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Chapter 413 – Spectator

Ye Xiu used his position to ask Chen Guo if she had any recommendations. Chen Guo had been managing the Internet Cafe and playing Glory for many years. Playing the game also made it easier for her to get along with the customers. During these two months, Ye Xiu had noticed that all sorts of people acted very familiar with her. They were only Internet Cafe customers and Glory players too. Among these, were there any experts, beginners, or players with talent?

Ye Xiu would sometimes take a glance at other customers playing Glory when he had nothing to do, but he didn’t see anything particularly noteworthy. However, Chen Guo definitely knew more about this than he did. Unfortunately, most of these people were Excellent Era fans. After Chen Guo refused to project Excellent Era’s match that day, she had offended many of them. In the end, the relationship between the two sides was simply that they recognized each other. Neither sides really had any mutual feelings for each other and could turn hostile faster than one could flip a page.

“This…… I really haven’t discovered any. Even if there were, it’s already too late.” Chen Guo replied.


“We’re right next to Team Excellent Era, so even if there were talents, they would have already tried getting into Team Excellent Era. Why would they wait for you to find them?” Chen Guo said.

“Are you reliable?” Ye Xiu asked.

“If I’m not reliable, why would you ask me?” Chen Guo didn’t reply nicely.

“Are there any plausible ones? Let me evaluate them myself.” Ye Xiu said.

“As if! All of the people I know are at my level at best.” Chen Guo said.

Ye Xiu sighed helplessly: “It looks like asking you won’t get me anywhere.”

“What do you mean? How else did Little Tang come about?” Chen Guo said.

“Oh…… that…….” Ye Xiu had made a mistake. He just realized that he had already found one talent through Chen Guo. Tang Rou was a talent that Wang Jiexi had tried to pull into the team. For Ye Xiu to happen to bump into a talent like this in an Internet Cafe was already very lucky of him. Glory had tens of millions of players and there were only a few hundred pro players. Talent could only be found by chance and not by searching for it.

“When will the computer be done?” Because talent could only be found by chance, there was no point thinking about it too much, so Ye Xiu could only concern himself with what was in front of him.

“It’ll be done soon.” Chen Guo said.

Just as she finished saying this, the computer technician stood up and patted the computer: “It’s done.”

“Go test it out.” Chen Guo told Ye Xiu to go.

Ye Xiu tried out Glory. He logged into the game. Everything went smoothly like normal, so he nodded his head. Chen Guo went over and told him where she put the folder with all of his researched documents and then whispered to him the password. With the way she was acting, it looked like the two of them were hackers conspiring something bad.

“Okay, I got it.” Ye Xiu nodded his head. Immediately afterwards, Chen Guo sent off the technician. This type of service obviously wasn’t free. After doing his work, the technician waited for Chen Guo to pay him.

Ye Xiu really didn’t feel anything different when he used the computer. He had Lord Grim continue doing the Heavenly Domain Challenge. On the road, he checked the level standings and found that he was still the only one who had reached Level 50. He sighed and closed it.

Chen Guo immediately ran back after paying the technician. She knew that for Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim, besides doing the Heavenly Domain Challenge, there wasn’t anything else to do. A Level 50 unspecialized player wouldn’t be able to gain any more experience whether he dungeoned, quested, or killed wild monsters.

When she went over and looked, Ye Xiu was doing the Challenge, just as she expected.

Yesterday, he had passed five tests. His efficiency made Chen Guo sigh in admiration. Before Ye Xiu came, in Happy Internet Cafe, passing two tests in a single day was enough to brag. For the Heavenly Domain Challenge, many players glared at their computer screens with red eyes and wanted to smash their computers in frustration.

Some studios offered services to complete the Heavenly Domain Challenge and earned quite a profit that way. But these studios couldn’t complete the Challenge with ease either. Even they had the urge to smash their computers sometimes as they did their business.

In the early days, the Heavenly Domain was truly a gathering of elite players. But nowadays, more and more players were able to enter the Heavenly Domain by luck or other methods. Regardless, the skill level of the players in the Heavenly Domain were definitely higher on average than players in normal servers. Not only was it difficult to complete the Challenge, if you didn’t have any skill, the harsh environment in the Heavenly Domain was even more rage inducing than the Challenge.

A major difference between the Heavenly Domain and the normal servers was that player killing didn’t have any penalties whatsoever.

Normal servers had red names. Even though the penalties weren’t so bad, it was still a status that restricted players. In the Heavenly Domain though, there were no penalties for killing a player and the losses for dying were much more severe as well. Because of this, one could easily imagine how chaotic the environment was.

In such chaos, if you were a noob, you’d definitely be bullied around all day. If you didn’t hurry and improve, you’d be cut down every time you walked out. The harsh environment of the Heavenly Domain caused many noobs to grow quickly and violently.

While Chen Guo was thinking about all of this, Ye Xiu passed the six test. Chen Guo was just about to say something, when someone nearby cried: “D*MN!”

Chen Guo turned her head and saw that there was someone standing behind her. His face held a look of astonishment as he stared dumbly at Ye Xiu’s screen.

When Ye Xiu turned his head, this person regained his composure, but his expression of shock couldn’t be wiped away. He stared with wide eyes as he said: “Brother, is this the Heavenly Domain Challenge?”

“Yes……” Ye Xiu nodded his head. This couldn’t be hidden. When the Heavenly Domain Challenge was being done, there was a clear sign on the interface. It was obvious at a glance.

“This this this…… is too amazing. How many tries did it take you?” This person had clearly seen Ye Xiu finish the sixth test in one breath. He thought that Ye Xiu had experienced hundreds of failures before being able to clear it with such ease.

“Many times. I lost count.” Ye Xiu laughed.

“But it doesn’t matter how many times it took you. It’s still very amazing. What test are you? I don’t think I saw a time limit!” This person said.

“The sixth test.”

“The sixth test? The sixth test……” This person recalled, ‘The sixth test…… the sixth test doesn’t have a time limit does it?”

“It doesn’t……”

“No time limit……” This person froze again. The sixth test was a test without fighting, but it was a more comprehensive test. The test had different types of terrain and obstacles. It required the player to use different movements in order to pass through it. When normal players did it, they did it step by step, cautiously and slowly. But Ye Xiu just passed it in a single breath without stopping.

“Brother, what server are you in?” This person asked.

“Tenth server.”

“Tenth server??” The person said in shock, “It’s only been two months since the tenth server. You’re already Level 70??”

“Nope. I’m Level 50. I’m just starting early!” Ye Xiu didn’t dare say that he was going to complete the entire challenge at Level 50. This brother’s eyes kept on growing wider. If he got even more excited, Ye Xiu was afraid his eyes would pop out.

“Amazing!” The person praised.

‘Ha ha.” Ye Xiu laughed.

“Brother, are you going to try the next test?” This person was quite familiar with the quest chain and was able to guess what Ye Xiu was planning on doing from his character’s movements.

“Yeah!” Ye Xiu said.

“Do you mind if I watch?” The person was quite polite.

“I don’t mind.”

As a result, the person sat down where Tang Rou usually sat and watched Ye Xiu play.

The seventh test was a battle with a BOSS and a mob of monsters. After a minute, the person’s jaw had dropped and couldn’t close.

“That….. What is that?” He was curious about the Thousand Chance Umbrella.

“Silver weapon.” Ye Xiu said.

“Silver….. Silver…… silver weapon?” After saying “Silver” two times, he lowered his voice. He was quite considerate. If he had blurted out “Silver weapon”, it would immediately gather a huge crowd. This had already happened once before. That time, many of the people in the crowd were tenth server players who had even added Lord Grim as a friend. They could often be seen online too. These players obviously noticed Ye Xiu’s rise in the tenth server. Those who still came to Happy Internet Cafe would pay their respects if they saw that Ye Xiu wasn’t busy.

Of course, these people didn’t know of Ye Xiu’s true identity. They just thought he was a very good player. In addition, due to the nature of working as a manager, he had a lot of time to play, so it made sense. After all, those who played in the tenth server were just normal players, so they wouldn’t think too much of it.

As for those more experienced players? They had been astonished by the Silver weapon, but it was only a Level 5 Silver weapon, so they didn’t pay too much attention to it. Because they were in different servers, they didn’t know of Lord Grim’s fame in the tenth server. It was true that those tenth server players knew of it and despite being in the same Internet Cafe, they played on their own and didn’t really interact with one another. As a result, Ye Xiu was still left alone and didn’t garner too much attention.

This brother was more careful. He didn’t blurt it out loud and gasped to himself. Besides the Silver weapon, he had discovered something else during that one minute.

“Brother, you haven’t changed classes yet?”

“Yeah, I haven’t.”

“What’s the reason for that?” This brother didn’t understand.

“Unspecialized. You haven’t heard of it?” Ye Xiu said.

“I know what an unspecialized is, but you…….” He clearly wasn’t too experienced. He only understood that a character was unspecialized before Level 20, but didn’t know that long ago, unspecialized players were considered a class in Glory.

“I’ll level to 70 just like this.” Ye Xiu said.

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