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Chapter 611 - True Beginning

Wei Chen didn’t even put his luggage away, nor did he ask where he would be staying. His attention towards the two beauties had also been just a small spark that flickered away almost instantly. With the quickest speed, he began discussing today’s news in Glory because this piece of news was related to their team entering the Professional Alliance. In an instant, Chen Guo couldn’t help but have a change of heart towards this vulgar male. No matter his personality, his passion towards Glory was something that any player would respect.

“What does Excellent Era have planned?” Wei Chen urgently asked Ye Xiu.

“How should I know?” Ye Xius aid.

“You sound too much like an outsider.” Wei Chen was astonished, “What are you? Excellent Era’s great……”

“Great what!” Ye Xiu interrupted Wei Chen and pulled him outside the Internet Cafe. It was very busy at the Internet Cafe right now. If Wei Chen shouted out Ye Xiu’s identity as a God, would he ever live a peaceful life again? Happy Internet Cafe would quickly become an Excellent Era heroic monument. Fans would come every day to see and pay their respects to him.

Wei Chen quickly realized why Ye Xiu had pulled him outside. He looked down on Ye Xiu: “You’re still acting like a hidden boss?”

“Don’t call me Ye Qiu! Call me Ye Xiu, got it?” Ye Xiu scolded.

“Wow, you actually have an alternate account!” Wei Chen gasped.

“Go go go. Let’s get you to the living arrangements and we’ll talk there.’ Ye Xiu said.

“Go where?” Wei Chen asked.

“To where you’ll be staying.” Ye Xiu said. The others helped Wei Chen carry his luggage and walked over to Forest Park.

As soon as they walked into the spacious living area, Wei Chen wasn’t as wowed as Steamed Bun had been. The expression on his face was very similar to Ye Xiu’s expression when he had heard that they would be living in such a place. Clearly, as some of the earliest players to enter the scene, he and Ye Xiu had experienced the difficulties during the beginning of the pro scene. Even though it couldn’t compare to a professional Club, these comfortable conditions were more than enough to make him feel happy, especially for Wei Chen. When he had been in the pro scene, he hadn’t lasted long enough to enjoy the benefits of the Professional Alliance’s rapid growth and the flourishing Clubs. Chen Guo providing this living condition had deeply touched Wei Chen.

“There are six bedrooms upstairs. If we can gather everyone on the team, it will be two person to a room. Sorry everyone.” Chen Guo said.

“For another God, it might be a bit pitiful for them, but not for us. We’ve braved and endured the hard times. These living conditions definitely aren’t anything to be sorry about.” Wei Chen firmly said.  

“Thanks.” Chen Guo smiled. Her impression of Wei Chen continued to improve.

Wei Chen circled around the place two times. He clearly didn’t have any problems with the living conditions. After walking around, he started talking about the announcement by Excellent Era today.

“I really don’t know what they’re planning.” Ye Xiu said helplessly.

“Excellent Era is right there. Why can’t you just go over and ask them?” Wei Chen was very unsatisfied.

“Do you think that’s even possible?” Ye Xiu said.

“Even if you had a falling out with Excellent Era, there are so many people in the Club. You don’t even have a single friend you can ask? What about that beautiful partner of yours? Did you also have a falling out with her?” Wei Chen said.

Wei Chen was obviously talking about Su Mucheng, but by the time Su Mucheng had entered the scene, Wei Chen had already retired, so his understanding of Su Mucheng was only at a normal spectator’s level. A normal spectator just knew that Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng had been good partners with each other for several year, but this description was towards their performance on stage. As for their private relationship, they could only listen to gossip and guess. No one had any concrete proof.

When Wei Chen spoke about her, Chen Guo responded. She obviously knew that Su Mucheng and Ye Xiu didn’t have any problems with each other, so she also looked at Ye Xiu.

“That isn’t too convenient, is it?” Ye Xiu said.

“Why not?” Wei Chen asked.

“She’s still a pro player under Excellent Era’s banner.” Ye Xiu said.

“Hm?” Wei Chen sounded surprised, “You really are good partners! It seems like your relationship with each other is very good to make even someone as shameless as you to care. You don’t want her to be stuck between the two sides, right?”

Chen Guo listened and immediately understood. It was very convenient for Su Mucheng to spy on Excellent Era, but why didn’t Ye Xiu ask her? It wasn’t that Ye Xiu didn’t think about it. He didn’t want her to get mixed up in this mess. After all, Su Mucheng was still a member of Excellent Era. If she blurted out the team’s secrets, it would very unprofessional.

“So it’s like that……” After Wei Chen thought about it for a bit, he suddenly had an idea: “How about you let me use your QQ account? I’ll go ask and then you can just pretend that you got hacked. How about it?”

“......’ Ye Xiu didn’t answer. He just looked expressionlessly at Wei Chen.

“Hm? No good? Too bad. You have such an amazing resource and you’re not even using it. What a pity. In order to reach our goal, we have to be ruthless and win through any means necessary, but you’ve got so many emotions. I look down on you. I have to. Where’s my room?”

“You can pick any one you like upstairs!” Ye Xiu acted like he didn’t hear Wei Chen’s previous rant and answered his question.

“I’ll put my stuff down before I continuing to look down on you.” Wei Chen picked up his luggage.   

“I’m in room one upstairs. Do you want to be my roommate?!” Steamed Bun yelled loudly.

“Are there any open rooms available?” Wei Chen asked.

“Yes. Steamed Bun is living in room one. Every other room is empty.” Chen Guo replied.

“Then I’ll pick a room for myself for now…..” Wei Chen said. He didn’t go into Steamed Bun’s room and put his luggage down in room two. He didn’t plan on immediately unpacking though. He threw his luggage in and then came back downstairs. He still wanted to talk to Ye Xiu.

“You should at least have some guess as to what Excellent Era is planning, right?” Wei Chen impatiently asked.

“Uh, with my understanding of Excellent Era’s current team members, Excellent Era really has planned to get relegated. However, it’s not necessarily intentional. It really might be because they have no other choice. Today, they announced Sun Xiang was sick in order to find an excuse for getting relegated. If they didn’t have to, I’m sure they wouldn’t get relegated.” Ye Xiu said.  

“With Excellent Era’s foundation, how can they not even have confidence in staying in the Professional League?” Wei Chen didn’t understand.

“Their morale is gone. It’s not easy for the team! Excellent Era’s problem isn’t with their skill, but rather with their mentality.” Ye Xiu said.

“Mentality?” Wei Chen said.

“They don’t want to be the one to blame…..” Ye Xiu sighed.  

“Why does that sound so lowly of them?” Wei Chen was dumbstruck.

“Excellent Era’s players have gotten in a conflict with me in the game before. They ended up getting wiped .” Ye Xiu said.

“What do you mean by Excellent Era’s players? Their starting roster?” Wei Chen was astonished.

“Pretty much!” Ye Xiu said.

“You’re joking. How did you do that?!” Wei Chen didn’t believe him.

“I had the advantage in numbers.” Ye Xiu said.

“How many more?”

“Two.” Ye Xiu said.

“Those weren’t normal players were they?” Wei Chen said.

“They were players from Heavenly Justice. They’re the current members of the future Team Heavenly Swords.” Ye Xiu said.

“Then their skill should be pretty good, right?” Wei Chen said.

“They’re okay.” 

“But to wipe out a pro team like Excellent Era. Isn’t that too much…..” Wei Chen said.

“I agree.” Ye Xiu nodded his head.   

“Couldn’t you be a little more f*cking modest? Just a little bit?” Wei Chen said.

“I’m just telling the truth. Didn’t you also say that you find it inconceivable?” Ye Xiu said.  

“I find your inability to be modest inconceivable.” Wei Chen said.

“You’re joking! With how unscrupulous you are, how could you possibly find anything inconceivable?” Ye Xiu said.

“Ahem!” Chen Guo coughed: “Are you two practicing your trash talking?”

The two glared at each other.

“I’m warning you not to run away from the subject!” Wei Chen said in a serious voice like he was the team captain.

“I said what I needed to say.” Ye Xiu said.  

“Oh, if it’s just that, then you might affect the mentality of those Excellent Era members for a bit of time, but a single loss shouldn’t make the entire team depressed for so long. That doesn’t seem like the type of drive a pro player should have.” Wei Chen said.

Ye Xiu nodded his head.

“Maybe we should look at their recordings and analyze their performances.” Wei Chen said.

“We should.” Ye Xiu said.

“Are there any computers here? Is there wifi?” Wei Chen looked around.

‘Not yet……” Chen Guo said. She had only just gotten the apartment yesterday, so she wasn’t done setting everything up.

“Then let’s go back to the Internet Cafe?” Wei Chen asked.   

“Sure!” Ye Xiu got up.    

The other three followed them. They were pretty much just listening to their conversation. Towards the pro scene, even though Wei Chen had retired for so long, he was still much better than the other three. No matter how skilled Tang Rou and Steamed Bun were, in terms of their ability to analyze issues, they couldn’t compare to these two experienced pros.

They left the apartment and returned to the Internet Cafe. Room 213 was a four person room, but now they had five people. There weren’t enough computers. Fortunately, they were just watching a recording, so they only needed one computer.

Ye Xiu opened up the VOD folder on his computer. All of the videos lined up made Wei Chen comment: “Not bad, not bad. It seems like you’ve been doing your homework.”

“Let’s watch this match. This is the fight we had in game. It was from here that Excellent Era’s performance started to decline.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay.” Wei Chen nodded. These two leaned forward in front of the computer. Chen Guo and Tang Rou looked at each other. They felt like they had become outsiders. Steamed Bun didn’t seem to have any thoughts. He just squeezed behind them and watched the video very seriously.

“Comrades, we need to study this carefully! If Excellent Era really gets relegated, they’ll be our strongest opponents in the Challenger League. We have to use this time wisely and understand our opponent. Now, the former God, former captain of Excellent Era, and the most shameless person in all of Glory, Ye….. Xiu will be analyzing this match for everyone.” Wei Chen said.

Even though his words didn’t say much, Chen Guo suddenly realized that from this moment onwards, their team would truly begin operating.

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