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Chapter 28 – Professional Level

Seven Fields and the others held their breaths afraid of disturbing Lord Grim’s battle. At the same time, the three also took precautions, ready to listen to an order and begin attacking. Unexpectedly, they waited left and right watching Lord Grim and the Skeleton Warrior fight surrounded by perils. But there was no call for them to help. Seven Fields and the others, one on the left, one on the right, and one right behind the Skeleton Warrior, all steadily stopped the Skeleton Warrior’s shock wave attack from time to time.

“He’s not planning on soloing it is he?” Sunset Clouds sent Seven Fields a message.

“Honestly, I’m also having my doubts.” Seven Fields said.

“Soloing a hidden BOSS?” These few words that Sunset Clouds typed made them all feel horrified.

“It’s not like it’s impossible…….” Seven Fields said.

“Brother expert, you’re too good. Where did you come from? With this skill, I don’t even think our guild leader can match you.” Sunset Clouds said.

“Definitely not a match.” Seven Fields concluded. The pitiful Full Moon Guild leader became the leader because everyone worshipped his 200 APM hand speed. In the end, only a day had passed since the start of the tenth server, but he already had three traitors in his ranks. To the boss, this was already disdainful beneath contempt.

At this moment, Drifting Water also sent a message: “I don’t think he’ll solo it, right?” The voice system in the game only had a single channel so voice messages couldn’t be sent privately. The three relied on voice communication. Because they stood at a distance, they would have to speak a bit louder. As a result, they were afraid to disturb brother expert’s fight with the monster, so they all sent private messages.

“It’s possible.” Seven Fields and Sunset Clouds both replied to Drifting Water’s message.

“Too amazing. Should we record it?” Drifting Waters asked. The game had a built-in video recording function.

“Brother expert didn’t talk about this. I say we shouldn’t!” Seven Fields said.

“Okay.” Drifting Waters answered. Without saying another word, the three continued to watch Lord Grim fight. He truly did wield the battle lance with matchless skill. Dodging, sidestepping, it seemed as if he were fighting in a wuxia film. Seven Field and the others had their eyes opened to a new world. Compared to this, normal players fighting monsters or PKing was the same as sticking their chests out and comparing specs. Rough, too rough!

Chen Guo stood behind Ye Xiu and tried her hardest counting how many hits he made. Her spectator perspective of the game couldn’t compare to Seven Fields and the others because she was the same as Ye Xiu, she saw Lord Grim in a first person perspective. Looking at it this way, she couldn’t see a lot of Lord Grim’s movements. On the contrary, because Lord Grim’s line of sight kept continuously spinning, Chen Guo nearly fell down from dizziness. She couldn’t keep up with that lightning fast whirling at all. Often, with a sudden turn, she could no longer figure out what direction his character faced and even more so, where the Skeleton Warrior was. Buckle? She could barely even tell where the Skeleton Warrior was most of the time to say nothing of the buckle.

But while watching his complete mess of a screen, Ye Xiu’s hand movements were still crystal clear. The dizzy Chen Guo looked towards the movements done by Ye Xiu’s two hands. She discovered that Ye Xiu’s left hand clearly jumped about faster than yesterday. His right hand holding the mouse moved even faster, but didn’t move much. Oftentimes, after a movement, he would immediately left click or right click.

Chen Guo was extremely amazed. She knew that a left click was a normal attack, a right click was a skill attack, and that the cursor pointed to the direction and position of the attack. Ye Xiu’s movements and clicks were direct and efficient without the slightest sloppiness. She discovered that no matter how fast the screen spun, the mouse always moved to the right position and sent out an attack without the slightest shake.

Ye Xiu’s right hand wasn’t only quick, but also steady, exceptionally steady.

“Professional level really is different.” Chen Guo exclaimed in admiration. And at this moment, the headphones on Ye Xiu’s neck sent out another “peng” sound. Chen Guo heard it clearly. She could only rely on this faint sound to count. Twenty, this was already the twentieth hit on the buckle. But Lord Grim’s life? In this entire process, he hadn’t taken a single point of damage, which meant that the Skeleton Warrior hadn’t hit him once.

“Sunset Clouds, Collapsing Mountain!” Ye Xiu lowered his head and yelled into his headphones.

“Is it finally our turn?” Sunset Clouds originally thought the three of them weren’t needed. But hearing Ye Xiu’s yell, without saying anything further, he raised his sword and rushed up. Right then, Lord Grim executed a Sky Strike and knocked the Skeleton Warrior up towards his direction. Sunset Clouds held up his sword and used Collapsing Mountain striking the Skeleton Warrior down from the air to the ground. He comboed it 8 times, the limit for Collapsing Mountain.

“Guard!” Ye Xiu still reminded Sunset Clouds, but Sunset Clouds already had this thought. Ye Xiu hadn’t yet finished his interjection when Sunset Clouds took up a guard position. The Skeleton Warrior rose up and the shock wave ripple hit his sword. With a “dong”, Sunset Clouds was pushed back. Sunset Cloud’s Guard was already Level 4, able to reduce incoming damage by 70%. This shock wave attack also wasn’t a major maneuver, so the reduced 30% damage didn’t do much.

Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim jumped to avoid the attack and then immediately countered with a Dragon Tooth, stunning the Skeleton Warrior. Sunset Clouds understood tacitly and without a reminder, already prepared to use his Stun skill.

“Seven Fields, Drifting Water.” Ye Xiu shouted. The two had already rushed forward and quickly understood his tactic. The also prepared to use their Stun skills at any time.

“What happened?” Chen Guo didn’t understand why Ye Xiu suddenly needed their help.

“Did you not see?” Ye Xiu asked. He immediately let Lord Grim lower his head to let her look. Chen Guo immediately saw that its Saber quietly lay there next to the Skeleton Warrior’s feet. The buckle had unexpectedly already been broken off and dropped.

“How could that be? Wasn’t it 24 times?” Chen Guo was flabbergasted. Although the headphones were a bit far from her, she could clearly hear that “peng” sound during his battle with the Skeleton Warrior. Chen Guo didn’t think she had made a mistake.

“It was 24 times!” Ye Xiu said.

“How come I only heard 20 times?” Chen Guo said.

“I used Double Stab 4 times. It hits twice and in rapid succession too, so you probably didn’t hear it. Adding in these 4 times, doesn’t that add to 24?” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo was stunned: “Double Stab hit the same spot twice? Then did you make the hidden BOSS bleed? How come I didn’t see it? 4 times and it still didn’t bleed? Does it not count if it hits the buckle?”

“Skeletons are immune to Bleed, right?” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo blushed. Glory had a lot of monsters that were immune to Bleed and skeleton types were one of them. It didn’t have any flesh, how could it Bleed? This was the reasoning behind it. This was very basic common sense. Chen Guo, a veteran, had unexpectedly forgot it for a moment.

It’s all this guy’s fault. With the camera angle spinning around everywhere, I would’ve overlooked any monster he fought.

Chen Guo angrily sat back in front of her computer. There was still a giant crowd outside of beginner village. Monsters still had to be kill stolen. While troubled, she heard Ye Xiu ask: “Boss, are you preparing to pull an all-nighter?”

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