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Chapter 167: The Dragon Lord (End)

Translation: Tay

Edit: Lesurous

A fight that had lasted about a day and a half.

Everyone was silent.

It was unbelievable.


The Dragon Lord Hansung and a nameless man fought to a standstill.

Something that couldn't happen, that shouldn't happen, was happening before them.



The saintess was the first to speak.

She carefully approached them.

The Dragon Lord was like a 'symbol' to humanity.

If even one person found out that someone like that was defeated, many people would be shaken.

However, it might be different if his opponent was worthy of representing humanity.

Therefore, she had to be sure.


Seraphina stopped the saintess when she tried to remove Muyoung's helmet.

"Saintess-nim, I will treat my seed. I entrust Hansung-nim to you."

"Ah, aah… That's right. First pray for healing…"

The saintess couldn't come to her senses. It was because she too had certainly thought that Hansung was humanity's strongest for a long time.

Pendragon was merely standing and staring vacantly.


It was at that time.

Hansung sat up.

It was because the dragon's powerful magic flowed through Hansung's body and healed him.

Actually, the regenerative power was beyond imagination thanks to Arkisa's magic, and unless Hansung's throat or heart were pierced, he would not die.


Hansung spat out the dead blood.

And he unsteadily got to his feet.

"He is a monster-like guy."

It was Hansung's admiration of Muyoung.

Where had a monster like this been born?

If not for Arkisa's magic, he would have had to devote months to his recovery.

It had been ten years since the dragon's skin and regenerative powers had been activated.

As Hansung took a step forward, Seraphina blocked him again.

"I will take care of my seed."

"I'm not trying to see his face. You and this man called Gael seem to be hiding something, but… fortunately it seems like he is recovering on his own."

Hansung had only gotten close to Muyoung to check his condition.

A small light appeared over Muyoung's entire body.

Divine powers and healing skills had been automatically activated and were healing his body.

However, the light was weak. It was because he had used recovery generously during their fight.


Hansung smirked inwardly.

The recovery skill Muyoung used was not recovery, but almost to the point of restoration.

He'd used it about five times, but each time he did his attacks became more vicious.

Since then, he'd thought that Muyoung was running out of divine power, but meanwhile, it seemed that he had been filled up little by little.

It wasn't only the purity that was high. His ability to regenerate divine power was also exceptional.

How could he not be called a monster?

"Teacher! You won!"

Pendragon hesitantly ran over.

His previously vacant expression had suddenly disappeared.

He looked relieved, if anything.

However, Hansung shook his head.

"If he had only a little more divine power remaining, I would have been defeated. No…"

Then, he put his hand on his forehead and sighed.

Had he won? Could he seriously say that he had won?

It was uncomfortable. It was as if Muyoung had not revealed his abilities.

Of course, that was also true for Hansung.

Because he had not been with Arkisa, and he hadn't used the aces up his sleeve either.

Techniques such as Sword Ki Blades or Storm Surge.

Because it was a battle of pure swordsmanship, he didn't use them.

He only used basic skills that assisted with swordsmanship.

However, Hansung was the Dragon Lord.

With the name of Lord he always had to be overwhelming.

But they achieved the idea of a draw. Even if each of them was concealing considerable power, it was no excuse.

Hansung shut his eyes.

As a result, it could not be said that he had won this fight.

Furthermore, during their fight, Hansung had missed Muyoung multiple times.

Soon, Hansung spoke heavily.

"I… lost."

Muyoung opened his eyes.

He frowned at the bright light coming through the window.


As he raised his upper body, he pondered his last memories.

He could remember up to both him and Hansung falling with great injuries.

It seemed that he had lost consciousness after that.

However, when he recalled the fight with the Dragon Lord, he felt strange.

The Dragon Lord hadn't put his heart into it.

That had not been all of the power of the Dragon Lord Hansung that Muyoung remembered.

He was someone that had command of Sword Ki Blades, which overlaid powerful energy on his sword, and Storm Surge that freely sent one hundred swords flying simultaneously.

However, Muyoung also hadn't shown his true power.

No powers associated with darkness had been used.

He'd only used up to 8 times acceleration.

Muyoung was able let time flow at a maximum of 16 times acceleration, however he had only used half.

Of course, even if they used all they had, the probability of Muyoung winning wasn't even 30%.

If Arkisa appeared and Hansung used Storm Surge, and Muyoung used all the undead  to attack, his winning rate would be less than 30%.

So the the idea of them both collapsing could only be amazing.

'Arkisa is a dragon that can't be compared to Barca.'

Barca, who he had hunted with the dwarves, was a much younger dragon.

On the other hand, Arkisa was one of the most powerful of the adult dragons. She was beyond comparison.

Muyoung smiled faintly.

Anyway, it had been a legitimate battle, and not an assassination.

If Muyoung had been victorious here, he would have been disappointed instead.

However, Muyoung cleanly acknowledged it.

He had lost!

Hansung was as strong as ever, tenacious, and a wall-like being.

Indeed, he was worthy of the hero title.

Although he had been brainwashed, he could still remember the 3 years he'd had Hansung under surveillance.

Muyoung was the only one in the world that knew the struggles and complications Hansung had endured.

'Hero material…'

Wasn't he such an amazing man whether 40 years before or after!

However, it did not seem that he would be forever impossible to surpass.

Because Muyoung's growth rate far surpassed their imagination.

And not only Hansung, but the day where he could deal with Arkisa at the same time was surely coming.

"You've awoken."

Shortly afterwards, the door opened and Seraphina entered.

There was a bowl filled with water and a towel in her hands.

She sat beside him with natural grace.

Then, she dipped the towel into the water and squeezed it out.

"What are you doing?"

"You've sweated a lot. I will wipe it off for you."

Seraphina carefully wiped Muyoung's upper body.

Wipe. Wipe.

A brief pause.

To have someone cleaning him was unfamiliar.

Then Muyoung asked.

"How did the trial of the First Knight go?"

"You passed. The saintess will send the formal documents of affirmation to you. By the time we get to 'Suicide Hill' everything will be completed."


"Excuse me, but your arm, please…"

Muyoung held out his right arm.

The feeling of the towel coming up carefully against his side wasn't too bad.

"Hansung… how is he?"

"He recovered quickly and was wielding a sword in the palace yesterday."

If he had the magical dragon Arkisa's magical powers, Muyoung would have recovered soon after he lost consciousness.

His heart raced.

If he was wielding a sword in yesterday's palace, it meant that he was reliving the fight with Muyoung.

He must have also gained something from Muyoung.

As expected, Muyoung had also gained a little enlightenment from Hansung's swordsmanship.

"I have to get up."

"Are you okay? Your body is still…"

"My body has fully recovered."

The 'Divine Blessing' had automatically manifested. Thanks to that, his body itself was unencumbered.

A new suit of armor and helmet hung on the wall of the room.

As Muyoung turned his head to look at them, Seraphina said.

"Don't worry. No one saw your face."

She had stayed up all night by his side while he slept.

She had protected him in case someone tried to investigate Muyoung.

Muyoung nodded and raised his body up in bed.

'There is a lot of time left until I find the God-Killing Spear.'

A productive use of the time came to mind.

"Let's fight once more."

Muyoung, who had searched the castle, said when he saw Hansung.

Hansung, who was wielding a sword, furrowed his brows.

"Come to think of it, didn't they say you weren't good at speaking?"

"That meant you only talk when you want to."

Muyoung searched in his chest.

Then he withdrew the Sage's Potion.

"Take it."

"Did you think you lost yesterday's fight?"


"No. I lost. So you don't have to give me the potion."

With a shake of his head, Hansung withdrew the sword fragment from his chest.

However, Muyoung didn't take it.

The reward was granted only to the winner.

However, Muyoung had completely lost yesterday's fight.

"I lost."

"Oho! It was I that lost."

Neither of them broke their stubbornness.

It was a stance of acknowledging personal defeat, but neither of them gave an inch.

"I fell first."

"We fell simultaneously."

"The person to rise first was definitely you."

"It wasn't me, it was because of Arkisa's magical powers."

"Ye[1] didn't use your full power."

"Ye? Your words are a little short… Hmm, isn't that the same for you anyway?"

"I lost."

"My words aren't getting through to you."

Hansung clicked his tongue with a shake of his head.

However his lips lifted in a slight smile.

"I have no choice. I have to fight again and make a decision."

Hansung too was just remembering yesterday's fight.

Muyoung's fight was the type that Hansung had not been able to experience.

It was so gruesome and aggressive!

"I won't use any skills."

"Do you mean to fight 'purely'?"

Another rule was set yesterday.

Muyoung nodded his head.

"This is fun."

Hansung summoned a sword.

This time it was not a dual sword.

Ten swords appeared, then merged together.

Ten Swords.

When a hundred swords were combined, finally the real Hundred Swords was completed.

That was the true meaning of Hundred Swords.

Among them, the Ten Swords was used.

The fact that he revealed this sword meant he acknowledged Muyoung as a true opponent!

This was certainly a different attitude from yesterday.

"But I can choose the sword I will use, right?"


Muyoung consented and pulled out Anguish.


Anguish cried out increasingly louder.

More than 10 days passed in the palace.

Muyoung fought every day. He clashed blades with Hansung.

And every day he grew in a different way.

Pure growth that was not assisted by anything.

Hansung was astonished by Muyoung's appearance, which changed daily.

However, he didn't try to see Muyoung's face. He displayed no signs of being even curious about it.

Muyoung wondered why he did not.

10 days passed, then Muyoung asked.

"Aren't you curious about who I am?"

"I am not curious."

Why was that?

Muyoung's eyes asked.

Hansung chuckled.

"In my life, I meet many types of people. There is little point in trying to find out about people that are just passing by. And there is no point in deliberately trying to find out about people I will meet continuously. Because I will naturally get to know them anyways."

Which type are you?

For the first time, Muyoung understood Hansung's words.

Hansung was thinking of Muyoung as 'someone he will meet continuously'.

If they walked a similar path, they would continue to meet.

Of course the day would come when he would naturally get to know Muyoung, but there was no need to force it for a moment's curiosity.

Hansung watched the sunset outside of the palace.

Flaapp! Flaapp!

Finally, Arkisa descended from the sky with a flap of her wings.

Hansung slowly climbed on top of Arkisa.

"I have to leave now. I have to go to the 'Sage's Room' and find out about what the King of the Dragons asked of me."

"Is this necessary?"

Muyoung had already received the sword fragment from Hansung.

Muyoung had also handed over the Sage's Potion to Hansung.

The sword fragment had somehow become part of their barter, but was it not an item that was necessary in order to solve what the 'King of the Dragons' asked?

The fact that Hansung had given it to him so coolly bothered him.

"I made a rough copy."

As he wasn't really concerned, Hansung waved his hand.

Then, the shape of the sword fragment was created in his hand.

In a manner similar to the Hundred Swords, he was even able to create a copy of the sword fragment.

It wasn't 100%, but he could create an 'imitation' that was 80 - 90% accurate.

"It's not perfect, but there should be no problem investigating. Also."

Hansung turned his head.

People, led by Pendragon, were running over from far away.

"My disciple is quite obsessive. Just don't kill him."


Arkisa gave a short cry.


When she flapped her wings, a strong gust of winds shook the surroundings.

Finally, just as how he had arrived, the Dragon Lord Hansung left like a wind.

Of course, he didn't just go.

'Next time we will have a proper fight,' he mouthed.

'A proper fight…'

Even though he didn't want to, that's what he thought.

Win or lose, next time he would face him properly.

So Hansung also had to show everything.

Someday. Definitely.

Muyoung clenched his fist tightly.

Translator's Notes:

[1] Ye :

In Korean, the honorific/polite word for 'you' is 'dangshin' (당신). In this sentence, Muyoung used the very informal 'neo' (너). Hansung therefore noted that Muyoung had spoken a bit 'shortly', meaning informally. I couldn't think of any other way to represent that in English so please forgive the cringe of "Ye". (T_T)


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