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Chen Xiang never thought he would be so lucky. If it was before, he would definitely think that he was really unlucky, but right now, he had an extremely powerful Younger Nine Girl by his side, so he was not afraid of this Unwearying Fighting Dan God at all.

Aside from Unwearying Fighting Dan God, there were also his two disciples. However, they were only Super profound God, so Chen Xiang himself could easily deal with them.

"This guy is my enemy, can you take care of him?" Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to the Younger Nine Girl. The Younger Nine Girl had easily killed off the two monsters, so she was definitely not weak.

"Haha …" The Unwearying Fighting Dan God suddenly laughed out wildly. "Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang, I never thought that you would fall into my hands in the end. If that fellow Hell Devil Emperor is not here, I can kill you without any qualms!"

Previously, when the Unwearying Fighting Dan God wanted to make a move against Chen Xiang, it was precisely because of the Hell Devil Emperor's obstruction that gave Chen Xiang the chance to summon the Nine Heaven Devil Palace, which caused all of them to be in a difficult situation.

Younger Nine Girl took out two swords and said to Chen Xiang: "I'll help you deal with this guy. You owe me this."

Unwearying Fighting Dan God didn't know Younger Nine Girl, and although Younger Nine Girl had a charming face that captivated souls, Unwearying Fighting Dan God felt that she wasn't very powerful.

"All of you, die together. You will be buried with my son." Unwearying Fighting Dan God sneered, two balls of flames appearing in his hands, transforming into two roaring fire bear heads.

In the darkness, a shadow of a flame flashed towards Chen Xiang. Younger Nine Girl turned into a gust of wind and blew towards the two balls of flames that had been extinguished.

Two swords appeared in Younger Nine Girl's hands, which were used to kill the two monsters.

Seeing how strong the Younger Nine Girl was, the Unwearying Fighting Dan God was shocked in his heart. He knew that Chen Xiang had a white dragon by his side, but the woman in front of him was not that white dragon, and when Chen Xiang first came in, he was the one who came in.

"Go and face that Chen Xiang." Unwearying Fighting Dan God shouted to the two disciples in the corner next to him: "You just have to delay him and prevent him from messing around, after I take care of this woman, I can go and help you guys."

Younger Nine Girl brandished his two swords and attacked Unwearying Fighting Dan God, two disciples of Unwearying Fighting Dan God immediately rushed towards Chen Xiang. They knew that Chen Xiang was very strong, but they thought that their master was strong, so even if they couldn't win against him, their master would still help them.

Chen Xiang coldly snorted: "You overconfident fellow, did you not see how I killed Feng Shen?"

Hearing Chen Xiang's words, the two disciples suddenly recalled how easy it was for Chen Xiang to kill Feng Shen back then. Now, it was even easier to deal with them, but now, they were right in front of Chen Xiang.

Both of Chen Xiang's hands turned into huge palms, and slapped down hard towards them, producing a ball of flame. The bodies of the two disciples turned into sparks and sprayed out, instantly turning into ashes.

The Younger Nine Girl and the Unwearying Fighting Dan God fought fiercely. The Unwearying Fighting Dan God was suppressed by the Younger Nine Girl, and the Younger Nine Girl was even more terrifying than he had imagined.

In the Gods Realm, there weren't many strong women, and the strongest was only the hall master of the Divine Female Palace. But the Unwearying Fighting Dan God and the hall master of the Divine Female Palace were only on par with each other, and their fights were evenly matched.

"Who are you? Do you know who I am? I'm the Pill God from the War God Shrine. Offending the Pill God isn't a wise decision." Even when using all of his strength, Unwearying Fighting Dan God was still unable to counterattack, and could not break apart the Younger Nine Girl's fierce offensive.

"I'm the owner of half of this shrine. I've never looked down on things like the God of Pills. You should go and die as soon as possible, lest you suffer the endless torture here. You'll be grateful to me after you die." The two swords of the Younger Nine Girl suddenly flashed, crossing around the neck of the Unwearying Fighting Dan God, with a pull of the two swords, the head of the Unwearying Fighting Dan God was chopped off.

Before Unwearying Fighting Dan God could understand what was happening, the head had already landed in Chen Xiang's hands. Without a word, Chen Xiang took out his Divine Deity.

"I actually got four, not bad." Chen Xiang looked at the four shiny Divine Deity in his hands, laughed mischievously, and then put it away.

Unwearying Fighting Dan God was already dead, but his body had turned into black smoke and was absorbed into the surrounding walls.

"This guy should have six Divine Deity. It's not bad that you were able to take away four of his Divine Deity." Younger Nine Girl nodded.

"Here you go."

Chen Xiang passed over, wanting to give her two, but she shook her head: "Keep them yourself. I don't need them with my current strength."

To be able to easily destroy a Upper Heavenly God like the Unwearying Fighting Dan God, the Younger Nine Girl would definitely be very strong. Although she wasn't too powerful, she wouldn't be far from becoming too powerful.

"Let's keep walking." Younger Nine Girl came to the doors on the wall and said, "Wait a moment, after these changes, the direction to the wall will also change."

Chen Xiang said: "It's these doors that have made me dizzy. Little Jiu jie, you have learnt the rules of these doors."

The Younger Nine Girl nodded and said, "I have managed to grasp a little of the rules."

She and Chen Xiang patiently waited for a while, when the doors moved again, the Younger Nine Girl immediately opened the middle door, and pulled Chen Xiang in.

After entering, Chen Xiang realized that he was in a garden and there was even a bright sunlight. This made him very happy, because there was a garden on the map, right in the middle of the road.

"How do you know?" Chen Xiang curiously asked the Younger Nine Girl.

"Feel it. I grew up in this shrine since I was young. I have a special feeling. When the doors are changing, space is also moving. When this garden is near, I can feel it." Younger Nine Girl shuttled back and forth along the familiar path in the flower garden, Chen Xiang following closely behind her.

"Don't relax, even though it is a safe route on the map, this is the resting place for those bastards and traitors. Be careful." Just as Younger Nine Girl finished speaking, a wave of cold wind blew over, accompanied by a wretched laughter.

"Younger Nine Girl, if it wasn't for you betraying the Nine Divine Kings first, we wouldn't have betrayed you. You still have the face to talk about us." The voice smirked.

Chen Xiang could tell now that the Younger Nine Girl was very prestigious in this shrine. Otherwise, there would not be a large group of Nine Divine Kings disciples betraying him.

"I have my own difficulties, different from all of you." Younger Nine Girl's voice was ice-cold. She had pretended to betray Nine Divine Kings in order to get into the enemy's camp and find an opportunity for Nine Divine Kings. Who knew that these disciples would be so disloyal and turn traitor.

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