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Chapter 116 – An All-New Strategy

After the four monsters rushed out, they immediately headed towards Lord Grim. In the next second, the four monster grouped together.

To be more accurate, they weren’t together. But they were all heading towards the same target and just happened to meet up at the same place.

Although Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion had skill, they were still beginners in terms of knowledge and experience and were completely indifferent to the current situation. However, Su Mucheng and Liu Hao quickly saw through it.

This was gathering the monsters in one move. Just by relying on his pathing, he was able to perfectly gather up the monsters in one move.

This gathering calculated for the monsters’ positions, the monsters’ movement speed, pursuit path as well as how they chose to change directions. Afterwards, by controlling the character’s movements and pathing, in the blink of an eye, the monsters would move into the necessary position.

This was a strategy that needed them to pay extreme attention to the details!

However, although this method of gathering monsters was beautiful and flawless, killing off these four monsters in this way wouldn’t improve the time by much, right? If everyone just swarmed them and forcefully attacked the four monsters separately, they could also instantly gather the monsters and they might even be a bit faster.

Su Mucheng and Liu Hao both had the same doubts in their heart.

Lord Grim, however, had already started moving.

Shadow Clone Technique!

Lord Grim’s fake body was left in his original position while his real body had already instantly flashed over to the other side. However, the monsters were still headed towards his original position. Players could rely on experience to determine the real body in Shadow Clone Technique, but monsters couldn’t. This skill had a 100% chance to trick monsters. The four monsters continued to charge towards the fake body.

Falling Flower Palm!

The real Lord Grim immediately unleashed a blast. The four monsters smashed into each other and flew out. One of them wasn’t hit strong enough. It looked as if it were about to fall, when Lord Grim stabbed out with his lance and the monster flew high up into sky. A Dragon Tooth thrust forth and this monster flew forward farther than rest.

The four monsters were hit onto a stone wall. Dungeons! Most of them had a closed off space, whether it be a mountain, a forest, a precipice, or a wall. There was always some sort of barrier that led players towards a certain direction. They couldn’t let you just casually go around the monsters.

The four monsters smashed into the wall. Lord Grim’s quickly rushed up. Steamed Bun Invasion roared and was about to go up too to battle when Ye Xiu yelled: “Watch first.”

Steamed Bun Invasion immediately halted. He spun around in his original position and said to Hateful Sword: “Don’t move! Watch carefully.”

Liu Hao had already learned well. He definitely wouldn’t reply back to Steamed Bun Invasion.

Lord Grim rushed up. One player versus four monsters, which were easily suppressed. Originally, there was a small, narrow crack in the stone wall. Lord Grim’s previous Falling Flower had blown a monster into it and his following Dragon Tooth knocked another one into it. After rushing up and using two or three moves, the monsters were stuffed into the crack. Although it was a 1v4, it was more like a 1v1.

“This…… it could be considered a pretty good method for clearing the dungeon. But for setting a record, how will this save time?” Liu Hao was puzzled, extremely puzzled. But he didn’t say anything and only silently watched.

One of the monsters fell. The second one stepped out of the crack. In a short moment, it was killed and then also fell. The third monster stepped out, was killed, and then fell. And then afterwards……. afterwards there was no more!

Besides Ye Xiu, the other four players all looked at their screen with wide eyes. They had all seen in awe that the fourth monster, a zombie, was stuck in the stone wall. Although it bore its fangs and brandished its claws, no matter how it struggled, it couldn’t get out.

What was jamming it were the broken bones of the previous three skeletons. After the skeletons in the Boneyard were killed, they would immediately turn into a pile of bones and merge with the ground into a solid chunk like a scar. At this moment, the three skeletons were killed by Lord Grim on the same spot in the stone crack. The three piles of bones built on each other and the pile couldn’t be considered very tall. However, the clumsy zombie couldn’t get out no matter how hard it tried. It could only spin around in circles.

D*mn! So it could be done like this!!! Liu Hao was dumbstruck. Like this, when they pulled four monsters, they could kill one less, which would definitely save a lot of time.

However, to do this, he would have to do a lot more movements. Although he would save time from killing one monster less, would that time be wasted on those extra movements? Liu Hao was currently pondering over this issue, when he heard Ye Xiu say: “It’ll be done like this. However, as a record-setting party, we have to coordinate together and use the shortest amount of time to complete these moves. I’ve roughly calculated it. If the coordination is smooth, then we’ll be faster than normal parties by at least 10 seconds.”

10 seconds. This didn’t seem very amazing. But throughout the dungeon, if there were six of these ten seconds, then there would be a 1 minute advantage.

1 minute. If another party didn’t know of such a method, then it’d be extremely difficult for them to make up for it in other areas. Besides better equipment to increase their damage, there was no other method.

A chill arose in Liu Hao’s heart. He believed that situations similar to this definitely wouldn’t arise just this one time in the beginning.

Just as expected, whether it be similar or different situations, there were always a few excess movements that utilized the dungeon details. And in the end, they all went around monsters that couldn’t be avoided with the original methods.

With the original methods, if there were no mistakes, then a party could avoid fighting a total of 12 monsters.

With the new method, if there were no mistakes, then a party could avoid fighting a total of 21 monsters.

Using the previously calculated 10 seconds for each monster, then the new method had an advantage of a minute and a half.

Liu Hao was both astonished and extremely pleased. Although it was true that the new method was superior, he had already seen it all. For a pro-player like him, he didn’t need to learn all of the details perfectly. He just needed to understand the general line of thinking and then rely on his skill level to work it out. But right now, he didn’t even need to spend the effort doing that. This was because after their first run, the following three runs were for practicing their coordination. And Liu Hao was one of the five……

‘Soft Mist, you execute this Falling Flower. Go here, good……”

“Steamed Bun, your pathing. Use Brick to hit that one.”

“Anti-Tank Missile!!”

“Use Gore Cross and then Colliding Stab.”

“Hateful Sword’s skill isn’t bad!” Ye Xiu praised the new player quite a few times.

“How could that be. God, when the time comes for you to set a record, bring me along!!” Liu Hao actively requested it.

“Oh? Are you in a guild?” Ye Xiu asked.


“When the time comes, you’re going to need to temporarily join a guild. Is that okay?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Oh, so you’re doing work for a guild? How much money can you make?” Liu Hao’s seemingly normal question actually held sinister intents. He knew what Ye Xiu’s demands to the guilds were, but right now, he was bringing a party. After receiving the rewards, would he split them with the party? If he was splitting them, then upgrading his Silver weapon would be even more difficult. If he wasn’t splitting them, then Liu Hao would bring up this issue among them at once.

Ye Xiu hadn’t yet replied, when Steamed Bun Invasion said in extreme disdain: “Money? What money? That’s for going up on TV. It’s for glory. Hateful Sword, you really have no future! I look down on you as a representative of Aquarius!”

“Ah……” Liu Hao’s tone was somewhat terrified. In his heart, he was cursing: Steamed Bun, you dumb*ss. Don’t you know that you’re doing free labor? No wonder he brought along such an idiot!!!

And the other two players didn’t react in the slightest. Liu Hao couldn’t count on Cleansing Mist. It was 80% likely that this player was Su Mucheng. She breathed the same air as Ye Qiu. How could a little bit of money cause a fight. But what about this other girl? Why didn’t she have any reaction, who was she?

That girl hadn’t yet reacted when Liu Hao heard Ye Xiu say: “Oh, there are rewards. All of these are a few uncommon materials, but they’re all things I need. What would you like?”

“I don’t need anything….. I was just asking.” Liu Hao said. Of course he didn’t want anything. He only wanted to ask this question and use unfair distribution as a way to cause strife among the party. But now that he looked at it, it seemed he had failed. There was no point talking about the player that was likely Su Mucheng. It looked like the other girl didn’t get the signal at all. And as for Steamed Bun, that f*cker was an idiot. However, even if he was an idiot, if he really wanted to sow seeds of doubt into that guy, then it wouldn’t be too hard.

“The materials I ask for are all things I urgently need. As for the items dropped in the dungeon, those are given to everyone else to split. I don’t need those. That shouldn’t be too big of a problem, right?” Ye Xiu said.

Liu Hao recalled. In the previous two runs, it seemed like Lord Grim really didn’t take anything, whether it be Green equipment dropped from monsters or Blue equipment dropped from BOSSes, he directly renounced those. If he really did it like this every time they ran a dungeon, then there truly wasn’t anything to complain about.

“Oh oh. It’s nothing. I was just curious, so I just randomly asked that’s all.” Liu Hao hurriedly said, “I can join a guild or whatever. Why don’t you bring me along? I also want to go up on TV.”

“Okay, I’ll tell the guild when the time comes…… All in all, we’re helping them set the dungeon record, so if no one from their guild comes along, then it won’t look very good for them. Let’s see what they say! If they don’t care, then I’ll bring you along.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay, thank you, thank you.” Liu Hao said. Following the party, he could completely grasp their final strategy for setting the record. Moreover, as a member of their party, he could make a few mistakes to waste time without exposing himself. Right now, he was already hiding his true strength. As a result, he could act like he had difficulty doing a few actions in a few places as if he wasn’t skilled enough. And when it was time for him to truly set the record, he could completely go all out. Like this, using the same method, he would be able to set a better record.

Even if he wasn’t able to become a member when the time came, he felt that he could still suppress this party by a chunk relying on his pro-level coordination and skill.

Liu Hao was already extremely clear on these few player’s strength. Ye Qiu’s Lord Grim naturally didn’t need to be talked about. That Cleansing Mist’s performance wasn’t particularly noteworthy. However, as a teammate, Liu Hao saw through a few of her habits, especially her tacit understanding with Lord Grim. Although he couldn’t directly confirm it, Liu Hao was already certain that this player was Su Mucheng.

As for the other two, with Liu Hao’s skill, he could completely tell that these two were new players. He didn’t know how their mechanical skill was so remarkable, but these types of players still couldn’t be compared with pro-players.

Gazing at Lord Grim on his screen, Liu Hao seemed to have trouble doing a few actions while wearing an extremely pleased smile on his face.

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