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Chapter 603 - Team Group Chat

“It’s done.” Ye Xiu finally let out a sigh of relief. Little Cold Hands agreed to join the team. For clear-headed people, persuading them wasn’t an easy task, but it wasn’t difficult either. Beating around the bush or saying vague statements wouldn’t work on them, but if you clearly stated the pros and cons, they would naturally come to the choice you wanted. Of course, there was one requirement. The choice you wanted has to benefit them. If it doesn’t, then no matter how well you spoke, it would be hard to persuade rational people.

“In the future, you should be the one to do this!” Chen Guo felt a bit ashamed.

“I didn’t know that he would be that type of person!” Ye Xiu expressed his helplessness. He had only teamed up with Little Cold Hands for one dungeon and noticed that one of the Clerics on the team had a beautiful grasp of the tempo. However, in a team with multiple Clerics supporting a single tank, this type of beautiful playing could easily be covered up.

Only a God like Ye Xiu would barely be able to notice this special Cleric. After finding out this special Cleric was Little Cold Hands, he continued to observe him and also paid attention to his messages in chat.

In that team, Little Cold Hands was a very ordinary player. Even though his playing was beautiful, his weaknesses were also very obvious. Because of his slow reaction speed and slow hands, he was lacking in many areas. When he stood still and healed, he performed perfectly, but as soon as anything unexpected happened, such as the tank messing up the aggro, he was unable to react appropriately in those situations.

If an expert wanted to distinguish himself, the easiest way was to shine during crucial moments. However, Little Cold Hand’s weaknesses stopped him from performing well at these crucial moments. His strengths, such as healing at the correct time, only appeared when the situation was stable and everyone was standing still. However, the rest of the Clerics on the team covered him up, which was why no one had noticed anything abnormal about LIttle Cold Hands before.

In dungeon runs, Little Cold Hands just looked like another Cleric, so even though Ye Xiu paid attention to the chat, he couldn’t get much from his messages. Right now, Ye Xiu was quite happy that Little Cold Hands was a clear-headed and rational person. It was because Little Cold Hands was such a person that he didn’t have any enmity towards Ye Qiu’s identity, despite being a Tyranny fan. He only cared about the important issues with being a part of the team.

If Little Cold Hands had been someone like Chen Guo, who angrily left her guild for her idol, there probably wouldn’t have even been a discussion. Ye Xiu thought he might encounter such a person, so he called Chen Guo over to test him out. If the other side was someone like Chen Guo with strong opinions, tricking him wouldn’t work, because the truth would come out eventually.


However, someone clear-headed and rational wouldn’t be easy to deal with either. Like Little Cold Hands mentioned before, it was the issue of choosing other teams. He could ignore the conflict between Ye Qiu and Tyranny to join Ye Qiu’s team, meaning his emotions wouldn’t restrain his decisions, but this also meant that his loyalty to the team needed to be established through other means. Fame or other benefits could easily sway him into leaving their team for another.

In any case, being able to get someone like him to join the team was something worth celebrating.

Ye Xiu didn’t say anything more because he had said everything he needed to say. Afterwards, he asked Little Cold Hands about a few more minor details.

Little Cold Hands wasn’t old. He was a university student. Ye Xiu had gotten this information when they had been running dungeons together. If he didn’t meet this age prerequisite, Ye Xiu wouldn’t have considered him. After all, normal players required time to grow, unlike someone with a deep foundation like Wei Chen. If he was too old, he would be too difficult to train and he wouldn’t be able to become a highly-skilled player. Only after learning about Little Cold Hand’s age did he begin doing a more detailed investigation.

Now that he was asking him personally, he verified his age.

Little Cold Hands was 20 years old. After the summer, he would be a third year university student. His real name was An Wenyi. Both his family and his school were in City B. Because of special circumstances, the two exchanged their phone and QQ numbers. As for how he was going to deal with his relationships in the game, school, and family, Ye Xiu didn’t ask. An Wenyi’s rational mind saved Ye Xiu a lot of worry about these aspects.

Chen Guo opened up her QQ and added An Wenyi as a friend. After that, she created a group called “Team Happy”. Ye Xiu was naturally the first to join. Then, she invited An Wenyi, Tang Rou, and Wei Chen to the group.

Their next conversation topic was no longer about the contract. Ye Xiu told An Wenyi about his observations and analyzed the issues that he had noticed when they played together. As for how to help him improve, Ye Xiu needed a better understanding first. He logged out of Unrivaled Super Hottie and logged onto Lord Grim. He partied up with Little Cold Hands and looked for a small five man dungeon to go into.

With just the two of them alone, along with situations that Ye Xiu created to test An Wenyi, Ye Xiu was able to quickly get a deeper understanding of An Wenyi’s skill level. As he cleared away monsters, he had already begun coaching him. As for the North Bridge, he had completely forgotten about it. At the North Bridge, with Dazzling Spring back and no one with the ability to stop him, Blossom Valley gathered together again and regained the upper hand. This time, there was no Unrivaled Super Hottie to disturb him. In the end, after many twists and turns, the North Bridge Mage still ended up in the hands of Blossom Valley.

Unrivaled Super Hottie’s mighty attack, the Cleric heal at the crucial moment, and the dirty commander of Samsara all became meaningless.

The guilds dispersed gloomily. Jiang You already looked like his soul had left his body.

He failed to win the wild boss that the team urgently needed. He still didn’t know the purpose of Ye Qiu spying on his guild for two weeks. These two problems constantly bothered him. Jiang You was doomed to have a sleepless night today.

“That’s basically your current situation right now. Later, I’ll help you sort out everything and devise a training routine for you!”

At a dungeon exit, there stood one person, who was the source of all of Jiang You’s troubles, and the other, who had Tyrannical Ambition’s tag next to his name. Right now, none of them showed an ounce of empathy towards Jiang You’s misery. After running the five man dungeon twice, Ye Xiu ended his session with An Wenyi and prepared to begin helping the others.

“Should I call Steamed Bun over?” Seeing that Ye Xiu was busy, Chen Guo gave a suggestion.

“Okay, invite him into the group!” Ye Xiu said. He and Steamed Bun Invasion had been in touch with each other since a long time ago, so he had a good understanding of his situation.

“What’s the situation? Where’s this?” Steamed Bun Invasion’s QQ name was also Steamed Bun Invasion. His profile picture was a photo of a grinning steamed bun. After accepting the invite, he joined the group and began blabbering away.

“Hm? Team Happy. What a coincidence! It has the same name as our guild!” Steamed Bun Invasion chattered.

“Steamed Bun, it’s me. Lord Grim.” Ye Xiu said.

“Senior!” Steamed Bun Invasion immediately greeted him.

“Did you see? Our guild is planning on forming a team. Would you like to join?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Of course.” Steamed Bun Invasion said.

“We’re going to sign up and participate in the Challenger League next season. Do you know what that is?” Ye Xiu asked. 

“No idea.”

“There’s some information here.” Ye Xiu sent him a link.

“So many words……” Steamed Bun Invasion clicked on the link and an info page about the Challenger League on the Pro League’s website opened up. After five seconds, he let out a grumble.

“We’re going to join this competition. After winning, we’ll be able to enter the pro scene!” Ye Xiu said.

“The pro scene!” Steamed Bun Invasion sent out a shocked emoji.

“Do you know what that is?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Of course!” Steamed Bun Invasion hadn’t played Glory for all this time for nothing. He had a lot more knowledge about the game than before.

“We’ll go to the pro scene and win the championships! Doesn’t that sound fun?” Ye Xiu said.

“Awesome!” Steamed Bun Invasion said.

“Then it’s decided.” Ye Xiu said.

“When’s the competition?” Steamed Bun Invasion asked.

“It’s still too early. We’ll have to wait until the summer, when the next season begins.” Ye Xiu said.  

“But I can’t wait any longer. I’m already burning up!” Steamed Bun Invasion said.

“That’s the spirit a young person should have!” Ye Xiu praised.  

“You’re too right! I really should have my little bro listen to senior’s words.” Steamed Bun Invasion said.

“Your brother?”   

“Concealed Light! Senior, have you forgotten about him already? But then again, you’re right. He’s just a small character.” Steamed Bun Invasion said.

“Oh, Concealed Light! Of course I remember him. How good is he now?’ Ye Xiu said.

“One word: he’s still a noob!” Steamed Bun Invasion said.

Ye Xiu didn’t point out that he had said four words because Steamed Bun Invasion quickly followed up: “But speaking of him, he’s quite hardworking. Senior, how about we give him a chance to feel the burning spirit of our team?”

“Oh, of course!” Ye Xiu said. He also had Concealed Light’s QQ. From the guides that Concealed Light had written up, he also had some talent. It was just that the difference between his theoretical knowledge and his actual ability to play was too incredible. Even though Ye Xiu had given him a few training methods, because of his extremely low starting point, Ye Xiu didn’t have high expectations for Concealed Light. If he had the perseverance to continue training, in the future, he had the potential to become an outstanding player, but right now, with his current strength, he was still way too weak to be one of his team’s members.

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