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Chapter 502 - Bounty

Changing Spring and Arisaema were scratching their heads. Chen Yehui was also scratching his head, while asking for outside help. He had thought that once Liu Hao’s side moved out, their targets would be eliminated for sure. When he received the message that Liu Hao’s side had surrounded their target, he stopped caring about the situation.

He knew which open accounts he had given to Liu Hao and had them all added as friends. Among the ones previously online, one of them had been a Battle Mage. Chen Yehui was aware that this time, even Sun Xiang had come. When he looked at the other open accounts given, he saw that the players were Excellent Era’s starting roster. How could that team lose?

Chen Yehui didn’t think it would even be possible and he even thought he would need to call his troops to retreat soon. When he suddenly received the news, he woke up from his daydream and realized that Sun Xiang’s Battle Mage and Liu Hao’s Spellblade were offline. The other three were offline too.

Chen Yehui felt that something wasn’t right. When he gathered everyone to surround them, he discovered that Lord Grim and Deception were offline too.

What exactly had happened?

Changing Spring and Arisaema had no way of knowing. Chen Yehui knew a little bit of what had happened though. Could the five pros have logged off after killing those two?

However, those seven were together. If they fought, shouldn’t they have killed the other five too? Why were they still alive?

Puzzled, Chen Yehui picked up the phone and called Liu Hao. However, no one picked up.

“Could something have happened?” Chen Yehui felt certain that something bad had happened. Afterwards, he heard Changing Spring and Arisaema order their troops to kill the five players and he followed suit in order to vent his frustrations.

Loulan Slash’s group had never thought of staying alive. They were prepared to fight until their deaths. Because they had been prepared, when they died, they didn’t feel worried at all. After dying, they immediately revived. They had lost a bit of equipment from dying, but it couldn’t be compared to the three great guild’s losses today.

Today’s mess had finally come to an end. The players of the three guilds looked at each other in puzzlement.


In the end, they had only killed off the five mysterious invaders, but what about their original two targets? Where did they go?

Even though the guild leaders were racking their brains over this, they didn’t lose hope so quickly. They knew that this battle wasn’t something that could be resolved in one or two days.

With their targets offline, it wasn’t possible to fight them anymore, so the two guild leaders tasked players with spreading the word through the forums.


Lord Grim was now a public figure. Anyone who killed him would have their name spread far and wide. It hadn’t been an easy opportunity to come by, so they needed to hurry up and seize it.

Quickly, videos of Lord Grim and Deception fighting shoulder to shoulder appeared all over the Glory forums. The guild members cried about how these two guys had killed them to steal their items.

For the guilds, this was enough. They didn’t need to make Lord Grim look like an evil street thug.  They just needed to let everyone know that they had good reason to kill Lord Grim.

The Club guilds only needed to provide a pretext to cause trouble.

Lord Grim and Deception had killed their players and stolen their items, which was why they had chased after them. It was a valid reason. Deception’s infamous name only made the story more legitimate. Many people would now see Lord Grim in a bad light. The guilds didn’t need to look at the results. They knew that they didn’t need to care about Lord Grim’s current fame anymore.

After completing the surface work, the three guilds gathered the other guilds together to make a joint declaration, denouncing scrap picking. Then, they announced their plan to pursue and kill Lord Grim and Deception to elaborate on their denunciation. Loulan Slash’s group of open accounts were also hung up on the blacklist.

All seven of them had a bounty placed on them. This time, the bounty reward wasn’t virtual rewards, but real money! Lord Grim and Deception were valued at five hundred yuan. If someone found Lord Grim or Deception and called the guilds over, as long as the target was found and successfully killed, the finder would receive five hundred yuan! Loulan Slash’s group was worth less money. Every person was only worth one hundred yuan.

Compared to the surface talk from before, this bounty was certainly much more eye-catching. In games like this with trade, everyone knew that the most valuable item in game was real money.

This wasn’t the first time a bounty like this had appeared, but if some random person put it up, you would need to convince people to believe you! No matter how much of a money warrior you were, money and trust were unrelated. You needed to build up trust in the people in order to do this type of transaction.

However, the bounty was being put up by the Club guilds! These guilds were certainly trustworthy. If they promised a reward, they would definitely pay out.

As long as you encountered someone with a bounty and called the guilds, you could earn real money. This money was too easy to get!

As for the Club guilds? On the surface, they simply used scrap picking as their pretense. This bounty was only the first wave. First, they would utilize Deception’s infamous name. Afterwards, they would decide the next step depending on the circumstances.


This was the first time the Club guilds had allied together for this type of activity. The online world immediately exploded and all sorts of discussions were created

The guilds in the tenth servers had been waiting for this day to come. Lord Grim! He had made them grind their teeth in anger for so long. Now was the time for his retribution. They wondered whether or not they should dig out the tenth server’s Guild Happy since Lord Grim had gone to the Heavenly Domain.

However, none of the guilds would agree to this suggestion.

Their reason for allying together and killing Lord Grim was because of the threat Lord Grim’s real identity and goals posed to the Clubs. As long as they could stop him from progressing, it would be enough. After all, Guild Happy was only a guild made up of normal players. Dragging all of Guild Happy’s members into this conflict wouldn’t look good for the Club guilds. Their image was still very important to them.

“Shameless, too shameless!!” The Club guilds’ announcement appeared as the headlines for all the Glory sites and forums. After Chen Guo saw it, she immediately became angry.

“Hm? Why?” Ye Xiu looked over and asked.

“Look!” Chen Guo gave Ye Xiu a link to the announcement.

“Okay okay……” Ye Xiu clicked on it and looked. After reading it, he asked Chen Guo: “What’s so shameless about it?”

“This this this….. How is this not shameless!?” Chen Guo pointed at the screen.

“Apart from saying that Deception and I are partners, everything else they said is true!” Ye Xiu said.

“What?” Chen Guo stared dumbly. Then, she looked again and thought about it.

Scrap picking? Ye Xiu had picked up scraps... Killed players? He really had killed quite a few players... Steal items? He had definitely stolen equipment for her Chasing Haze…… it really was the truth…..

“They’re using this to cover up their true motives.” Chen Guo shouted.

“Yeah, that sounds about right.” Ye Xiu nodded his head.

“Five hundred yuan each time! Tsk tsk tsk!” Tang Rou saw it and sighed.

“Sigh, I wonder if it counts if I go undercover! 500 yuan each time! If no Cleric came to revive me, every five deaths would mean I lose one level. That’s 2500 yuan. We won a total of 24 accounts from that other Internet Cafe. If all of them were killed until they hit zero experience, how much money would that be?” Ye Xiu began to calculate it in his mind.

“4.2 million!” Tang Rou helped Ye Xiu calculate it.

“I really want that money. Hmm, let me think……” Ye Xiu began to think seriously.

“Don’t even think about it!” Chen Guo almost flipped the table over.

“It probably doesn’t count if I go undercover. I’d have to use my real self……. Let me check Taobao.” Ye Xiu said.



“I wonder if they’re still selling unspecialized accounts. If they are, then I’ll just let them kill Lord Grim, but it’s been so many years. Do you think they’ll still have any unspecialized accounts?” Ye Xiu began to look. Not long afterwards, he got his answer, “Sigh, they really don’t have any! There aren’t any unspecialized accounts to buy.”

“You you you……”

“There might not be any unspecialized, but what about Ninjas! If we send Deception in to die, his account can earn us 170,000 right?” Ye Xiu calculated.

“175,000.” Tang Rou corrected.

‘NOOO!” Ye Xiu slammed his keyboard.

“What’s wrong?” Chen Guo hastily asked.

“I don’t think I added him as a friend. I wonder if I can still find a way to contact him.” Ye Xiu said in a sad voice.

Chen Guo rolled her eyes. She didn’t know what to say in response.

“Hm? Right, there’s also Loulan Slash’s five accounts. It’s just five open accounts. It doesn’t matter if they die. Free money!” Ye Xiu said.

“But they’ll be the ones earning the money. It’s not like they’ll give me any.” Ye Xiu said with a sigh.

“Do you really think they’ll stoop as low as you?” Chen Guo looked at Ye Xiu with disdain.

“So you’re saying, they won’t even consider it?” Ye Xiu said.

“Of course!” Chen Guo didn’t think a famous money warrior like Loulan Slash would think about it.

“If that’s the case, then because we’re very close now, I’ll trade those five accounts for five of ours. Give them the same classes.” Ye Xiu said, while pulling out a drawer and looking over the 24 account cards. From these, he pulled out the five classes.

“Hey, you’re not actually going to do it right?” Chen Guo saw Ye Xiu’s actions and discovered that he was actually thinking about it.

“It’ll be money for my return to the pro scene! I didn’t think it’d be so easy to get though. Back then, getting money in game wasn’t so easy!” Ye Xiu said as he thought back to the old days.

Chen Guo’s head fell to the table. She just couldn’t see how this person was the same person who would sacrifice himself for his team.

It looked like she wasn’t looking at things the right way! Her insights had been completely wrong…...

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