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Chapter 49 – You Really Don’t Know How to Play

“D*mn, what is that thing?” Chen Guo was dumbstruck. The weapon in Lord Grim’s hands was a trinity. Sword, lance, gun. A transforming weapon?

Compared to Chen Guo, Tang Rou, who didn’t know much about Glory, wasn’t too scared by it. Her fingers quickly jumped and Chasing Haze did a Roundhouse Kick.

After Lord Grim leaped to avoid it, Chasing Haze raised her hands and used an Anti-Tank Missile. Tang Rou acted quickly. The skill itself also launched quickly. The distance was close and Lord Grim took the explosion head on and turned into a cloud of smoke.

Tang Rou and Chen Guo were both startled. In the Fixed Field, players couldn’t be killed like this in an instant. Even if they were, the dead player would leave a corpse. How could he just turn into a cloud of smoke?

Not good!

By the time Tang Rou realized it, it was already too late. With a peng, blood blossomed out from Chasing Haze’s neck.

Assassin Skill: Cut Throat.

This skill had to be used from behind the target. Adding onto the armor-ignoring back attack, even though it was a low-leveled skill, it still did considerable damage.

As for that Lord Grim, who had been turned into smoke by the Anti-Tank Missile, the two both understood too late that it was the Ninja Skill Shadow Clone Technique. After dodging her Roundhouse Kick, he used the skill. He left the clone in front of her, while his real body split to behind her body, completing the Cut Throat.

Tang Rou, who had suffered from attacks multiple times, now had a look of extreme concentration on her. After a series of tapping sounds, Chasing Haze flew through the blood blossom like an arrow. She completed a 180 degree turn in midair not even half a meter above the ground, showing her exceptionally quick technique.

Her mouse quickly moved looking for a target to fire at. But when her character turned, she only saw a sword light chopping down towards her, bringing along a bloody mist.

Swordsman Class Berserker Skill: Collapsing Mountain.

Although the skills learned by unspecialized characters didn’t have the damage bonuses given if they were done by the skill’s original class, the original effects wouldn’t change. Collapsing Mountain chopped down towards Chasing Haze. After hitting the ground, there was a short knock-up effect. Lord Grim quickly seized the opportunity and kneed her, smashing Chasing Haze higher into the air. With a shake of the Thousand Chance Umbrella, the midair Chasing Haze was gunned down repeatedly. Chen Guo and Tang Rou were beyond familiar with this skill. This was a Launcher Skill: BBQ.

After Chasing Haze, who had just been barbecued by gunfire, fell to the ground, she immediately turned over to fight again. But when her character turned around a circle, she couldn’t find Lord Grim’s figure. Instead, she saw a Green Goblin swaying around throwing rocks at her. Tang Rou and Chen Guo both collapsed. This was a Mage Class Summoner’s summoned pet.

Raising her hands, she bombarded the Goblin, when Lord Grim suddenly dropped from the sky stepping on top of Chasing Haze’s head.

Fighter Class Striker Skill: Eagle Stamp.

Tang Rou no longer had that previous “just for fun” attitude. After being stepped on, Chasing Haze pointed her gun up towards the sky, ready to gun him down. But to her surprise, Lord Grim’s umbrella tip once again aimed at her. A flame tongue shot out and more blood blossomed out from Chasing Haze’s head. Lord Grim used the recoil of this gun and easily flew backwards with “Aerial Fire”.

Close combat was disadvantageous towards Launchers. Tang Rou had wanted to use “Aerial Fire” the entire time to pull apart the distance, but this time, the opponent unexpectedly took the initiative to distance himself. After being hit multiple times, Chasing Haze didn’t have much life left. Yet Lord Grim didn’t even seem like he had been touched. Tang Rou hadn’t given up hope and prepared to continue attacking him, when Ye Xiu said: “How about we stop fighting?”

“Why?” Tang Rou asked.

“It turns out you really don’t know how to play.” Ye Xiu said.

“…….” Tang Rou didn’t know what to say. Aside from Chen Guo enthusiastically explaining to her a few things, she really didn’t know much else. But even like this, just relying on her high hand speed, she helped Chen Guo defeat opponents Chen Guo couldn’t win against. She had even completed the Heavenly Domain Skill Challenge that was difficult for the majority of the players.

Tang Rou could say that she didn’t know Glory, but she was still extremely strong.

This was why Chen Guo wanted to bring her into the game by every means possible. But it was also why she wasn’t interested in the game.

A lot of people did things because they found it easy. Tang Rou was different. She couldn’t concentrate on things that she found easy.

The tormented Chen Guo also saw this. This was an extremely competitive girl. Once she found something difficult, without anyone’s encouragement, she wouldn’t stop until she overcame it.

For example, when she attacked at Chasing Haze’s Heavenly Domain Skill Challenge, Tang Rou also failed many times before succeeding. In that short amount of time, the amount of drive she had looked a hundred times greater than Chen Guo’s love for Glory.

Chen Guo thought that this time, Tang Rou was moved. But who knew that after the Skill Challenge, Tang Rou quickly lost interest in Glory. Clearing for equipment and so on, Tang Rou didn’t take this type of item hoarding seriously.

In the end, Tang Rou saw Glory as being “so it was that easy”. In order to arouse her interest, her impression of the game had to change. This was why Chen Guo kept on looking for opponents that Tang Rou couldn’t beat to make her realize the difficulty of the game. But this actually made it worse. Every time Tang Rou met a so-called expert in the Arena, she would quickly beat him.

That sort of celebrity names, those professional gamers, Chen Guo didn’t know how many times she explained them to Tang Rou. But Tang Rou only laughed, not believing her. No choice. Facts spoke louder than words. But where would Chen Guo find such an expert?

Up until Tang Rou returned, Chen Guo kept on thinking of letting Ye Xiu try her out.

Chen Guo didn’t know exactly how strong Ye Xiu was. However, he had once been in the professional circle, so he had to be stronger than normal players. At worst, Tang Rou would just say “so it was that easy” again.

This was Chen Guo’s original intention. But every time she came into contact with Ye Xiu, he would always make her mad. Angrily, Chen Guo forgot her original notion and stood behind Tang Rou, hoping for Tang Rou to tyrannically destroy Ye Xiu to vent her anger. But in the end, Tang Rou was beaten without a chance to retaliate. Only after Ye Xiu said “don’t know how to play”, did she finally remember.

“Don’t know how to play?” Chen Guo felt this remark was a little too excessive. If that was considered as not knowing how to play, then what about all of those opponents Tang Rou had beaten? Furthermore, wasn’t this guy too strong? He had completely suppressed Tang Rou from start to finish. A player from the professional circle really was on a different level. Ordinarily, when she watched recordings of competitions, it didn’t feel like they were that OP! It seemed like it was still the problem of opponents. Pro-gamer versus pro-gamer were all evenly matched opponents so it didn’t look any different from when normal players fought.

Ye Xiu, who sat nearby, had already stood up. He nodded his head and said: “Your technique is quite quick, but the coordination between your left and right hands is a complete mess. When your viewpoint suddenly changes, your adaptability and judgement pretty much turns to zero. Your understanding towards equipment and skills isn’t nearly enough. Your real combat experience is too little and your tactics are too stiff, how could this be considered playing? If you want to beat me with this skill, then come back in a hundred years!”

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