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Chapter 119 – I Forgot

The world was at a loss. Each of the big guilds were shocked.

17:22:17. All of the Glory veterans began murmuring about this record. If they hadn’t gone mad yet, they were close.

It was another fastest record in all ten servers. After the tenth server opened, these towering records that stood tall for many years became like crumpled paper. Fortunately, the new server had a lot of new players, so they didn’t understand. If this was in an old server, then the players would certainly begin discussing which God had descended down into the mortal plane. But even if it was the tenth server, sooner or later, there would be controversy too. Right now, because the server had just opened, the other servers’ players didn’t pay much attention to the circumstances in the tenth server. Even more so, this was still just a low-leveled dungeon, so the amount of attention onto it was even more limited.

But the content of the controversy wasn’t wrong. This really was a which God had descended down into the mortal plane issue.

“Amazing, too amazing!! I don’t think anyone can beat this record.” Blue River sent a message at the first open moment.

“Ha ha, that might not be true.” Ye Xiu replied.

“F*ck, if someone can break this record, then I’ll eat my keyboard.” Blue River said.

“You’re too confident.” Ye Xiu said.

“It’s not like we don’t understand. This record is too amazing. How did you do it? Did you record it?” Blue River asked.

“I didn’t.” Ye Xiu said.

“Tsk tsk, amazing, too amazing.” Blue River could only praise him. In reality, he didn’t care how he had set it. As long as he had the record, he was fine. It was just Boneyard, even Blue River wouldn’t put so much effort into researching it.

“Don’t leave the guild yet! Please consider our proposal yesterday.” Blue River hurriedly sent a message. Before, Lord Grim would promptly leave the guild after setting the record. He left so fast that he didn’t have time to say anything to him.

“Okay.” Ye Xiu answered.

“Where are you? I need to give you the items.” Blue River said.

After receiving his coordinates, Blue River rushed over. The Vampiric Lightsaber was originally in his hands, so he unequipped it. Along with the eight Bone Spines, the Lightsaber was sent to Lord Grim.

“Thanks for your trouble everyone.” Blue River expressed his amiability to everyone.

“Are we still going to continue?” Tang Rou asked Ye Xiu. Because of Steamed Bun Invasion’s mistake, the record was still a little off in Tang Rou’s eyes, making her care very much.

“Let’s level!” Ye Xiu said.

“The record still isn’t at the limit!!” Tang Rou said.

“It’s pretty much there.” Ye Xiu rejected the notion.

Aside, Liu Hao snuck a laugh. This girl still wanted to hit the limit? With me here, give it a rest. The limit? You’ll all see it soon.

Afterwards, they ran the dungeon another three times. Everyone played through it like they were leveling. They obviously didn’t fight the second BOSS Zombie Bailey with that method. BOSSes were experience and equipment. How could a leveling party want to trap it and not kill it?

After running the dungeon three times, Hateful Sword took his leave first. Liu Hao had wanted to leave long ago. He didn’t want to waste anymore time. He actually had quite a few times where he had the impulse to reveal his identity, but was always able to stop himself in the end. He even kept up his act and finished running the the dungeon three more times with everyone. Patiently enduring. Liu Hao always felt that he was patiently enduring.

After going offline, he immediately went to rest. Early the next morning, after finding the account cards that Chen Yehui had given him, he promptly gathered his troops.

Wang Ze and Fang Fengran were subs in the current roster and were very young; Zhang Jiaxing and Shen Jian were players in the current roster and were extremely close to Liu Hao. Liu Hao had called for the four of them awhile ago. Moreover, along with Ye Qiu’s practice session in the past few days, he had also brought the four of them to do a few test runs. He felt that there weren’t any big problems, so he felt very confident. In those runs, he hadn’t used the account cards Chen Yehui had provided him until now because he was afraid that he would accidentally break the record in their practice runs.……

After all, they were all pro-players. Their comprehension ability was much greater than Tang Rou’s and Steamed Bun Invasion’s. After Liu Hao had explained it once, everyone already understood what they were supposed to do. They weren’t like Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion, who needed Ye Xiu to constantly remind them. Breaking in naturally went by extremely quickly. Now that he had the suitable account cards, Liu Hao felt certain that they’d be able to set the record within four runs.

“We’re setting the record now?” The four players had all come to the practice room and all knew why they were here.


“We have a match tonight!” Shen Jian said.

“What match?” Liu Hao asked.

The four were greatly alarmed. Liu Hao, their vice-captain, had actually forgotten the day of their matches?

“We have a match versus Blue Rain tonight!” Shen Jian reminded him.

“Really?” Liu Hao looked at the calendar. Sure enough, the match was today. In these past few days, he had been extremely busy in the new server. So busy that he had even forgotten such an important event. Recently, he hadn’t practiced as much either. After calculating it, he found that he had actually practiced with Steamed Bun Invasion in the Arena the longest.

F*ck! Thinking of that guy, Liu Hao felt a burst of sinister anger explode.

“Oh…… then let’s wait until after the match to do it!” Liu Hao hesitated for a bit. It was still better to put the more important things first. It wasn’t appropriate to spend time on the Boneyard record. Although Liu Hao was extremely confident, he also knew that taking down the current record wasn’t going to be easy. High levels of concentration were a must.

“Okay, tonight then!” After they heard Liu Hao’s decision, they let out a sigh of relief. Needless to say, Zhang Jiaxing and Shen Jian were going to be playing in the match today. As for Wang Ze and Fang Fengran, even though they probably weren’t going to go on stage, it still wouldn’t be good if they went to play the game on match day. If the Club knew of it, they would definitely punish them.

“What maps are we playing on tonight?” Just as they were about to leave, Liu Hao suddenly asked this question.

Zhang Jiaxing almost crashed to the floor. He hastily supported himself with a chair. The vice-captain didn’t even know what maps they were going to be playing on. Just how distracted was he!

That night, Glory League’s 21st Match began. The home Team Excellent Era faced against the visiting Team Blue Rain. As before, it became competition night in Happy Internet Cafe and business boomed.

Team Blue Rain couldn’t be compared to 301. Blue Rain was currently in second place. Their spot in the playoffs didn’t need to be worried about; they were one of the most popular contestants for the Champion title. Compared to the second to last place Excellent Era, the difference between them was simply like heaven and earth. Excellent Era had changed their rosters. And in their second match with a new roster, they would face against such a strong opponent. It would be a big challenge for them.

Chen Guo was once again sitting in her usual spot, while Ye Xiu was once again leaning on the door and smoking. And Tang Rou, who now took Glory seriously, specially ran over to watch the highest level of play in Glory, a pro match.

As before, the match was split into three parts: individual, group and team competition.

Excellent Era was the home team. Utilizing their advantage of knowing the maps, Excellent Era won two of the three individual matches. Happy Internet Cafe jumped about in joy.

Next up was the Group Arena. This time, unlike 301, Blue Rain wouldn’t be so hesitant against Sun Xiang and One Autumn Leaf. Blue River’s trump card was Huang Shaotian. He didn’t lose to Sun Xiang in skill and was more experienced than Sun Xiang. In addition, his character Troubling Rain was on the same level as the Battle God One Autumn Leaf.

In the end, in this Group Arena, both teams put their trump cards in the third position as the anchor. Relying on their home team advantage, Excellent Era started off well and stayed ahead all the way until Blue Rain’s Huang Shaotian came out. Then, the situation reversed. After slashing down two of Excellent Era’s pro players, still with ⅘ of his health, he met Sun Xiang’s One Autumn Leaf head-on. In the end, he still obtained victory. In the Group Arena, Team Blue Rain won 2 points. Happy Internet Cafe fell into silence.

“In this Group Arena, both teams played well, but in the end, Huang Shaotian was still better and took advantage of every opening there was.” In the broadcast, the host and the honored guest brilliantly commentated on the highlight reel in the Group Arena.

Finally, the team competition began. Excellent Era took the initiative and had a good opening. The situation looked good, and the spectators at the Internet Cafe jumped in joy.

“Uh oh, a mistake…… this is a very serious mistake!!” The host suddenly yelled.

“Yeah…… Liu Hao, his performance today has been very poor!” The honored guest said.

“He also lost in the first match of the individual competition.” The host said.

“But this mistake shouldn’t have happened. Liu Hao is completely out of it today.” The honored guest shook his head.

“We haven’t even finished talking about the first one and he makes yet another one……. that move……. ugh…….” The host was clearly a little speechless. He couldn’t find the right words to describe the situation.

“As a pro-player, that move was a little amateurish…….” The honored guest politely criticized.

“The situation had been reversed…….”

“How could Huang Shaotian let go of such a hole. Nice! Formless Phantom Sword, beautiful! The timing of Formless Phantom Sword was too good.” The honored guest shouted.

“Sun Xiang’s current momentum isn’t bad. But he’s still not as efficient and ruthless as Huang Shaotian!”

“However, we can still look forward to his growth.”

“This competition……. how unfortunate for Excellent Era…….”

“Yeah, from the looks of it, unless Blue Rain makes several major mistakes in a row like how Liu Hao did, I don’t see a way.” The honored guest said.

“Yeah…….” The host once again had no words to say. Clearly, he wasn’t convinced of such a possibility.

“Okay……. in the end, Blue Rain won.” Finally, the host announced the victor.

“What a pity, what a pity……..” The honored guest sighed on behalf of Excellent Era.

Happy Internet Cafe was a sheet of silence. After a short moment, curses began to be thrown around. Right now, in the Happy Internet Cafe, Liu Hao was Glory’s unrivalled number one. He got the “special treatment”. Everyone, old and young, “paid their respects” to him. His huge mistakes caused them to lose the team competition, which was enough to make the overwhelming majority of his fans to lose all reason. Some even went outside to pick up bricks, ready to revolt against Club Excellent Era across street from them.

“F*ck that piece of sh*t!!” Even Chen Guo looked down on him. At this moment, no one respected Liu Hao. Even his most faithful fans couldn’t justify him. His mistakes were just too ridiculous.

As before, Ye Xiu was still leaning on the door and puffing out clouds of smoke. Without a word, he watched as customers left in rage. Quite a few people really did run over to Club Excellent Era’s door and protest.

Club Excellent Era.

After the competition ended, all of the pro-players silently sat in the resting room. No one said anything. Sun Xiang’s face was ashen. After savagely glaring at Liu Hao, he slammed the door and left.

The other pro-players gazed at each other in speechless dismay. They stealthily examined Liu Hao’s expression.

Liu Hao’s face was deathly pale. He obviously knew how serious his mistakes were. He even knew why those extremely serious mistakes were made. In the past few days, he truly was too unfocused. He spent way too much time on that Level 20 Berserker and wasn’t in the right mindset coming into the match. In the end, he had carried along a mindset of playing against Steamed Bun Invasion in the Arena as well as the Boneyard record coming into the match. How could he have done well?

“Liu, are we still setting the record for that whatever dungeon?” Shen Jian was also ready to leave. Only, he took the opportunity to quietly ask him when he passed by Liu Hao.

“Set!” Liu Hao’s tone was fierce and determined. If he didn’t set it now, then there was nowhere else for his pent-up anger to explode.

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