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Published at 9th of August 2019 11:43:27 PM
Chapter 46
Volume 2: Chapter 46: Seconds
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This explosive news made Sengoku shocked and speechless for a while .

He took a deep breath .

“Send the nearest troops and call for the reinforcement . ”

“Who is the general stationed in the Sabaody Archipelago at this time?”

“Akainu? Okay, call him now . ”

“Make sure to catch this bold bastard!”

After hanging up the Den Den Mushi, Sengoku did not stop, but quickly issued a series of orders .

After a while, he hit the table again .

“This bastard!”

it was unexpected that this Red Asura actually did such an earth-shaking thing .

In The Sabaody Archipelago, at the entrance to the auction .

When the five people came out, the auction was surrounded by the Marine from all sides .

The officer said .

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“First, you asked everywhere where the Celestial Dragons . After defeating the Navy squat, you went straight to the auction house and did such bold thing as killing the Celestial Dragons!”

“I have to say; you guys are incredibly bold . ”

“you’re really looking for death!” In the end, the naval officer roared and waved violently .

“Be ready to attack!!”

It is axiomatic that the guys who dare to kill the World nobles will come to an end . The Marine has no time to catch them alive and ask the reason why this happened .


the soldiers load their guns, pointing their weapons at the five men at the entrance to the auction .

Ace was very nervous at this time . He knew that Madara would cause such a mess, and the Navy would react quickly, but still did not expect that they will come so fast .

At this time, they were surrounding them completely, and the reinforcement was still flowing .

Ace raised his right hand and the flame on his arm began to rise…

But at this time, Madara’s arm blocked him .

“I haven’t had a good time in this world yet . ”

“I am very interested in the power of this world!” Madara said .

he walked slowly, and after a few steps, he began to run with high speed .

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The Marine officer roared when he saw him rush out directly .

At this time, all of them pulled the trigger; they shot him .

In front of Madara, the bullets whirled and rushed at once; His eyes suddenly turned to the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan .

He pulled up the Kunai out quickly and then he waved it .

He dodged the bullets that were coming toward him; He even hit many bullets by his Kunai and then bounced back in the direction of the Marine soldiers, and killed many of them .

Madara reached ten meters ahead of the Navy, then he bent and leaped high .

The naval officer raised his head, and his pupils shrank .

“too fast!”

In the blink of an eye, Madara rushed into the Marines and he stroke with his knee a soldier in his chest .

The soldier was smashed up .

“kill him!!” The naval officer roared and his expression became crazy .

He didn’t expect that he has such a power .

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Madara’s expression was indifferent; he was rushing in the crowd, dodging their attacks, he brought his Kunai back . And he attacked them with taijutsu style .

Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan . Rotated rapidly, he was seeing the enemies movements in 360 degrees direction .

His attacks were agile and robust that every blow would send soldiers meters away .

Madara was like a wolf in a room filled with rabbits . No one could stop him .

The officer was already stunned at this moment, and his eyes were full of horror .

In less than a minute, the Marine troop had fallen in front of him .

“How is this possible?!”

“Step aside!” Just then, a tall figure behind him came and roared .

When the officer looked back and saw him, he was shocked: “Vice Admiral Bastille!”

Vice Admiral Bastille was up to 4 meters tall, with a five-meter-long sword in his shoulder . At this time, he rushed forward, and with every step he took, the ground was shattering .

Bastille leaped to Madara immediately .

“die!!!” Bastille raised his sword and roared .

Madara was kicking fifteen soldiers around him at the moment .

Hearing the roar, he whirled quickly .

At this time, Bastille waved his sword down . Just when the big sword was near to Madara, he leaped up; the floor broke with a loud snap .

In an instant, Madara had reached the top of Bastille’s head .

The slash of the sword spat the building behind him into two pieces . While Madara was on top of Bastille’s head, and suddenly he kicked his head by his right foot .


Before Bastille could raise his head, a great force had passed from the top of his head and extended to the ground where he stood . When the earth shook under him, his feet sank, and he fell violently .

With the sound of broken bones, Bastille’s face filled with blood and his sword fell into pieces .


After a couple of seconds, such a behemoth tall figure fell hard on the ground .

This scene shocked the whole audience and made the Marines around even more afraid to go forward .

A vice Admiral was directly killed by one hit!

Ace was shocked too from this scene .

Madara smirked and said .

“would you come up?!”

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