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Chapter 7
K . T . W Volume 3: Chapter 7: Long Road!
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Qin Yi was very ashamed, the corner of his mouth twitches a few times, but he can’t speak for a long time .

Chang Yi was not him, but from now on, he is him .

Fortunately, Xu Changqing didn’t say much, just frowned and looked at him for a few seconds, then he said .

“You are not qualified to send you down the mountain to deal with the affairs in the door . You have been obsessed with flowers; you’ve missed cultivation for decades . ”

“and you are an elder!”

At this point, even the charismatic Xu Changqing couldn’t say anything .

Qin Yi is even more suffocating . Not to mention Xu Changqing, yet he thought that Changyi is really useless . It’s a waste of Lushan’s food!

Moving his lips, Qin Yi finally spoke .

“Headmaster, I want to practice Cultivation . ”

Xu Changqing was stunned . After looking at Qin Yi for a while, he hesitated, “do you want to practice?”

“What is your level of cultivation?”

Qin Yi was embarrassed again: “it’s not a thing, and I haven’t started to cultivate . ”

Xu Changqing was utterly speechless . Changyi is the biggest rice insect in the Lushan gate! He didn’t expect that there would be such a guy in the Lushan sword school .

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“Are you fifty years old this year?”

With a long sigh, said Xu Changqing .

“Yes, sir . ”

Qin Yi said .

“The best time to cultivate is when you are young . You are 50 years old this year . Although you didn’t practice, your heart is sincere . ”

Xu Changqing shook his head, but Qin Yi understood what he said .

It’s not a question of whether it’s too late to start training at the age of 50, but In this case, it’s challenging to cultivate to the extreme . The cultivation of immortality is hugely time-consuming . Xu Changqing was afraid that he might lose the road and die before getting a result .

“master, I still want to cultivate . ”

Qin Yi insisted .

He wasn’t the original Chang Yi; He has to learn the style of Lushan . Qin Yi sacrificed a lot, and he was not willing to let it go .

After carefully examining Qin Yi for a moment, Xu Changqing just nodded .

“You are the disciple of elder Qinghui . Although he has gone as an immortal, he wrote down all his knowledge here . ”

“Since you want to cultivate, you should inherit Elder Qinghui . ”

Said, Xu Changqing waved his right hand a little, from the empty void a white light flashed, a thick booklet appeared in his hand .

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Qin Yi stared at the booklet and saw that there were three big words written on the cover, “Qinghui swordsmanship book,” and his eyes brightened .

“This is elder Qinghui’s book . I will give it to you . Also, since you have decided to cultivate, you must not slack off . “

“From today on, go with the disciples to the lessons of the elders . ”

“If you don’t understand, you can come and ask me . ”

After a pause, Xu Changqing suddenly sighed .

“I’m still at the door and can guide you . ”

Hearing this, Qin Yi just understood that this is the same Xu that he knew and admired . Although he is not the white tofu in the three TV series of Xinjiang, he is still affectionate and kind and can still be called a hero!

“Thanks, Grandmaster . ”

Qin Yi said solemnly .

“Go ahead . Don’t go out because of the recent changes in Lushan and be careful . ”

“Take care of yourself and cultivate well . ”

Xu Changqing waved and said lightly .

Qin Yi nodded and turned to leave .

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He noticed that there was a trace of sorrow and doubt in Xu’s eyes .

Just out of the gate of the main hall, Qin Yi heard the roar of a nearby floating mountain, which made him tremble .

“It seems that great events will happen in Lushan soon!”

But at this time, he was powerless . However, he was ready to devote himself to research and Cultivate for a while . He just glanced at the front and turned away .

Returning to his flower garden, Qin Yi was about to open the “Qinghui swordsmanship book,” he has to read it and study it carefully .

Although the title of this thick booklet is not written, it was the record that elder Qinghui learned and understood in his whole life . The practice of Taoism cultivation and spirit’s study, so of course, the understanding of this book will arise gradually after cultivation .

“As a disciple of Lushan mountain who seeks for immortality, should first cultivate virtue, virtue is the essence of immortality, without virtue you’ll be a demon, without virtue will bring disaster to the world, will fall from the sky . “

The opening chapter is a general outline, Qin Yi slowly swept over, and found that the elder Qinghui used simple and plain words .

In a sense, the Scriptures Taoist of the cultivate immortals are all a philosophy, are indicating the right direction that the human beings shall take .

There are not many words, just 1200 words, but Qin Yi spent a day and a night to read them carefully .

The short text, the more you can feel the mystery and complexity . Every sentence can even be understood in a different direction, which made Qin Yi deeply touched .

When the sun rose the next day, Qin Yi felt that his mind was clear, as if his spiritual strength had improved a little .

He continued to read it, but after the general outline, he found that he couldn’t understand the next texts were of elder Qinghui . Although he could read the words, he could not understand them at all .

At this moment, Qin Yi just sighed .

“It’s hard! Don’t just sit back and relax!”

The path of cultivation is both mysterious and blurry . He doesn’t have any foundation at the moment . If he wants to understand he must struggle, understanding is like climbing to the sky .

Qin Yi rose upright, closed the book, took it into his arms, and walked towards the outside .

“I didn’t expect that I would start from scratch; let’s listen to the first level of this elder with those younger disciples!”

With a smile, Yi walked towards the Lushan pulpit .

That’s where elder Zhenwu, elder Xuanqi, and elder Yuanshen were lecturing .

“Shu mountain cultivation, focusing on swordsmanship and Inner Strength, is subdivided into Martial Practice, Qi Refining and Soul Nurturing, There are 13 branches under it, which are quite complicated . Ordinary disciples can only choose one of Martial Practice, Qi Refining, and Soul Nurturing; while entry-level disciples are freer to choose; At the same time, the relationship between the master and the entry-level disciples will be loosened; the disciples could seek advice from an elder to learn any Lushan cultivation method . “

“Chang Yi is a standard student . It’s a pity!”

At this point, Qin Yi shook his head .

This boy doesn’t know how to take such an excellent opportunity!

He was thinking, Qin Yi, has gone to platform center, and found a place to sit quietly .

Around him, there are many disciples of Lushan mountain . They are all entry-level disciples looking at his clothes, isn’t he the Uncle of the plants .

Qin Yi is not embarrassed; he just listened quietly .

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