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Chapter 619 - Do You Have a Clear Conscience?

“That’s not that important is it?” Ye Xiu said as he skimmed through the chat window on Wei Chen’s screen. Three Realms Six Paths seemed to place a lot of importance on Wei Chen and told him that he was planning on giving him control over the fifth elite group of Samsara’s main guild to lead.

“It’s not that important, but I just feel that with the ability I’ve displayed, it’s still too soon for me to become an elite group’s leader.” Wei Chen said.

“Really? The fifth elite group…… one group has a hundred players. When a guild fights for a wild boss, the guild will usually brings two groups, at most three or four. Your fifth elite group is just a reserve group for the reserve group! Your current status isn’t any higher than a cheerleader in the first elite group! At the very least, you won’t be able to receive any extremely important pieces of intelligence. Right now, just take your fifth elite group or whatever and run dungeons all day!” Ye Xiu said. 

“Shut up. If that guild leader immediately handed me the first elite group, his head must have been kicked into mush by a donkey! The fifth elite group isn’t that bad anyways. Wait until I show off a bit more skill and we’ll push past those second, third, fourth elite groups.” Wei Chen said with confidence.

“Don’t stoop too low. If you get a rare item in the next dungeon, try to restrain yourself from pocketing it for yourself. That would be like killing the hen for the eggs.” Ye Xiu warned.

“F*ck off. Do you think this senior needs your advice?” Wei Chen shooed away Ye Xiu as if he were a fly.

Just when Ye Xiu turned back to his computer screen, he heard Wei Chen yell: “Woah! Eternal Life Spring! I just happen to need something from this dungeon. This group’s dungeon progress is perfect!”

Ye Xiu turned his head and looked. After Wei Chen had accepted Three Realm Six Path’s proposal, Three Realms Six Paths asked for him to lead his new team to tackle dungeons. Their main target was a Level 70 dungeon, Eternal Life Springs.

Even though Ye Xiu regarded the fifth elite group of Samsara’s main guild as the reserve group of the reserve group, in reality, they were definitely among the top teams in Glory.

Eternal Life Springs was one of the seven great hundred-player dungeons in the Heavenly Domain.

These seven great hundred-player raid dungeons were named as such because they were currently the hardest dungeons that existed in Glory. They belonged in the same category of difficulty, but because there were a lot of differences between each dungeon, different raid groups had easier times in some dungeons but had a harder time in others. As a result, it was hard to say which of these seven dungeons was the easiest. Every raid group had their own opinions.

These seven dungeons had been  added to Glory at the same time and refreshed at the same time every week. In other words, even though there were seven dungeons, players could only choose one of the seven to run every week. Large guilds, like Samsara, would always try to split their forces up so they could run all seven dungeons during the week. How many of the seven dungeons a guild could clear was another way they could measure the guild’s strength. If a raid group could only attempt one dungeon every week, how many dungeons a guild could clear indicated how many top elite teams that guild possessed. The more of these top elite teams they had, the more experts the guild had, and the better the equipment these experts possessed.

Samsara’s fifth elite group was one of the groups responsible for running one of the seven great dungeons every week. Since these dungeons refreshed on the same day each week, the equipment and uncommon materials inside were extraordinarily precious. Although, in theory, the drops wouldn’t be at the same level as a wild boss’, but not only did a group only have a single opportunity to attempt one of the seven dungeons, but very few of them could actually clear them. As for random raid groups, they were far from being good enough to take down any of the seven dungeons.

Wei Chen used to be a part of the Blue Brook Guild before. With his skill, entering an elite group definitely wouldn’t be a difficult task. He had probably run this dungeon before. Even if he had run the dungeon in the past, most players wouldn’t be able to get any of the items that dropped. If it were any normal player guild or another group, it might be possible, but for Club guilds, materials needed to be provided for the pro team. Unless there was a special reason, these materials rarely fell into a player’s hands, so when Wei Chen saw that he would be leading the team into Eternal Life Springs, he immediately thought of killing the hen to get the eggs. He was the group leader! According to custom, equipment and materials dropped wouldn’t be rolled for to determine the owner. The drops would go directly to the group leader. If Wei Chen needed an item, he could take it directly and leave if he wanted to. However, if he did this, he would never be trusted by anymore again. 

“Don’t stoop too low.” Ye Xiu reminded again.

“Tch, I just felt that it was a bit of pity. Do you think that I’m you?” Wei Chen looked back with contempt.

Ye Xiu didn’t reply, but after awhile, he suddenly heard Wei Chen slap his head in vexation: “Ah, why didn’t I think of that before!”   

“Think of what?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Getting materials this way! I should have created a smurf, climbed to the top, lead a team, then took the items and ran.” Wei Chen said.

“This means that you’re still human.” Ye Xiu sighed.

“But you thought of it today.” Wei Chen glanced at him.

“Must be a difference in IQ?” Ye Xiu asked.   

“More like a difference in morals.” Wei Chen said.

“Everything is for work.” Ye Xiu expressed.

“How about we get a few alternates and use this method? It’s a pity about your Unrivaled Super Hottie. You should have at least risen to the level of a group leader, run a dungeon, and take all the items before leaving!” Wei Chen said.

“You’re joking! Do you know how much effort that requires? Wouldn’t it be better to directly target the group leaders? Wait for them to exit the dungeons and directly kill them. Isn’t that much more direct and efficient?” Ye Xiu said.

“Hadn’t we planned on doing this before? When we have a bit more manpower, we’ll do it!” Wei Chen said.

“That’s why I said we’re not in a hurry for dungeon drops. It would make more sense to hurry up and figure out a way to steal wild bosses.” Ye Xiu said.

“Slow down, slow down. As long as you remain patient, there will be more bread waiting for you.” Wei Chen advised.  

Chen Guo listened to their discussion and felt very remorseful! The content of their discussion becoming more and more despicable. They wouldn’t stop at anything to reach their goals whether it be murdering or plundering! If a pure and innocent child ended up joining their team, under the evil influence of these two people, what would he be like when he grew up? It would be okay if the child could distinguish between game and reality, but if he was completely corrupted, what would happen if he went to the streets and plundered?

Most players thought of running dungeons to get equipment drops or finding ways to trade for other items. Why did these two have to think of inhumane methods like “they clear the dungeon, while we clear the group leader”? How did these guys view the game? What did they eat when they grew up?

Chen Guo looked at the two incredulously. When she glanced at Steamed Bun and Tang Rou, they were wearing the headphones and leveling in dungeons. They probably didn’t hear the two of them talking, so they didn’t react in any way.

If a team was formed like this, their entire history would be filled with black! If their wrongdoings were exposed, how terrible would their reputation be, Chen Guo thought. She felt like their plans were too excessive, but when she thought about it again, killing people for equipment was very common in the Heavenly Domain! Who didn’t know that the Heavenly Domain was a dangerous place? These two were just a bit more bold than others. Most players would think of bullying strays, whose equipment were about to break anyways, but these two guys directly locked onto the group leaders of the top guild’s elite groups instead. 

In any case, this was a game and it wasn’t against the law. Even so, Chen Guo didn’t like this sort of conduct, but if she tried to talk some sense into these two, she felt like her chances were very low. In that instant, Chen Guo once again thought of Su Muqiu! This youth died before he could complete his dreams. Chen Guo had only understood a little bit about his situation from Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng on the Qingming Festival, but in her heart, she regarded him as a perfect existence. He was a big reason for Chen Guo’s recent motivation.

When she thought of this perfect person, Chen Guo became determined. She walked over to those two unscrupulous guys and tapped the table: “Hey!”

“What?” The two didn’t even lift their heads. 

“You guys weren’t actually serious about those things you guys just talked about, right?” Chen Guo said. 

“What?” The two finally lifted their heads.

“Directly killing group leaders for their stuff.” Chen Guo said in an incomparably serious tone.

“Did we say that?” Ye Xiu looked at Wei Chen.

“I don’t think so!” Wei Chen looked at Chen Guo.  

“I’m serious.” Chen Guo didn’t waver. 

Ye Xiu could fell Chen Guo’s determination and laughed: “Of course not. We were just joking.”

“Really?” Chen Guo hesitated, but still told them her thoughts: “I understand your dreams and how precious time is and how difficult things are right now, but I feel that we shouldn’t achieve these goals through any means possible, such as relying on immoral methods like stealing the results that others got through hard work. Do you guys not have a clear conscience?”

Wei Chen furrowed his brows, when he heard her words. Right when he was about to say something in response, Ye Xiu smiled: “We have a clear conscience!”

Ye Xiu had his usual, indifferent expression, but it currently made Chen Guo feel disappointed. Fortunately, she soon heard Ye Xiu add: “Because we really were just joking.”

“Really? That’s good!” Chen Guo suddenly felt a huge weight come off of her shoulders and smiled.   

Wei Chen didn’t say anything until Chen Guo left. Then, he looked at Ye Xiu: “But we weren’t actually joking, right?”

“I was just joking. You were the one being immoral.” Ye Xiu said.

“Stop with the bullsh*t. I doubt you’d care about something like that.” Wei Chen said.

“But there’s nothing we can do.” Ye Xiu said.

“Why?” Wei Chen said.

“Because she’s the boss……” Ye Xiu smiled.

“F*ck…… females are always so sensitive.” Wei Chen rubbed his nose fiercely and returned to the game without saying anything more.

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