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Chapter 192 – Items Lead to Thinking

The instant the Illusion Swordmaster merged into one, the team ferociously assaulted it. They all understood that Ye Xiu was in a difficult predicament and had a rough idea why he was in a hurry.

Under Ye Xiu’s lead, the battle tempo increased. There were often times where they traded blow for blow to deal more damage.

In the Internet Cafe, the customer, who wanted cigarettes, finally decided to buy the 10 RMB White Sand and continued to bother Ye Xiu.

Ye Xiu had conquered a challenge and won a difficult battle. He gave the customer the usual reply “Just a second.” The Illusion Swordmaster split and merged until they finally took it down. The service calls began to ring repeatedly again. It was the Cola customer again. He was probably dying of thirst.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” Ye Xiu gave the customer a reply. He grabbed the Cola and the cigarettes, while taking a quick glance at the items that dropped from the Illusion Swordmaster.

No sword…..

Ye Xiu was a bit disappointed.

He had an item he needed from the Illusion Swordmaster. Scarlet Illusion Blade. This was an Orange weapon for the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s Sword form.

But an Orange weapon was after all, an Orange weapon and wouldn’t drop so easily. Ye Xiu sighed as he delivered the Cola and cigarettes to the customers.

“Let’s see what it dropped!” In game, Steamed Bun Invasion excitedly inspected the items that had dropped. He was the most excited of the players there.

“Can’t use. Can’t use. Can’t use. Materials are for senior……” Steamed Bun Invasion looked at the equipment. He renounced them as he said what he was thinking aloud. The Illusion Swordmaster had dropped three Blue equipment and a few materials —– very normal drops.

“Hm? What’s this?” Steamed Bun Invasion asked. The other three all saw: Line Canyon Map Piece Three.

“Oh. It’s an item needed to open a hidden dungeon.” Qiao Yifan recognized it.

“Hidden dungeon? That sounds very hard.” Steamed Bun Invasion said.

“Yeah, it’s harder than normal dungeons.” Su Mucheng commented.

“How many times can you run it every day?” Steamed Bun Invasion asked.

“It’s not calculated like that. It requires certain items in order to enter. In theory, as long as you have the items, there’s no limit.” Su Mucheng said.

“Line Canyon Map Piece Three……does that mean we have to gather more of these?” Steamed Bun Invasion asked.

“Yeah, I think it’s four or five.” Su Mucheng wasn’t really familiar with these low-leveled dungeons.

“Four.” Qiao Yifan said. He had done his homework.

At this moment, Ye Xiu had returned. He looked at the items that were waiting to be rolled.

“Oh, a hidden dungeon item!” Ye Xiu sat down and said, after putting on his headphones.

“It seems like it’s a hidden dungeon that hasn’t been run yet.” Su Mucheng checked the dungeon leaderboards.

“It is, but the items aren’t easy to gather! One, two, and three are okay, but the fourth piece is only dropped by the wild BOSS, which only spawns three times a week. It looks like it hasn’t dropped yet.” Ye Xiu said.

“For hidden dungeons are full of hidden BOSSes and wild BOSSes. The drop rate is pretty high too, so running it is quite worth it.” Su Mucheng said.

“Yeah……” How could Ye Xiu not know this? His requirements for this dungeon weren’t easy to get. For example, the Illusion Swordmaster’s Scarlet Illusion Blade or the wild BOSS only drop, Amber Crystal. The big guilds might have these rare materials, but they might not use them as a bargaining chip.

These were all necessary materials that the Clubs needed for researching self-made equipment. If they didn’t have enough of them, how could they just give them out to others? Ye Xiu tried by sending Tyrannical Ambition his materials list, but the other side hadn’t replied yet.

It wouldn’t be easy for them to steal a wild BOSS from the big guilds with their strength. The BOSSes in the hidden dungeons didn’t have anyone that could kill steal them, but in order to enter the hidden dungeon, they had to steal the Line Canyon Map Piece Four from the wild BOSS. No matter how they went about it, it was a dead end.

Ye Xiu pondered over this as everyone split the items. They all just randomly rolled for the equipment. The materials and the Line Canyon Map Piece Three went to Ye Xiu. Whether to sell it or keep it was something he hadn’t decided on yet.

The following dungeons were normal. After finishing their first run, no hidden BOSS appeared in the second and third runs. But on third run, they broke the Line Canyon dungeon record. 30:21:56, beating the former record by around 20 seconds.

The former record wasn’t at the limit because the big guilds were a bit dispirited towards the dungeon records and were mostly doing them for experience and Purple equipment. Set the highest record? With Lord Grim’s existence, they all felt a bit powerless.

Lord Grim crushing Arena experts and breaking dungeon records, the players were already used to these. It was only Full Moon Guild, who gave their congratulations to Lord Grim’s team, under Maple Tree’s lead. It seemed like they were showing off their close relationship with them. That night, the players from the big guilds seemed to have vanished. It was dead silent.

Before this, Tyrannical Ambition’s players still cared for this record, but once the record was broken, Ye Xiu didn’t receive any messages from them and suddenly felt that something wasn’t right. However, he didn’t go and ask them. Actually, Ye Xiu had an urgent need for materials, it was just that he just wasn’t as loud as the other big guilds were for their dungeon records.

After finishing Line Canyon, they went to Desolate Land. Su Mucheng and Qiao Yifan took their leave first. The remaining three continued to level until they were tired and then went to take a break. Tang Rou liked to solo dungeons to practice her mechanics. Steamed Bun Invasion liked to go to the Arena to bully others. Ye Xiu tidied up the materials he had gathered and went to the marketplace. He paid attention to the prices in the tenth server. The prices in the tenth server were still independent. Once players were able to enter the Heavenly Domain, the prices would rapidly decline until they reached the prices of the old servers.

In the market, Ye Xiu was especially mindful of the hidden dungeon items. Sure enough, there were map pieces one, two, and three, but the fourth one wasn’t being sold.

Wild BOSS……

Ye Xiu sighed. Besides the wild BOSSes they could fight earlier than the others like the Fire Witch. They had no way of competing for the same-leveled ones. When the wild BOSSes respawned, the first ones to arrive would be the big guilds. For them, by the time they found out, the BOSS would have been killed already. The reason he was able to steal the Blood Gunner and the Goblin Merchant was because he had been invited by the big guilds. Afterwards, for Desolate Land and Line Canyon, Ye Xiu hadn’t even been able to see the wild BOSSes.

Ye Xiu turned around and went to his warehouse. Everything in there had practically all been earnings he had won from Team Tiny Herb. His warehouse was wealthy and prosperous. He might be able to trade uncommon materials from his warehouse for items he needed such as the Scarlet Stinger with Tyrannical Ambition. Right now, the wild BOSSes were his biggest concern. And as the Thousand Chance Umbrella continued to level, he would need more and more of these rare materials. It would be extremely difficult if he had to gather them all by himself!

If he couldn’t find a way to obtain these materials, then he had no other choice but to rely on the Clubs.

The Clubs understood this. They all had guilds supporting them in the game. The guild’s purpose was to help provide materials for the Club. The materials would then be developed into Silver equipment by the tech team and then turned into strength for achievements. The achievements would bring in media, fan support and better players……

Under this cycle, the big Clubs would grow bigger and bigger. It was difficult for small Clubs to develop.

Club Excellent Era was trying to rise up again and had requirements for their guild Excellent Dynasty as well. However, their development in the old servers had already turned into a standstill. Their prospects at making a breakthrough weren’t large, which was why when the new server opened, the guild leader Chen Yehui had put in large amounts of manpower into it. He himself had personally come to the new server to lead. He had even troubled Liu Hao, a pro-player, to come set the record for a low-leveled dungeon. It was because of his huge burden that he know that things wouldn’t be easy to.

If everything had gone smoothly in the tenth server, the other guilds would have no way of contesting with Excellent Dynasty, who was going all out. However, a Ye Qiu had appeared.

Liu Hao had lost to Ye Qiu.

He had brought his many comrades to fight, but they still lost to Ye Qiu.

However, he had still found a chance amidst Ye Qiu’s dominance in the tenth server. He had to overthrow this mountain because this was where he was going to gamble everything he had. He couldn’t lose.

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