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Chapter 624 - The Pinnacle of Research

“Scientist?” Wei Chen sounded as if he were mumbling to himself. It was clear that his brain couldn't digest the fact that he would ever have anything to do with these types of people in his life.

“Are you stupid? He’s a mathematician.” Ye Xiu looked down on him.

“F*ck, isn’t that the same thing?” Wei Chen yelled.

Apart from Steamed Bun, everyone else found it difficult to breathe after Tang Rou told them about Zhang Yichuan’s identity and status.

“Concealed Light, you’re actually the student of such a math god? What sort of background do you have?” Ye Xiu asked him Tang Rou’s question.

“What’s the point in asking him about it? Do you even know anything about universities?” Wei Chen asked Ye Xiu.

“Even if one has never eaten a pig before, that doesn’t mean one has never seen one running around.” Ye Xiu said. 

“You’ve seen a pig running around a university?” Wei Chen said. 

“It’s impossible to talk with uncultured people like you!” Ye Xiu said. 

At this moment, Concealed Light replied back on QQ. He didn’t have any special background, but he was incredible. He had received countless awards from participating in math competitions as a teen. He was a specially enrolled math student who had been accepted into the university without needing to take any of the required examinations at the age of 17. Although he was only a second year, that was just a title. With the knowledge that Concealed Light possessed, he had already learned everything that could be learned in a normal math undergraduate student’s curriculum. He was getting ready to apply as a recommended graduate student next year. He told them that, if possible, he would like to finish his Master’s and PhD at the same time.

“Ambitious!” Ye Xiu didn’t really know what else to say.

However, Concealed Light didn’t think too much of himself. Along the way, he would often hear about people getting their PhDs at the age of 20, people being employed as professors in all kinds of famous universities at the age of 24, people receiving all kinds of medals and achievements before the age of 30, people with IQs over 200. Compared to those inhuman geniuses, Concealed Light lamented in QQ: “No, no, I’m still far off!”

The people before the computer looked at one another with consternation and didn’t know what to say. 

“Wouldn’t it be a loss to our country if we let a talent like him get into gaming?” Even Wei Chen felt like a sinner.“There’s a lot of pressure.” Ye Xiu agreed. 

“When you asked your mentor for help, did he say anything?” Ye Xiu asked. According to conventional thinking, instead of studying properly, you play games and even ask your teacher for help with your issues about the game, aren’t you asking to be whipped?

“Professor Zhang? He said the problem was pretty interesting.” Concealed Light replied.   

This problem was pretty interesting......

Ye Xiu and the people wanted to kneel out of respect. Even though they didn’t understand any of what was being talked about with their education levels, they at least knew that it had to do with the logic or rules involved in the game’s data. However, according to a mathematician from the National Academy of Sciences, this was just another problem?

At least he said the problem was pretty interesting. It meant that Glory wasn’t a drag. Glory really had some depth to it.

However, designers, engineers, programmers of Glory: Apologies, but your problem has been solved. 

“I’ll send it over for you guys to have a look at!” Concealed Light said as he sent the document over.

Ye Xiu turned serious when he opened the file. It wouldn’t be right to categorize what they were about to do as hacking. This really wasn’t hacking, it was just exposing the core of Glory.

However, a problem soon came about.

Ye Xiu and Wei Chen were top experts in calculating the consumption of a character’s HP or MP, calculating the cooldown of a skill, attack range, positioning, movement speed, jump height, etc. But when the game was unraveled to its roots, the two could only stare at each other blankly.

“Ahem.” Ye Xiu coughed. 

“This……” Tang Rou also mumbled. 

“Hm?” Everyone immediately gazed at her with hope. 

“This is definitely not something we can understand.” Tang Rou said. 

“I agree.” Ye Xiu said. 

“Why don’t we buy some books?” Wei Chen said. 

“Math books?” Ye Xiu asked. 

“What else? Language books?” Wei Chen was disdainful towards Ye Xiu’s stupid question.

“You should go buy some books on morals!” Ye Xiu said while he searched for Concealed Light on QQ: “Concealed Light, do you think that we can interpret this?”

“You don’t understand anything?” Concealed Light asked. 

“This kid’s not laughing at us right now, is he?” Ye Xiu turned around to ask the people behind him. 

“Do you think everyone is like you?” Chen Guo refuted. Did he really think that everyone was a natural at taunting like him?

“I don’t understand it. Not even a little bit.” Ye Xiu replied to Concealed Light.

“Then what should we do?” Concealed Light asked.

“Uh, use the same language that you use for your guides and describe this information to us.” Ye Xiu said. 

“Oh, I understand what you mean.” Concealed Light replied. 

“Then you wouldn’t need to bother your teacher again with this, right?” Ye Xiu asked. 

“No need, he’s never played Glory before, so he wouldn’t know.” Concealed Light replied. 

“Sorry for the trouble.” Ye Xiu said. 

“Okay, wait for my good news!” Concealed Light said. 

“Also.” Ye Xiu hurriedly called for Concealed Light, “The Pro League for this season is going to be ending soon. As for us, we plan on participating in the Challenger League in September. Would that be alright with you? Would it be too busy for you or distract you from your studies?”

“No, no, I’m not busy. I have plenty of time, September is it? I understand!” Concealed Light said. 

“Then off you go!” 

Concealed Light’s picture dimmed. Ye Xiu heard sighs of relief sound out from behind him. Concealed Light saw himself as someone ‘far off’, but in the eyes of everyone else, he was an extraordinary person, needless to mention his incredible teacher. Having him play Glory instantly made everyone feel like their burden had become even heavier.

“Go back to your seats! Why are you all still standing around for?” Ye Xiu turned around and shooed away the three dazed people behind him. Look at how calm Steamed Bun was! At first, he joined in to see why there was a crowd, but after opening the things that Concealed Light sent over, everyone felt ashamed for not understanding a thing, except for Steamed Bun, who said “What’s this” and returned to his seat to continue playing.

Everyone returned to their seats. No one spoke in the practice room, and only the tapping of the keyboard and mouse could be heard. Apart from Steamed Bun, everyone else was robotic and stiff. Evidently, everyone was still digesting the news and couldn’t calm down at that moment. 

Ye Xiu and the others didn’t understand any of it. On the other hand, the hardest part for Concealed Light had been coming up with a model. However, understanding it and explaining it in simpler words wasn’t a problem for him. Not long afterwards, Concealed Light returned to QQ and messaged Ye Xiu. 

Ye Xiu didn’t make it public to prevent everyone else from making a big fuss over nothing. Concealed Light sent some things over while saying: “Does this make more sense?”

Ye Xiu received it and read it. The familiar Concealed Light had returned! It was like one of Concealed Light’s old guides, long-winded and down to the finest detail, but this time, Ye Xiu needed instructions like this, so he immediately gave out a series of loud praises. 

“Then I’ll keep going.” Concealed Light spoke as he focused again.

“Come look at this.” Ye Xiu immediately called Wei Chen over. After all, Wei Chen was the researcher for this project. He had a strong impression and understanding of the data he had gathered. When he came over to see Concealed Light’s guide, he couldn’t help but feel curious about it. It turned out that everything Wei Chen had described in the draft was turned into data by Concealed Light. Most important of all, all the logical relationships between the triggering requirements were clearly listed out. 

Wei Chen had originally formatted it like this, but that was through experience and intuition. After being sorted out by Concealed Light, it had become cold hard fact.

“You go try it?” Wei Chen couldn’t wait to find out the results.

“Mm, everyone will try it.” Ye Xiu spoke and called Steamed Bun and Tang Rou over. The parts that Concealed Light had just sorted out was coincidentally the content for quests in the normal servers. 

There were a lot of quests in Glory. If it was just for gaining experience and levelling up, then there were too many quests in the game to finish. Glory wasn’t just a game anymore either. The experienced players had found out the most efficient ways to level up. The quests were picked out logically, so almost everyone would do the same quests.

The situation in the new servers were better. After all, not everyone would check a guide before they played the game. Some players liked to find their own way and find their own quests to do because there was plenty of content in the game.

Tang Rou and Steamed Bun weren’t enthusiastic about quests. Tang Rou simply had no interest in the quests at all. If not for the rewards from quests, such as stat or skill points, she wouldn’t have done any of the quests. As for Steamed Bun, he did whatever he wanted and lacked planning. He might be clearing monsters, but when you called out “Steamed Bun, come for a quest”, he would immediately come. Or perhaps, he was on such a quest, and when you called out “Steamed Bun, come join us for a dungeon run”, he would instantly drop his quest for the dungeon. 

The data that Wei Chen had obtained was important in creating a character. Skill points decided the level of a skill, which greatly influenced a character’s strength in battle, so when Wei Chen investigated such matters, Ye Xiu didn’t care whether it was useful or not, he first checked what the quests were. The required quests were removed.

After all, these quests weren’t daily quests. It couldn’t be done again if it had already been completed once. Otherwise, Wei Chen didn’t need to investigate so much. He could just research one quest and keep repeating it. Besides, if skill points were awarded just by completing quests repeatedly, then it wouldn’t be an issue in the first place. With this many players, there wouldn’t be anymore secrets that hadn’t been found for repeatable quests.

But now, after passing through the hands of Concealed Light, this material had become more realistic and accurate. They had really reached the pinnacle by investigating the game to such a point. To surpass this, one would have to directly alter the game, and that would be considered hacking. 

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