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Published at 3rd of September 2019 11:49:46 PM
Chapter 55
Volume 2: Chapter 55: The King Of The Qin State
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Aokiji’s warship landed early in the morning . At the same time, the Qin State had received the news .

In the shortest possible time, the entire national situation has been controlled by the deliberate and proper arrangement of the Council .

“Where is Aokiji now?”

As he walked out, Qin Yi asked .

“Resting in a hotel in Nanohana . ”

“Crocodile has already gone,” Pomelo said .

Nodded, Qin Yi said .

“Notify Crocodile, be polite, and wait for me to come over . ”

“Besides, don’t let him leave Qin . ” After that, Qin Yi disappeared .

Admiral Aokiji, with his high strength, can freeze the whole sea surface and keep it from melting for a week . Whether the power of his attack or its scope, it is beyond the imagination of ordinary people .

Nanohana port .

With his badass coat Crocodile came here with his horses and men .

“Where is Aokiji?” Crocodile asked the cold man behind him .

“He’s resting in a hotel not far from here . It’s supposed to be in a bar . ” Daz Bonez said .

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“In the bar?”

Crocodile was about to take a step suddenly he stunned then he smiled .

“I think I don’t have to go to the bar to find him . ”

Behind them, when they were in doubt, Crocodile had turned his head .

“Admiral Aokiji, you came . ”

Everyone looked back, and suddenly Then they looked back, and their expressions changed .

Not far from here, a tall and thin body . The man was wearing sunglasses and gave a feeling of laziness from top to bottom . And it was a bright sunny day, but he gave a cold atmosphere around him .

“Crocodile, your state at this time is beyond my expectation . ” Aokiji stood straight, stretched out, and walked forward .

“Oh?” Crocodile picked their side . ”

“with all of your ambitions behind the scenes . ”

“are you stand with them for real?” Aokiji looked curious, and he was shocked .

Every Shichibukai is a ferocious pirate, either dominant or fierce . Such a person has terrible ambition . How can they submit to someone? Even if he pretends really give in, it’s just a picture .

“I’m afraid the purpose of Admiral Aokiji’s coming here is not to deal with me?” Crocodile sneered .

“The purpose of my visit is straightforward . Since you are here, many things will be surpassed . ” After a few steps, Aokiji was in front of the Crocodile Gang .

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“There seems to be you have something to talk about it, so let’s find a place to talk slowly . ” With a hypocritical smile, Crocodile reached out and made an inviting gesture .

“This seems nice . ” Aokiji’s eyes twinkled, and a smile appeared on his mouth .

Aokiji noticed the change here, whether it was Crocodile or the soldiers around him . There was something strange and hidden in them that made him shudder .

He was even more curious about what had just happened in the country .

Five minutes later, Crocodile and Aokiji sat face to face .

“So, what the hell do you want to ask me?”

“I had little contact with the Navy last week . ” Crocodile said .

“What I want to ask is the story of Alabasta and its change to the State of Qin, and . ”

After a pause, Aokiji stared at Crocodile .

“Your current position!” Crocodile was shocked and then chuckled .

“The change of your side from time to time is normal . If you can live in it, you can report to the world government afterward . ”

“Is the navy have an objection?” Crocodile broke the first question .

“As for the station, I am Shichibukai, and I have not done anything contrary to the Navy’s original commitment . isn’t?” he said, Aokiji stared at him for a while .

But from Crocodile’s face, he only saw a light smile and disdain .

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So far, there’s no need to talk . Aokiji knows that he still needs to meet the new king in person . Maybe there, he can get all the answers .

“Now that you’re here, can you let me treat you as a guest today . ” Crocodile said .

When the food came up, the two were quietly eating .

Later, Aokiji led by Crocodile wandered around Nanohana . Aokiji is not in a hurry . He wanted to find out some details, which will help him understand the new country better .

At noon, the Den Den Mushi of Aokiji suddenly sounded .

It was Sengoku, he shouted .

“Aokiji, forget about the matter of Alabasta, and immediately return to the headquarters, as soon as possible!” Aokiji was confused .

He knows very well that great things happened in the headquarters . Otherwise, Sengoku will not be in this tone . When he woke up last night, he had already arrived in the State of Qin . And therefore he did not know about the events of the Sabaody Archipelago .

“I’m afraid I can’t hang around with you any longer, Crocodile . ” Aokiji said .

Realizing that something big had happened, he had no time to stay here .

“Oh? why?” Crocodile smiled .

“we will meet next time . ” Aokiji did not want to talk nonsense anymore . As soon as he turned around, he would go away .

But as soon as he turned around, his steps suddenly stopped and his eyes became more serious and cold .

A large number of people have surrounded him .

“What does this mean?”

“Don’t get me wrong, Aokiji . I just want you to rest here a little longer . ” Crocodile smiled .

“It seems that you are also involved in this huge event!”

Think of the words of Sengoku just now, Aokiji immediately responded .

Suddenly, the crowd separated, and a figure came quickly .

“Aokiji sama, I came here to see you . Why should you go in a hurry?” Qin Yi smiled . When he came in front of him, he stopped .

“The King of the Qin Kingdom?” Aokiji looked a little surprised when he saw Qin Yi .

He did not expect that the new King of Alabasta so young . Moreover, when this person arrived, Crocodile acted as if he was saluting this person .

“There’s something important at the moment . I’ll see your Majesty again next time . ”

Aokiji was on guard, but his surface was still calm .

“But in the State of Qin!”

“You can’t go until I let you go! If I don’t let you go, you can’t go!”

Suddenly, Qin Yi’s expression became cold, and his tone became cold .

“You’d better stay here today!”

Crocodile said .

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