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Chapter 491 - Strong Enemies!

“Brothers, forward!” Ocean Ahead shouted and led the charge. This clearly wasn’t an action an Elementalist should be doing. Elementalists might have powerful spells, but they usually hid behind others for protection.

“Slow down!” Loulan Slash hastily caught up to him and used his body to force him back. Ye Qiu told them to be careful because their opponents were strong. Ocean Ahead not only didn’t listen to the warning, but he became even more excited. Loulan Slash understood his personality well, so despite being upset, he couldn’t do anything about it.

“Let them come to us. We’ll wait here and save our stamina.” Ye Xiu laughed.

“Little Bei, Night Tide.” Loulan Slash called out. These two characters stepped forward. All three of them were melee classes, so they usually fought up front.

Ocean Ahead could only move backwards obediently. The staff in his hand never stopped waving around though. Ye Xiu watched all of this and knew that he was impatiently waiting, ready to attack at any time.

Ye Xiu chuckled. Even though he was playing the role of a gunner on this team with long-ranged attacks, seeing how excited Ocean Ahead was, he decided to let him make the first move. Ye Xiu feared that if he made the first move, Ocean Ahead would recklessly waste skills or charge forward.

“Heavenly Lightning! Little Bei, jump!” Ye Xiu suddenly yelled.

“They’re coming!!” Ocean Ahead shouted as he lifted up his staff. If a noob saw this, the noob might think that it was too early to cast a spell. However, Ocean Ahead was a great expert and knew that when Ye Xiu made this command, he had considered the enemy’s movement speed as well as his cast time. Casting the spell at this moment was perfect.

“Jump?” Little Bei hesitated, but he still jumped without wasting any time.

“To block his staff.” Ye Xiu smiled.

“D*mn…..” Little Bei thought it would be for this reason. He was positioned right in front of Ocean Ahead. When an Elementalist casted a spell, the staff would point towards a certain location, indicating where the spell would land. An experienced opponent could determine the spell’s target by observing the staff’s movement. Ye Xiu had Little Bei jump up in order to block the enemy’s view of the staff, stopping them from figuring out the spell’s target. He might be able to block the enemy’s view of the Elementalist too, so they wouldn’t even know that the Elementalist was casting a spell.


Thunder boomed from the skies and gray clouds billowed forth as lightning flashed down. The ground below glowed red and it seemed as if the land had turned transparent. Bang! Bang! Bang! The red earth cracked open and flames rushed out.

Level 70 Elementalist skill, Heavenly Thunder Earthen Fire, a damaging attack with both lightning and fire properties.

Lines of lightning and fire intertwined with each other like a network along the street. The scene looked like the coming of an apocalypse. If the people inside didn’t die, then it wouldn’t match the fiery visual effects.

Ye Xiu didn’t give out any orders as he watched the area in which the skill targeted. The figures inside the crackling fire and lightning were difficult to see. However, they were still moving forward at high speeds.

“They’re looking to die!” Ocean Ahead was astonished.

Heavenly Thunder Earthen Fire was a persistent effect skill. Lightning and fire erupted randomly within the skill’s area of effect. Each bolt of lightning or flare of fire dealt damage. If a player stood still inside the area and didn’t move, he might take less damage than moving about. Experienced players would usually stand still and wait for the spell to end. However, the enemies were unexpectedly charging through it. Ocean Ahead was naturally surprised at their actions.

In the blink of an eye, a figure broke through the circle of fire and lightning. This person didn’t have any burn marks on him. Ocean Ahead stared with his mouth wide open. Similar to how there would be blood if a character was hit by a blade or bullet, spells also had some sort of visual indication if a character had been struck by one, but this person had absolutely no marks on him, which meant he hadn’t been hit by any of the lightning or fire.

“How is that possible?” Ocean Ahead gaped. This enemy had clearly been inside the Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire and Battle Mages didn’t have any instant movement skills. At best, Battle Mages had the movement speed buff from Neutral Chasers.

The Battle Mage in front of them had a full set of equipment. White, red, yellow, blue, and purple magic undulations circled around his feet, arms, hands, spear tip, and spear handle. These magic undulations were five types of Chasers buffing his character. He was the first person to break through the Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire and his battle spirit wasn’t any weaker than Ocean Ahead’s.

“For Heavenly Lightning Earthen Blaze, you need to be able to practice until you can manually control it.” Ye Xiu wasn’t surprised by the Battle Mage like everyone else had been. Instead, he took this opportunity to give Ocean Ahead a lesson.

“Ah?” Ocean Ahead stared blankly. After casting the spell, the targeting for the lightning and fire could be manually controlled. However, the skill was strong enough already with just the system’s automatic targeting, so oftentimes, Elementalists would use this chance to send out other spells for extra poke damage. Ocean Ahead also felt like this made sense and it didn’t seem like very many players in the pro scene controlled it manually either.

In this short amount of time, the Battle Mage had already closed in. A Battle Mage with Neutral Chasers had astonishingly high movement speed.

Loulan Slash, Little Bei, and Night Tide jumped forward to intercept him. Loulan Slash swung his sword, using Colliding Stab to see if he could knock the enemy Battle Mage back into the Heavenly Lightning. Such a simple move would never hit an expert under normal circumstances. However, Loulan Slash wasn’t alone. To the left, Little Bei’s Battle Mage threw out a Falling Flower Palm. To the right, Night Tide’s Grappler slammed the ground to create a shockwave.

The combined attacks of the three covered a huge range. The enemy Battle Mage didn’t move away and met Loulan Slash’s Colliding Stab head on. Just before the attack was about to hit, the enemy Battle Mage suddenly jumped.

This jump allowed the enemy to dodge the shock wave, but Colliding Stab was a flexible move. As soon as Loulan Slash saw the enemy leap up, he swung his mouse and his Swordpoint swung upwards towards the Battle Mage.

“Roll back!!!” Ye Xiu shouted.

“What?” The three up front felt unsure who he was talking to.

“Could he be talking about me?” After all, Loulan Slash was the person directly facing the opponent, so he reckoned Ye Qiu was warning him. He didn’t have any doubts about Ye Qiu, so he hastily rolled backwards, but because of this slight moment of hesitation, he had done it slightly too slow.

The enemy’s spear stabbed forward like a viper. Even though Loulan Slash’s Swordpoint had swung upwards, it had missed the enemy by just a tiny bit. The enemy’s spear had a longer range, so the spear stabbed straight through his body.

Like a gale, the spear tossed him up into the air and then slammed him back into the ground in a circular arc. Circle Swing was a move that forcefully knocked the target onto the ground and couldn’t be teched out of with a Quick Recover.

When Loulan Slash crashed into the ground, the enemy Battle Mage also landed. He retracted his spear and stepped forward. Then, he suddenly turned around and stabbed twice. Two cold lights flew to his left and right.

“F*ck!!!” Little Bei gaped. He was a Battle Mage too and could tell this move was the low level skill Double Stab. However, this enemy Battle Mage had actually been able to split the two stabs, one for each person. This required extremely high mechanical skill to achieve, especially since Little Bei and Night Tide weren’t next to each other! Little Bei had never imagined Double Stab could be mastered to such a level.

Pu! Pu! The attack had been too sudden. Neither of them had been able to react in time. Double Stab had a small knockback effect. The attack had been split into two, so the effects were halved, but the two were both pushed back half a body’s length. The enemy Battle Mage had already turned around, so he was facing forward. He no longer had his four allies nearby to cover for him. His Battle Mage pushed his palms out with a Falling Flower Palm.

Deception reacted quickly and shot towards him. His body turned around in midair and kicked out using Bird Fall.

This skill was very fast. The direction of the attack could be controlled by the user. When Deception used this on other players, it always connected.


Falling Flower Palm shot out.

At the same time, Deception stepped on the enemy Battle Mage’s shoulder. His Bird Fall had hit the opponent, but it hadn’t been able to interrupt the Falling Flower Palm. Fortunately, the Bird Fall had been able to delay the palm, giving Ocean Ahead enough time to jump back and dodge the attack.

Deception was about to slide down the Battle Mage’s back after stepping on his shoulder. At the same time, he flung the rope on his ninjato out in preparation to activate a Body Bind Technique.

“Dodge!” Deception heard Lord Grim shout, but was puzzled by the warning. Suddenly, the tip of a spear flashed and his body was launched into the air. Following afterwards, a flurry of magic chasers barraged him.

Boom boom boom boom boom!!!!!

Magic chasers continued to chain into each other as Deception tumbled higher and higher into the air.

At this moment, lightning and fire crossed over each other in front again. The enemy’s Elementalist had also cast a Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire. Loulan Slash, Little Bei, and Night Tide were instantly enveloped by the spell. Several figures broke through Ocean Ahead’s Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire and entered their own.

The lightning and fire made everything a blur. The thunder’s booms covered up the sounds of attacks. Soon afterwards, three figures flew out from the storm. Loulan Slash, Little Bei, and Night Tide had been pushed out from the spell.

Loulan Slash and Night Tide crouched on the ground after using a Quick Recover. Little Bei fell face first into the dirt and slid to Lord Grim’s feet. The opponents had used an untechable skill.

A ball of lightning formed and floated in the air as it crackled. The three saw this and grew alarmed.

Spellblade skill: Electric Wave Formation!


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