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Chapter 236 – Assumptive Guides

Ye Xiu received Endless Night’s agreement to the conditions and smiled. He then replied: “I’ll see you tonight then.”

“Tonight? What time?’ Endless Night asked.

“That’s hard to say. The people on my side are a bit complicated. I need to contact them first and even then, it’s hard to set a time. You’ll all be on at night, right? We’ll go when everyone’s here!” Ye Xiu casually answered back.

“You can’t contact them right now?”

“They’re not online.” Ye Xiu said.

“Nine o’clock. There’s still 4 hours and 37 minutes until then. Will you have your players gathered by then?”

“Uh, probably……” Ye Xiu really wasn’t sure. Tang Rou and Chen Guo had left together and he didn’t know when they would come back. Su Mucheng and Qiao Yifan usually weren’t on by then. Steamed Bun Invasion was usually on, but if he didn’t come on, Ye Xiu had no way of contacting him.

“Then tonight at nine.” The other side replied.

“Alright, be there or be square.”

“Don’t be late. I won’t wait for you.” The other side concluded.

He really is Zhang Xinjie, Ye Xiu laughed and didn’t reply back. Right at this moment, his Lord Grim was hurrying on. He figured that he was still everyone’s target. Even though he had already made a bet with Tyrannical Ambition, Ye Xiu couldn’t guarantee that they’d stop chasing him.

He only wanted to fix his Thousand Chance Umbrella. The NPCs that could do this were in many of the small villages as well, so he didn’t need to return to Congee City.

In the end, Ye Xiu chose to go to Buzzer Village, which was near Frost Forest. This type of small village wasn’t considered a safe area and also didn’t have any leveling monsters either; there were only a couple of NPCs, one of which could fix equipment. This place was already considered a low-leveled area. Since there weren’t any valuable quests to do around here, he didn’t think many guild players would be here.

Everything was as Ye Xiu had expected. After finding the NPC, his Thousand Chance Umbrella was fixed. At Level 25, fixing equipment didn’t require any materials; it only required money. This small amount of money wasn’t anything to Ye Xiu. The surplus of materials that he had gotten from Tiny Herb could be sold at any time for money.

Just as he was about to leave, he heard a system notification from his friends list. Ye Xiu checked and saw that it was Concealed Light.

“God, you’re on!” Concealed Light said hi to Ye Xiu.

“Yeah, I’m on! Have you gone online in the day time? How was it? Did you meet any trouble?” Ye Xiu asked. Concealed Light had been drawn into the conflict for no reason. If the guilds decided to watch over him as well, then that would really be unlucky.

“I went on for a bit in the afternoon. Nothing in particular happened!” Concealed Light said.

“Okay, that’s good. How’s your research on your guides going along?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Uh, this one is a lot more complicated than fighting a BOSS!! I’m about ⅕ of the way done. Do you want to take a look, God?”


“How do I send it to you?”

“Add me on QQ!” Ye Xiu said and then sent him his ID. He then logged onto his QQ and received a friend invite not long after. He checked the invite and saw that the other side was using his in-game ID, Concealed Light. He looked at his own QQ nickname and saw that he was using his in-game ID.

The profile picture for his QQ was a red maple leaf.

One Autumn Leaf was his QQ’s nickname.

Seeing this, Ye Xiu sighed. He lit up his cigarette, opened the settings, changed his profile picture to the default one, and then changed his name to Lord Grim.

One Autumn Leaf was already of the past, even though it actually hadn’t been that long yet.

Ye Xiu silently accepted Concealed Light’s friend request and Concealed Light immediately sent him a file: Line Canyon Idiot’s Guide.

“Idiot’s Guide still! Even though you’re listing out the details step by step, it can’t be called idiotic in any way.”

“It’s just a name. I can change it any time. Hurry and check it out, God.” Concealed Light clearly didn’t care about the name.

“Okay, I’ll take a look. You do your business, I’ll look for you in a bit.”

“Thank you!” Concealed Light said.

Ye Xiu had run Line Canyon many times already and already had an idea on how to set the dungeon record. Early in the morning, when Tang Rou had gone to sleep early, he had spent his time studying dungeon guides and records, so he had a general idea of the strategy.

Now what type of strategy could this purely theoretical Concealed Light have come up with? Ye Xiu opened up the file and took a look. Like before, the introduction was on the class set-up, which turned out to be a party of an unspecialized, a Launcher, a Battle Mage, a Brawler, and a Ghostblade. It was clearly based off of Ye Xiu’s team. Ye Xiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He had only looked at the first line and was already looking for Concealed Light: “Why’d you put in an unspecialized. My character isn’t typical.”

“Ha ha…… I just wanted to try it out.” Concealed Light said.

Ye Xiu reckoned that Concealed Light wanted them to do an experiment, to prove the possibility of his guides. But the problem was that using Lord Grim as a template limited the guides only to them.

An unspecialized with the Thousand Chance Umbrella and an unspecialized without one were two completely different things. Concealed Light didn’t understand this self-made Silver weapon, so he wouldn’t be able to write an unspecialized guide that suited Lord Grim. Guides like his that analyzed the damage from every single hit and required there to not be a single mistake couldn’t lack this aspect.

Ye Xiu decided to keep on looking though. Sure enough, it was just as he expected. The content regarding unspecialized wasn’t correct.

“This probably won’t do……” Ye Xiu said the truth to Concealed Light. Concealed Light wasn’t stupid, so with just these few words, Concealed Light realized what the problem was.

“Unspecialized won’t do I guess. I need to change it to a different class.” Concealed Light replied to Ye Xiu.

“Clearing a dungeon and killing a BOSS the fastest are very similar in that they both have an optimal class set-up.” Ye Xiu said.

“Yeah, I saw a few guides talking about this. In the beginning, I planned on doing that, but I felt like your unspecialized was more powerful.”

“The advantages of an unspecialized are extremely obvious in the early stages of the game, but the problem is, there aren’t any more unspecialized. If your guides only talk about using an unspecialized, then it’ll be the same as your previous BOSS guides. They’ll be guides that no one can use.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Okay, I understand.” Concealed Light said.

“You still have to dungeon when you have the chance in order to increase your experience.” Ye Xiu said. Concealed Light’s theoretical knowledge of the game was quite impressive. He was also very smart, but there was a difference between theory and reality.

Concealed Light went back to researching for his guides. Ye Xiu checked his QQ friends list and saw that Su Mucheng was online.

“Are you free at nine tonight?” Ye Xiu sent a message.

Su Mucheng looked at the message and stared blankly. The ID number was very familiar, but the profile picture and name had changed.

“I’m free. To do what?”

“Come to the game. A PvP team competition.”

“Oh, with who?”

“Zhang Xinjie.”

“Him? Why’d he run over to the new server?” Su Mucheng was surprised.

“Yesterday, after you and Yifan went off, we wandered around and encountered a wild BOSS, which Tyrannical Ambition had also found. We waited and then KSed it. They probably went mad with anger. Then today, I encountered Tyrannical Ambition’s team and as I guessed correctly, the Cleric on that team should have been Zhang Xinjie substituting in.” Ye Xiu said.

“So then you agreed on a team PK tonight?” Su Mucheng asked.

“Yeah, he asked me. My guess is that he doesn’t know who I am.”

“Really? Then he miscalculated this time. Everything points to disaster for him.” Su Mucheng said.

“I also thought that, so I agreed.” Ye Xiu replied.

“What’s this?” After sending his message, he received an image from Su Mucheng.

“Your new profile pic.” Su Mucheng said.

Ye Xiu opened the image and took a look.

“F*ck, what is this? “笑”? It looks like a “哭”. Why hasn’t your handwriting improved after so many years?” Ye Xiu replied, but he had already changed his profile pic to this new clumsy “笑” picture. (TL: 笑 means to smile or laugh. 哭 means to cry)

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