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Just then, Gandalf came.

“Your Majesty, the Kage office has been built, and the Portal can be built!” Qin Yi smiled and his eyes flashed.

As the Romans do, the Qin State enters the world of Naruto. The State of Qin was established, and his hidden village is called Qin hidden Village. In just a few days, the Kage office has been built which makes Qin Yi happy.

He rose immediately and walked toward the Kage office.

Gandalf followed closely and he felt happy for Qin Yi.

The portal can connect the king's world. As long as it is built successfully in this world it can be combined with the two worlds.

Soon, Qin Yi saw the village center this magnificent Kage office building.

The overall style is like a fusion of ancient Chinese architecture and Konoha Village. The location of the three-floors building, a purple six-pointed star appeared between Qin Yi's eyebrows.

“excellent!”  he is very satisfied.

“You can begin Your Majesty. I have already asked the three generals to disperse the villagers and soldiers around to not affect you.” Gandalf said.

“well let's begin!” Qin Yi nodded.

He extended his hands and pointed at the Kage office. And the star between his eyebrows was glowed up.

Just then, a figure slowly approached.

“Mr. Madara.” Gandalf was surprised.

“I will take a look at how this kid wants to get through another world,” Madara said and his eyes are full of curiosity.

In his mind, he wondered whether Qin Yi could cross different worlds. Yesterday, he heard that these people wanted to build a door to connect their world.

At this time, Qin Yi did not care about the presence of Madara, his spirit has been concentrated in the Kage office building.

The power of the was king surging out and there was a ripple-like pattern in the void, which was constantly vibrating.

This kind of power is extremely noble and overpowered.

Madara and Gandalf beside him immediately shocked, they stepped back a few steps.

"Is this the gateway to different worlds?"

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