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Chapter 134 – Tour Group

The recording was naturally in the recording character’s perspective. Everything was automatic. The camera could be zoomed in and out, but it wasn’t possible to rotate it. Qiao Yifan’s recording started from when his Ashen Moon rushed forward to Lord Grim blocking him to being surrounded and then attacked. These sections were naturally a mess. Apart from seeing his hardships and difficulties, nothing else could really be seen. On the side, Xiao Yun let out a sigh of relief. His death from Vanishing Step hadn’t been recorded.

Who knew that Wang Jiexi’s eyes and hands were so precise. He repeatedly clicked on the screen to pause the recording. He wasn’t looking at Ashen Moon being attacked on all sides, but rather at Lord Grim, where Cloudy Heavens was being hit in the air.

Once, twice, thrice……

Whole body, half body, a third of the body.

In the end, Xiao Yun still lowered his head in embarrassment. He hadn’t been recorded, but he could still be seen in this way.

Wang Jiexi didn’t say anything. This section of the recording had ended when Ashen Moon escaped from the encirclement along with Gao Yingjie’s Weeping Crow. In the second section, the scene began somewhat choppy. Qiao Yifan was clearly having Ashen Moon hide and then occasionally have him take a peek outside. Once the fighting started, the forgotten Qiao Yifan had a good view of the entire scene up until Zhou Yebai’s White Night Black Day was killed. Only after his roar did Ashen Moon move up and begin fighting randomly.

Everyone nervously stood behind Wang Jiexi, watching the recording. They all had their heads down waiting for the scolding! But Wang Jiexi didn’t say anything. He instead got up, patted Qiao Yifan, and then left.

Xiao Yun and the others all hesitated. They didn’t know what to do and in the end, returned to their computers to continue practicing. This morning went by as if their bodies and souls were separated.

That afternoon, the vice-captain Deng Fusheng came back with account cards. Most of them were received from Herb Garden with the classes matching the main roster’s classes.

Club Tiny Herb, including Wang Jiexi, had a total of six players in the main roster with five players in the reserve team, for a total of eleven players. In the current league, this 6+5 set-up was the most common arrangement.

Unless there was a match that day, the night time was free for the players, though there was no lack of hard working players that would continue to practice on their own. However, today, since the team captain had announced an activity for them, Tiny Herb’s player gathered at the practice room. After swiping their account cards, they all entered the tenth server together. Everyone’s expressions were somewhat odd. For their team to gather in the game, they had done it before in the Heavenly Domain, but never in a normal server.

“Our target, the player Lord Grim. Everyone, don’t be careless. It’s very likely that this player is the retired Ye Qiu.” Wang Jiexi announced the purpose of their added practice.

Once everyone heard this, they all became interested. They began discussing amongst each other. There were some in-game that had searched for his ID and then immediately reported to Wang Jiexi: “Captain, he’s not online!”

“He’ll definitely come. Everyone, first get familiar with your character. They’re all low-leveled characters that haven’t yet reached Level 30, so you guys aren’t used to them, right?” Wang Jiexi said.

Xiao Yun and the others were flushed in embarrassment. Was captain mocking them? Was he? Or was he not? It was impossible to figure out what God Jiexi was thinking.

At around 8 o’clock, Lord Grim finally came online. The team members immediately informed Wang JIexi. They then asked Herb Garden for Lord Grim’s whereabouts.

Plantago Seed was also hesitant. After yesterday, Tiny Herb’s vice-captain had personally come for accounts cards today. After counting all the cards he had given, he found that they added up to Tiny Herb’s entire team. Was Team Tiny Herb going to tour around in the tenth server? Plantago Seed held his breath, alarmed. But there was no one to speak to. Because these account cards were only used for special cases, they were quite secretive, and definitely couldn’t be taken out and talked about casually.

Tonight, he saw all of the characters come online one by one. Plantago Seed didn’t dare greet them and could only pace about, hoping that he would accidentally bump into Tiny Herb’s tour group. Unfortunately, Tiny Herb’s players were currently wandering around on their own and weren’t grouped together.

Only until 8 o’clock, when Lord Grim went online, did some immediately ask him for Lord Grim’s location.

“Lord Grim again?” Plantago Seed stared blankly. Who exactly was this Lord Grim? The entire Tiny Herb team was going to run over just to see him? Is he an alien? Plantago Seed thought while asking the guild to pay attention to Lord Grim.

After replying to them, he ran over to where Lord Grim was located too.

Desolate Land. This was where Herb Garden’s players had seen Lord Grim.

If it was just for leveling, then Ye Xiu would have definitely went to a higher leveled area to level. However, he still had a few Level 28 quests, which had to be completed in Desolate Land.

Mission description? Background story? These had all stayed the same for ten years. Let alone Ye Xiu, even Plantago Seed wouldn’t read these. For experienced players, quests were only done for the rewards. And since some quests were long and stupid. They would only do these quests if they rewarded attribute points or skill books, those types of necessary items. Players would then impatiently do the prerequisite quests for those types of quests. Ye Xiu was currently at Desolate Land to do these prerequisite quests.

Ye Xiu had used an online guide as a reference. He used the simplest route, where several quests could be done at once. Killing monsters, looking for people, looking for items, delivering items to people, etc. would all be turned in at once. In this way, the quests would be completed quickly.

“Lord Grim is at Desolate Land. He’s alone.” After asking for the circumstances, Tiny Herb’s team members reported the info to Wang Jiexi.

“To Desolate Land.” Wang Jiexi said.

The entire team of eleven flooded in towards Desolate Land. Vice-captain Deng Fusheng, who was sitting beside Wang Jiexi, was rushing over, while saying: “Even if he really is Ye Xiu, if we all go at once, won’t that be a little excessive?

Wang Jiexi turned his head and looked him in the eye, calmly saying: “Have the main force go duel him.”

“Take turns?” Deng Fusheng said.

“Group competition. We’re eleven, he’s one.” Wang Jiexi said.

Deng Fusheng started sweating. Was there a difference?

They quickly reached Desolate Land. Lord Grim was doing quests, so he obviously wasn’t hiding and was easily found. Plantago Seed had also arrived, but he didn’t dare go over and say hello to them. He stealthily found a place to hide and watched from there. Seeing these eleven characters together, he knew that this was the real Team Tiny Herb. An urge swelled up in his heart. He wasn’t sure whether he should record it or not.

“Main roster go challenge him. Who’s going up first?” Wang Jiexi asked in the practice room.

After a moment of silence, someone said: “I’ll go!”

“Okay.” Wang Jiexi answered.

This player was called Liang Fang, a Berserker. His playing was simple and rough, a very wild player. At this moment, he was using the Level 27 Berserker Blood Frenzy with a Level 25 Purple weapon Breaking Water Greatsword: Physical Attack 310, Magic Attack 210, Strength +10, Collapsing Mountain Skill Level +1. Besides this, he wore a few normal Blue or Green equipment from random dungeons and quests. It was already quite impressive that Plantago Seed was able to provide a Purple weapon for everyone. Providing good equipment for everyone was too much for him to handle.

Liang Fang’s Blood Frenzy raised his sword and began heading over. The other ten dispersed to let him go through. Ye Xiu was still killing monsters, not paying attention. Xiao Yun and the others were lonely. With such a large group, how could he not have seen them. They had fought with him the other day, yet today, they weren’t able to draw in any attention from him. This only meant that the other side hadn’t put them in his eyes.

“Hey!” After Blood Frenzy walked over, Liao Fang roared.

Lord Grim ignored him and continued to kill monsters.

Everyone felt annoyed. Liao Fang had such a loud voice. They had all heard it. How could the closer Lord Grim not have heard it? If he didn’t respond, then that meant he was ignoring him.

“Hey!!” Liao Fang yelled again. He wanted to fight him fairly and didn’t want to attack him while he was fighting monsters.

Still ignored.

Liao Fang’s Blood Frenzy coiled around over to Lord Grim’s front so that he could be seen. “I’ll wait until you’re done killing monsters.” Liao Fang said and then quietly waited for him.

Lord Grim killed the monsters he had gathered carelessly like he always did. Liao Fang waited until he saw that he was done. Just as he was about to attack, he saw that…… Lord Grim stopped moving.

Correct. Stopped moving. Not a single movement. The scene was completely still.

“Captain?” Liao Fang looked for help somewhat gloomy.

“Hit him once and see what happens.” Wang Jiexi said.

“Okay!” Liao Fang answered and then directly slashed at him. Lord Grim still didn’t move. He didn’t move the entire time. Liao Fang then suddenly heard what seemed like a girl crying out in fear, distracting Liao Fang. Lord Grim finally moved.

Just as his slash was about to hit him, Lord Grim suddenly crouched and the sword missed his head by a bit. He then rolled on the ground just barely dodging the slash..

“What’s going on? Who is this?” In Happy Internet Cafe, Chen Guo cried out in alarm.

Ye Xiu hadn’t reacted to the eleven people moving closer because he really hadn’t seen them; he hadn’t responded to Liao Fang’s “Hello” because he really hadn’t heard it. He wasn’t wearing headphones. How could he have heard it? He was just casually killing off monsters, but more importantly, he was talking with Chen Guo. After killing off a few monsters, he had stopped to concentrate on talking with boss Chen Guo. His boss was explaining to him Internet Cafe work, serious work.

Chen Guo had been looking at his screen. When she saw Liao Fang suddenly attack, she cried out in alarm. Ye Xiu turned his head and looked. He then immediately turned around and moved his character, unexpectedly dodging the blade in that short instant.

“I don’t know…….” Ye Xiu said, while looking around. He saw Cloudy Heavens and the other’s ID and then immediately said “Oh.”

“Who?” Chen Guo asked.

Ye Xiu shook his head. He wasn’t too sure. But after seeing everyone’s ID and seeing the classes of all eleven players, he was suddenly startled.

Team Tiny Herb?!

Even though Ye Xiu wasn’t a Tiny Herb fan like Plantago Seed, he was old rivals with Tiny Herb, so he was actually even more familiar with Team Tiny herb’s classes than Plantago Seed. With just a glance, he had already determined this, making Ye Xiu extremely surprised.

At yesterday’s fight with that group of players, Ye Xiu had already figured that they weren’t ordinary. They were pro-level, but he hadn’t thought that they were from Tiny Herb. He had actually been suspecting that it was Liu Hao’s doing. He thought that because that guy had failed to beat him in dungeon records, he decided to just directly go and kill him. But these eleven players’ classes all clearly matched with Team Tiny Herb’s classes.

Ye Xiu immediately thought of that day’s intense fight with Plantago Seed. So it really was Wang Jiexi controlling him?

Ye Xiu thought. He then looked at the other Witch besides Weeping Crow among the eleven characters: Fiery Blaze.

Behind Fiery Blaze’s screen, Wang Jiexi calmly said: “Liao Fang, go up!”

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