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Chapter 28
K . T . W Volume 2: Chapter 28: Hi Buggy
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Nami was stunned, Pomelo was amazed too .

She had never thought to find such a funny side of his Majesty .

Pretending as the uncle of a lost unknown girl, what does he think your Majesty at this time? Pomelo would like to know .

” are you, my uncle?” Nami’s expression was bizarre .

On those days, she stole this bag and had been running away, and she suffered a lot .

However, today, someone came to impersonate her uncle?

“You are the daughter of Bell-mère? I am her brother . ”

“When I was a child, I saw you on the battlefield . At that time, you were very young . you grew up . ”

“But I still could recognize you . ” Qin Yi looked very sad but said the words that shocked Nami .

“Bell-mère has a brother?”

At this moment, Nami was shocked . The man in front of her could call Bell-mère’s name accurately and claimed to be her brother . she had to believe him .

However, Bell-mère had no brother at all!

“She must have said to you that she has no brother?”

“Well, it’s a long story . We had a big fight because of our different dreams . Since then, we’ve split up . ”

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Qin Yi’s were sharp that he could see what the girl was thinking at a glance .

“You, really, Bell-mère’s younger brother?” Nami believed a little .

“By the way, I remember that she had a little girl at that time, called Nojiko, right?”

“She said that you are sisters, all her favorite daughters . ” Qin Yi said .

Nami had never seen him before, but he could say her mother’s name at once . Even her sister, Nojiko, said it clear if he was not familiar with those names he could not do it at all .

Nevertheless, Namei carefully recalled that she had never heard Bell-mère mention that she had a younger brother!

Moreover, he is still young!

“Don’t look at my young face now; I’m over thirty years old . ” Qin Yi shook his head .

“if you are Nami, then I am your uncle!” He affirmed it again .

Finally, he asked .

“How’s Bell-mère? I’m afraid it’s been 13 years since I separated from her . It’s been a long time!”

Qin Yi made Nami’s tears unconsciously has flowed over her cheeks .

“Bell-mèrel, she . ”


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The painful crying sounded fierce, and Nami bent down, and the tears could not stop flowing .

” is she dead?”

Although he already knew the answer in his heart, and although he was making a lie, Qin Yi was silent at the moment .

That woman is the most admired person in this anime .

She has no power or any unique ability, but she was a real, flesh and blood, sentimental, and righteous woman .

For Qin Yi, she is a hero!

In his previous life as a fan, he cried about this tragedy . Now, he became a participant, silently looking at the girl crying in front of him .

Without a word, he just reached out and patted on her shoulder in silence .

Pomelo did not understand the situation at the moment .

However, her tender heart can feel the inexplicable contact between them .

The same thing saddens them .

“Your Majesty, really know and understand this girl . ” Pomelo thought .

For the Qin State, many people don’t know much about Qin Yi . They have limited access to information from the fire of civilization, and not everything can be received . That is the reason why libraries have been set up on a large scale in the kingdom .

After two hours .

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“Are you, my uncle for real?”

“Of course!”

The conversation between them was long, made Pomelo annoyed .

Clever, she knew that the girl had determined that his Majesty was her uncle, but because of her lack of security, she was anxious to ask .

After getting the affirmative answer, Nami was in a much better mood .

“Then why did she call you Your Majesty? Are you really, king?

“No, but I think the king sounds extra domineering, isn’t it?”

At about 3:10 p . m . , Qin Yi, who was chatting with Na Mei, was interrupted by Pomelo .

“Your Majesty, we are in Orange town . ”

“Orange Town!” Nami heard these three words, and her eyes narrowed .

She guessed that the great pirate Buggy’s treasure is absolutely plentiful . If she could take it, her goal can be reached quickly .

“Uncle, this is Buggy’s territory . He’s a big pirate got a bounty of 15 million belly . He has many strong men . ”

“You must never provoke him,” Nami said .

she didn’t tell him about the cause of Bell-mère’s death . she bore all the pain in her heart .

Qin Yi squinted, and then laughed, “Don’t worry, I have something to do with Buggy, it won’t be a problem . ”

“HMM . ”

Nami didn’t think that Qin Yi is a strong person .

Bell-mère is just an ordinary human being, as her brother Qin Yi, naturally will not be strong . So her uncle should be really careful .

After the ship slowly docked, the three stepped off the boat .

Orange Town was very quiet at this time . Most people, because of the arrival of Buggy pirates, were closing their doors day and live a scary life .

Pomelo walked in front, with a cold expression and was responsible for leading the way .

Nami was nervous .

Fifteen minutes later, across the strange shape of the Buggy pirate’s crew . The three of them came in front of Buggy, who was sitting in a chair and playing cards with his men .

“Clown Buggy . ” Said Pomelo .

When Buggy heard his name, he looked up: “Who are you?”

“At your Majesty’s command, I am here to enlist you as his minister!”

“You have only two choices, surrender or die!” Said Pomelo in a calm tone .

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