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Chapter 65
K . T . W Volume 2: Chapter 65: Share The Fun
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“These tricks are useless!”

“Uchiha Madara!”

Garp and Sengoku tore open the sea of fire and rushed straight to Madara .

The fighting power of the two men was astonishing . Even if their opponent was Madara, he must be careful .

In the State of Qin .

Qin Yi was sitting on the throne, looking with his king’s eyes .

“Two to one; it’s not fair!”

then he stepped out, incarnated as a black dragon roaring into the sky, and flew away quickly .

Back to Sabaody Archipelago .

Garp and Sengoku together have completely pushed Madara into a critical situation .

Whether it is physical skills, combat experience, instinct, both of them are no worse than him, even this guy named Garp he couldn’t confront him physically .

Yes, although Madara was unwilling to admit it, Garp’s body strength is powerful, his fists are mighty as the earthquake and hard as the diamond .


Between the Three men’s fight, the whole island was roaring .

The Navy that stood by was like an audience . They could not be entered in such a battle at all . They were shocked to see a cloud of smoke and dust exploding in the field . Their eyes shrank, and they were frightened .

“too strong!”

Such strength is far beyond them and is not at all the same level of people .

“It’s useless for you to resist like this . just Give up, Uchiha Madara!”

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Sengoku roared .

Sengoku and Garp have been good friends for many years, and they work together to defeat most of the world’s strongmen, they even beat the legendary Golden Lion Shiki .

This strange Uchiha Madara will not be their opponent; that was what Sengoku was thinking at least .

“Give up?”

Madara’s eyes were cold, and his heart was boiling with anger .

“That’s ridiculous!”

Suddenly, his figure slammed back .

He was staring at them with his Rinnegan .

“Limbo: Border Jail!”

He whispered .

He projected four shadows of himself into Limbo, standing in four directions .

Sengoku and Garp followed closely, then they have been attacked .

Four shadows rushed out and attacked the Sengoku and Garp .

The figure of Madara gradually faded and disappeared .

“Quantity is useless against me!” Garp felt them .

Garp punched one of the shadows with his fist and roared . On the other hand, Sengoku also hit one of the shadows; they could quickly feel the shadows .

Two shadows were thrown, and the other two had already rushed up .

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The shadow’s released two black balls in their hands and then shot them out .

“Be careful!”

Sengoku roared .

The Truth-Seeking balls flew out at high speed, and in a moment, it collided with the two men .


Two enormous explosions spread out, the wind howled, and the airflow changed wildly . The whole island trembled, smoke and dust rose .

The Navy retreated quickly, and in such a situation, they dared not go forward for fear of being accidentally injured .

After they dragged a distance on the ground, they stood up straight, and their faces became very serious .

“We must defeat him quickly!”

Look at each other, and they rushed up again .

During this short period of fighting, they felt that Madara was the most challenging opponent they had ever met . Even harder than the Golden Lion Shiki .

They know at least about the golden lion . However, Madara’s skills, which were different from anyone’s means, made them feel frightened .

It’s like the man in front of them ate several devil fruits; he is almost omnipotent!

Four dark beams burst out, and the Truth-seeking balls quickly formed, and then four shadows came out .

“Four this time!”

Madara was standing in another place, said coldly .


Sengoku’s eyebrows contracted and hurriedly roared .

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He faced this black ball; he naturally knew what terrible energy fluctuations it contains . If they collided with him, he might suffer many injuries .


Four explosions in a row, the whole island was trembling violently, and four clouds of smoke covered the sun, covering everything .

Sengoku and Garp were hit by this massive scale explosion, throwing their bodies and landing heavily on the ground .

However, soon they got up again and only received some minor injuries .

When they looked forward, their expression reached its zenith .

The Truth-seeking ball exploded, covering almost the whole island, leaving the small island covered by smoke, they were unable to see anything .

“Wood Release: Advent of a World of Flowering Trees!”

In the dust and smoke, a low voice sounded .

They shocked and felt that the ground was trembling .

Then, their expressions changed, and they jumped up sharply .

Thick branches broke the ground and became towering trees in the twinkling of an eye . Flowers bloomed . Instantly, in front of them, a dense forest covering the whole island has emerged . What makes them feel more and more the danger of this enemy, the wood can attack, the thick branches waving around and extending, continually attacking them .

“He turned this terrain into his field!” Sengoku sighed .

Garp scanned around, looking at the four shadows that jumped from four directions the next second .

“Here, they are!”

Subsequent, he leaped, and his figure suddenly disappeared .

Suddenly, Garp’s body appeared behind a shadow and kicked him .


with the extreme speed and violent force made the shadow had no time to react, and he was kicked out and smashed into wood pieces .

“I’m amazed at such a body strength!” Madara sighed .

On the other side, Sengoku leaped up and quickly shattered another shadow .

What Madara didn’t expect was that their strength was almost equal to him; these two guys could quickly destroy his limbo shadows .

“you’re strong; I’m Uchiha Madara declare you as the first people comparable to me in this world!” He smiled, watching them defeating his remaining shadows .

So far, they could break his shadows without Rinnegan .

“Some troubles!”

They broke his Ninjutsu; the figure of Madara emerged again in front of Garp and Sengoku .

“Your abilities are amazing, but now you have to yield, Uchiha Madara!” he roared, Sengoku leaped up and punched .

Madara avoided the blow easily, and his eyes were indifferent .

In the face of these two people, he realized that his strength was not enough, and he underestimated the world’s power .

If they continued fighting him together, maybe his fate will be a little unfortunate .

Suddenly, all three of them looked at the sky .


Above the white clouds, a fierce black dragon looked down and roared .

“I don’t need you, boy!” Madara smiled and shouted .

“but friends should share the fun, Madara!”

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