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The country of Whirlpools.

the country of the Whirlpools is just a village.

At this time, the ninja of the Whirlpools has been concentrated in their country's borders with the island of Qin, and they strictly guarded against the other. In the village of Whirlpools, there are just a few ninjas who are in important positions.

“our seals are so powerful that if they want to go to war against us, they must bear our wrath!” A ninja roared.

“Yes, the ninjas of Qin country are really too arrogant, they dare to face us. “

Every Ninja sitting here is a pillar member of the Uzumaki clan. There are dozens of them here who are all tolerant. They are proficient in seal art and their strong amount of Chakra makes them barely invincible.

Their Kage was wearing a hat, glanced at the crowd below.

As a Kage of this village, he knows that the village atmosphere of the current situation has intensified in this half-month.

War is imminent and unavoidable.

“How is the preparation work done?” The leader asked.

“We are ready, and we have laid out the seals in all major locations in the country and village. If they dare to come, we will show them a taste of our power.”

The leader nodded.

He is a wise ninja after all and he underestimated Qin Yi in his war preparation. From the news from Konoha, the Hokage respects him and according to his judgment, Konoha and other big countries have chosen to remain silent in the dispute between the two sides.

he was about to order the next job. Suddenly, the leader looked awkward and followed the big change that happened.

A sound came out from the centre of the village.

Time returned to five minutes ago in the Whirlpools village.

The country of the whirlpools, the street of the tidal wave hidden village.

A man wearing a white cloak, on top of his head the purple Qin symbol, and he was carrying a jar in his back.

This man is Qin Yi, who has quietly entered the country of the Whirlpools, but no one noticed.

He was walking all the way he did not attract anyone’s attention and he has been destroying the defensive seals of the Uzumaki and he came to the biggest one in the Whirlpools hidden village.

He was watching this strange altar nearby, Qin Yi was speechless.

The seals of the Uzumaki clan are extremely mysterious and powerful, and their villages are full of boundaries and seals. And these boundaries were the centre of the seal array, is the altar of the seal. If we destroy it, the huge protection boundary will collapse.

Of course, it takes a huge amount of chakra to destroy the altar, which is why Qin Yi carried the seven tails behind his back.


Qin Yi put the jar on the ground then he printed and his hands almost invisible.

“Come out, seven tails!” he roared.

“Roar !” the seal on the jar quickly disappeared, and the whole jar exploded.

A giant insect-like creature appeared in front of Qin Yi, flashing mysterious and weird colours shining from his body.

“Human, you actually destroyed the seal and let me regain my freedom!”

“Should I say that you are bold or arrogant?” The seven-tailed voice is like the thunder, he was overlooking to Qin Yi.

Even if he is not as powerful as the nine tails and eight tails, he was majestic and powerful too.

Qin Yi stood in front of him, his cloak was blown, the ninjas there noticed that there was a Biju in front of the altar.  

“the Seven tails! It’s seven tails!”

“Damn, how can the seven tails be here? Go and inform the Kage!”

“Who is the person standing in front of the seven tails?” For a moment, all the ninja there were trembling.

” neither, you are not free!”

“But!” Qin Yi's eyes have become a Mangekyo Sharingan.

“I'm just want to use your power!”

“Buzzing sound!”

At this moment, one person and one beast looked at each other. the seven tail's eyes turned into Sharingan looks like Qin Yi's eyes.

 Qin Yi took control of Seven tails by putting it under genjutsu then he jumped on top of the seven tails.

His eyes glanced forward and looked at the villagers who fled everywhere, and his eyes became sharp.

“Since you chose to provoke and to confront me, I will try my new strength!”

he looked straight ahead with his Mangekyo Sharingan. The seven tails immediately made a roar and he rose his head high.

a little bright and mysterious lights flashed and then gathered together to form a dark ball.

Tailed Beast Ball!

Qin Yi did not need any skills and qualities the seven tails possesses, just the huge Chakra and the simple and brutal energy bombardment.

“boom!” The seven tails made a Tailed Beast Ball and spit it out which crashed into the altar.

The powerful explosive impact was swept away in all directions but Uzumaki ninjas make seals to stop the balls., they were succeeded at the beginning but after the third one, the altar smashed.

At this moment, in the Kage office, many people around their leader were shocked.

“It's seven tails!”

“In the Six-country summit, the Qin State got the seven tails!”

“he is Qin Kage!” they were stunned.

As far as they know Qin's country had the seven tail beast seven for a couple and he is already able to use its power!

“The altar is destroyed, and our seals have been unable to stop him.”

“tell all the squads, this is an emergency!” The Uzumaki Kage shouted.

On this time, the ninja figures flashed immediately.

Later, the Uzumaki leader looked at the dust in the village and the place where the altar was.

“Now, let’s go to the legendary Qin Kage!”

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