points. If one had insane luck, then one could even obtain the maximum amount of skill points in Glory and have extra leftover.

“But there’s still 80 points of room to improve. You’re willing to give those up?” Ye Xiu asked.

“You guys try first. I’ll wait and see before I do anything.” Wei Chen calmly said.

Ye Xiu didn’t urge him. Tang Rou and Steamed Bun continued to quest. Steamed Bun was being supervised by Chen Guo, so Ye Xiu also ran over to try it out for himself.

Lord Grim’s return to the tenth server immediately spread around in Happy. The top guilds were naturally terrified. But after seeing his level and knowing that Lord Grim wasn’t Level 70 yet, they relaxed slightly. Last month, the top guilds already had Level 70 guilds, so they currently held the records for the Level 70 dungeons. Even if the records for the dungeons below Level 70 were crushed, the player base was no longer focusing on them, so the top guilds could tolerate it. However, they then thought of how Lord Grim had casually snatched a wild boss last time he came. This loss was even worse than losing a dungeon record. The top guilds didn’t dare be negligent and informed all of their players: if you ever see Lord Grim, report his actions to the guild.

After nearly half a year, the Club guilds in the tenth server had expanded greatly. Lord Grim’s existence during the initial stages had suppressed them significantly. All of them had suffered at one point. None of them were able to establish their power amongst the new player base until Lord Grim left to the Heavenly Domain. Only then could the Club guilds flip over and start singing. From then on, they could compete without having anyone step all over them.

The more time passed, the weaker the influence Lord Grim had in the tenth server. The top guilds expanded like crazy. As the players played Glory, they began paying attention to the pro scene and had their own favorite team and pro players. Thus, the advantage that the Club guilds possessed finally appeared. They could attract their fans to join. They didn’t need any reason other than their name.

But at the same time, because of this reason, the performance of the team in the Pro Alliance would directly affect their respective guild’s development, especially among the popular mass. The new players had only just begun paying attention to the pro scene, so they didn’t have many feelings for the past glory of the current teams. What they looked at was their current strength at the moment.

Through this reason, Samsara developed rapidly in the tenth server just like their team this season. Many of the new players started watching the Pro Alliance during the later half of the season, which just happened to be when Samsara began dominating the scene after the All Star Competition. Samsara shot up the rankings and their fans increased alongside the team’s growth. Samsara’s guild growth expanded swiftly, completely suppressing Blue Brook Guild, Herb Garden, and Tyrannical Ambition.

The most tragic Club guilds was naturally Excellent Dynasty. When the new players started paying attention to the Pro Alliance, Excellent Era stayed at the bottom until they were beautifully relegated. If someone new like Excellent Era for getting relegated, then that person would be a very strange person. No one in the tenth server had many feelings for Excellent Dynasty.

Chen Yehui had originally planned on making huge movements this season alongside the Club. He made preparations for the guild to shine in the tenth server. At the very beginning, he had sent more experts to help pioneer in the new server than the other guilds. He had wanted to use the opportunity while the new players didn’t know much about Glory to show their guild’s strength in order to attract their attention and establish a solid base. How could he have known that at this stage, he would run into Ye Xiu starting over again in the tenth server. It didn’t matter that he had more experts. Ye Xiu was a God. Chen Yehui had even pulled over Liu Hao to help, but didn’t he also get crushed?

His original plan had been destroyed by Ye Xiu. By the time Ye Xiu stepped into the Heavenly Domain with Lord Grim, the tenth server players now had a certain understanding of Glory and had begun paying attention to the pro scene. With Team Excellent Era’s disgusting performances, when Guild Excellent Dynasty was recruiting players to join, they hated how they couldn’t hide their guild’s name.

Even if the players didn’t know that Guild Excellent Dynasty and Team Excellent Era were related, the other Club guilds like Tyrannical Ambition, Blue Brook Guild, Herb Garden would help spread this type of common knowledge to the player base. Excellent Dynasty’s start in the tenth server had been an utter disaster from start to finish.

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