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  “In addition, the country of whirlpools may have been captured by our ninjas at this moment!” “There’s no much time left for you to choose.” Qin Yi said. At this time, the sounds of killing and shouting spreading around Uzushiogakure, that make the leader looks nervous. ” Kill East Side team, destroy their seal boundary!” “Face up to the squad, rush with me!”  “The ninjas of the Qin Kingdom breakthrough, we are surrounded, run!” The loud shouts and the atmosphere of madness and killing, the two Kages could clearly saw the dust flying up, and the flames of explosions around the village. This means that the ninjas of the Qin are already here. “in this war, the country of Whirlpools has no chance to win, if you don't choose to merge with the Kingdom of Qin, there is only one fate waits you!” Qin Yi roared and the seven tails roared, and he gathered a Bijudama again. ” destroy!” Qin roared. “roaring Sfx!” The seven tails Roared, shot the Bijudama between them. In sharp loud sound, it caused massive explosions. And the area around them was collapsed. At the same time, Qin Yi quickly printed and opened his mouth. “Explosion Release: Majestic Fire Ball!” The flame formed a ball shape and attacks toward the Uzukage. The latter leaped high and roared. “Five Sign Seal!” Five pairs of red eyes appeared in the void, seems like the eyes of the Shinigami, surrounded by purple energy glow, quickly formed a curve in the air, and then gathered into a circular rune. When the blast hit the surface, it disappeared. “Boom!” After that, Qin Yi's eyes flashed with admiration and he leaped backward. “Interesting, has my attack been transferred? Is the combination of seal and teleport ninjutsu?” “But it’s still primitive, the process is clear!” Qin Yi instantly perceived the details of the technique. As far as he knows, the seals of the Uzumaki clan are actually very powerful techniques, for tailed beasts, attacks, people… He stepped then he disappeared instantly. “where is he!” “not here!”The Uzukage turned his head quickly. Qin Yi was already surrounded himself with Susanoo. He struck him instantly. “boom!” With the powerful force of Susanoo, the Uzukage was thrown quickly, slammed into the buildings behind him smashed 13 houses and then stopped. He was coughing and struggling to stand up from the ruins, Uzukage was struggling to the end for his country but he knew that there is no hope from facing Qin Yi. He is not an opponent to Qin Yi. If he back to fights again there is only one miserable end. And the army of Qin Kingdom has surrounded the entire country of the Whirlpools. The great Whirlpools country ended with such an unexpected end. The Uzumaki Leader did not think that the country of Qin. Although he didn't pay attention to it, he did not care about it, would push them into such a position. “boom!” After the blast, Qin Yi came to him with Susanoo. the seven tails rose up gathering a Bijudama. ” Qin Kage Sama, please stop, I agree!!” The Uzukage took a deep breath and looked at the battlefield in front of him. His country surrounded by such destructive power. “This is a wise choice!” Qin Yi stopped his attack, and then he reached he give his hand to the Uzukage. The Uzukage sighed, and after a long sigh, he held Qin Yi's hand. ” On behalf of the Kingdom of Qin, I welcome you to join us.” “I believe that soon you will be able to understand the magic of this kingdom." Qin Yi smiled, Uzukage did not understand for a while. ” Qin Kage sama, can you order your army stop fighting against us?” Qin Yi nodded. In just a few minutes, the army of the Qin kingdom quickly withdrew from the country whirlpools, this war shocked all the Whirlpools people. Under the powerful deterrent of Qin Yi and the seven tails, the strong encirclement and suppression of the army of the State of Qin, the country of the Whirlpools could be said have suffered heavy casualties. Let them clearly understand the power of their neighbor. and at the Merger meeting, no one spoke out against it. Even most powerful men when they have to choose between life or death. everyone knows how to choose. Moreover, the high-level ninjas who made decisions, at this time have been seriously injured by Qin Yi, lying in beds. After signing the joining agreement with the country of Whirlpools, Qin Yi returned to the country of Qin. When he slowly sat in the seat of Qin kage’s office, he was smiled, he was too joyful. “The land of Whirlpools was annexed and the kingdom of Qin expanded. At the same time, their seals were already in my hand!” Qin Yi was looking at the scroll on the table, he very satisfied. He knows very well that this scroll contains the skills that he needs at the moment and that is vital to his future development! With these techniques, he will be able to complete the development of his techniques too. “now I will rise up to the second level of my Knot Seal Formation!” Pseudo-Seeking Ball is indeed convenient, but it also has shortcomings, once an accidental explosion, his country will be cleared instantly. “The biggest disadvantage of this thing is that it is explosive!” “Fortunately, the ninjas in the country of Whirlpools didn't try to attack it or will be damaged so hard!” Qin Yi was happy, just now; his eyebrows glows and the power of the king began to expand and grow. The expansion of the country has made his power stronger and stronger. Close his eyes, and he could feel the people of the Whirlpools who were join flashing in front of his eyes. This means that the people of the vortex have joined his kingdom and become part of it.

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