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Chapter 469 – A Way Out

Ye Xiu’s tone of voice wasn’t polite at all and he spoke loudly too. Chen Guo heard it. Deception must have heard it too. Deception had nothing to say after being seen through. He simply made a humph.

“I say. Where are you running?” Ye Xiu asked. The two had been running for awhile. Ye Xiu had been following behind Deception the entire time, but he was unable to see through this guy’s intentions.

“How much of a burden are you carrying?” Unable to get Deception to reveal his intentions, Ye Xiu switched topics.

Deception continued to stay silent and do his own thing. Suddenly, he heard a gunshot from behind him. It was coming from somewhere very close too! Deception was someone who had been doing this for awhile and had some skill in judging distance from the surrounding sounds. He immediately rolled. When he turned back to look who had shot it, he saw Lord Grim with his gun pointing straight at him!

“What are you doing!” Deception was furious.

“I thought you couldn’t hear me.” Ye Xiu said.

“……” Deception really wanted to kill him, but it wasn’t the right time to do so. The troops chasing after them had started to close in. The gunners were all firing rapidly at them. One group from the front had also arrived. The situation was looking quite grim.

Deception didn’t plan on wasting time on Ye Xiu. After moving forward a few steps, he switched directions and leaped onto a rooftop.

“Bro, isn’t your plan a bit too low-leveled? Aren’t you afraid of an ambush?” This time, Ye Xiu didn’t follow him. Lord Grim stood on the street and asked Deception.

Deception didn’t reply. He jumped up and swung his ninja blade at the wall. Crouching down, he used the blade in order to jump again.

“Attack your enemies, when they’re halfway across the river. Have you ever heard of this saying?” Ye Xiu was still talking and Deception was still ignoring him.

“This theory applies to climbing walls too.” Ye Xiu continued.

Deception still wanted to ignore him, but suddenly, he saw a flash of light from the corner of his eyes and immediately knew something wasn’t right. He didn’t dare continue climbing up. He rolled backwards and watched as a Satellite Beam descended from the sky, right where Deception had just been. The stream of air caused by the Satellite Beam made Deception roll farther than normal. When he landed on the ground, he used a Quick Recover to steady himself. Although the attack hadn’t hit him, he had still suffered from some of its effects. If he wasn’t so skilled, he would be lying on the ground right now.

“Not bad.” Ye Xiu praised. The several smaller pillars after the main Satellite Beam began heading towards him, but he was able to easily dodge them and escape.

“Where are you going to jump next?” Ye Xiu dodged, while asking Deception.

“If you’ve got any suggestions, hurry up and say it!” Deception was annoyed. After the Satellite Beam, he could see that there were people standing on the roof. Even though there weren’t many of them, a certain level of skill was necessary to get up onto the roof in the first place. These few players were more than enough to take him down.

Deception swept the surroundings. The escape routes he eyed already had enemies guarding them. Deception was somewhat sad. This wasn’t his first time scrap picking and he had more fruitful pickings before. He had never seen such a huge operation either. Why was it like this today? Had he picked up something extremely valuable?

Deception had swift eyes and hands. He had already seen what equipment he had picked up, but he didn’t remember anything too special. Seeing all of these pursuers, he was starting to doubt himself. He couldn’t help but look at his inventory again. However, there really was nothing that shocking.

“There are escape routes everywhere. It just depends on whether or not you have the ability to go through them.” Ye Xiu said.

“Can you stop with your bullsh*t?” Deception was worried! The two groups on the side were defending their place and their routes in front and behind were blocked. They were trapped.

“I’ll show you how to do it.” Ye Xiu said. Right as the Satellite Beam finished, his character charged forward towards Deception’s previous escape route.

Deception was startled, but he didn’t have any time to think too much and followed after him.

Lord Grim didn’t wait to get near the wall before he jumped. The players on the roof weren’t just going to sit there and watch. They sent out their attacks at him.

Lord Grim opened up his Thousand Chance Umbrella above him. “Ka ka ka!” It began spinning with the Mechanic skill: Rotor Wing. He even made some drifts while in the air to dodge the attacks.

Deception was sad!

What type of demonstration was that? He just flew up there with a Rotor Blade. I’m a Ninja. How am I supposed to use a Rotor Blade?

Deception didn’t have any other choice though. He jumped up again and used the ninja blade to climb. An Elementalist on the roof flicked his sleeves and his staff pointed towards him.

Deception was about to jump away to dodge, when he heard several shots of gunfire. Blood splashed out from the Elementalist as he stumbled, unable to finish casting his magic.

Deception was delighted. He quickly climbed up. He turned to look at Lord Grim. But the scene in front of him was something he never would have imagined.

Lord Grim had used Rotor Wing to fly up, but he wasn’t able to find any opportunity to land. Rotor Wing’s skill was at the end of its duration too. The guy had used a Gatling Gun in order to help Deception out, while using the bullet’s recoil to slide in the air.

After interrupting the Elementalist’s casting, the bullets swept across the other players and they lost their balance. However, the recoil from the firing caused Lord Grim to move away from the rooftop.

In any case, this was a huge opportunity for Deception to break through.

Deception was very confused. Seeing Lord Grim move farther and farther away, he doubted Lord Grim would sacrifice himself to save him.

“What are you hiding for? It’s not like you’ll die!!” Someone suddenly roared. This person clearly saw that they weren’t blocking well enough and warned them not to care about the opponent’s damage and make sure they didn’t land on the rooftop.

The guards on the rooftop suddenly woke up. It was just that dodging when you were attacked was a habit already. The better the expert, the more it was like so. They were Heavenly Domain players as well as part of the top guilds, so they obviously had this sort of habit.

As a result, once Deception finished his jump, he took out his blade and wanted to beat them away, while he was on the rooftop. However, the Launcher completely ignored Deception’s attack. He took out his handcannon and used the low leveled Launcher skill Swing to trade blows with Deception. It didn’t matter if he took a lot of damage for doing this as long as he was able to send Deception back down.

“Not good!” Deception could tell the situation wasn’t looking good, but it was too late to change attacks. He could only pray his luck was good today. Suddenly, he heard the sound of a sword slicing through the wind. A silver light came crashing down in front of him. Lord Grim had used Falling Light Blade.

“Join my party!”

Deception heard him yell as a party invite popped up.

Without hesitating, Deception immediately clicked accept. He prayed he wasn’t too slow.

He knew that this Falling Light Blade could resolve their current situation. However, if he didn’t accept Lord Grim’s party invite and the damage wasn’t negated, this Falling Light Blade would send him flying too. He would fall back onto the streets.

Did I succeed?

In that split second, Deception wasn’t sure if he had accepted the invite faster or if Lord Grim’s sword had arrived first.

He saw the sword hit the ground. The shock wave from the Falling Light Blade immediately spread outwards. That Launcher was the first to be hit by it and fell tumbling to the ground. He immediately used a Quick Recover. Although he didn’t get knocked down, he lost the opportunity to block them.

And Deception?

Deception was standing firmly on the rooftop. He had joined the party before the Falling Light Blade hit.

“You’re pretty quick!” Deception heard Lord Grim say. After using a Falling Light Blade, Lord Grim did a roll and then immediately went after the Launcher.

Deception suddenly realized something. Just before, that guy had used Gatling Gun and was pushed away from the roof. How did he get here so quickly?

Deception turned his head to look and saw another Lord Grim behind him, falling to the ground.

“Shadow Clone Technique!” Deception was a Ninja, so he obviously recognized this skill.

Lord Grim used Shadow Clone Technique to instantly move close and then used a Falling Light Blade to quickly fall onto the rooftop. While doing this, he also sent over a party invite……

Deception wasn’t a noob. He was very clear how difficult it was to pull off such a string of inputs.

“There are escape routes everywhere. It just depends on whether or not you have the ability to go through them.”

Deception suddenly thought of Lord Grim’s words. It could be said that he could do all this because of his access to skills from different classes. However, by looking at what he had accomplished with those moves, forcing his character to stay in midair for a long time wasn’t something any normal player could achieve either.

“Who is this guy?” Deception wondered, when he heard him shout: “If you just stand there, you’ll die. Hurry and help me.”

Deception hastily moved away. Sure enough, someone was already heading to his location and attacking him. Deception was surprised. To think he would get distracted at such a critical moment!

When he looked ahead, he saw Lord Grim sticking close to the Launcher, who could do nothing to fight back.

“What are you doing?” Deception couldn’t understand his actions. Why wasn’t he trying to escape? Why was he fighting with the Launcher?

“I’m going to pick up scraps!” After saying this, Lord Grim sent out a Striker’s Front Kick and kicked the Launcher down from the rooftop. Following afterwards, he went down and struck the finishing blow.

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