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Chapter Prologue
The Inverted Dragon’s Scale: Prologue

The rain pours as if it’s a waterfall while lightning rips lines and lines of tears in the sky. Black clouds begins to wallow, the wild winds screams, as if the whole world is about to be engulfed in this huge storm.
Within Lu family’s tea house, master of the house LuXingKong stood in front of a huge window, looked at the strange weather with an imposing expression and said “The nobility giving birth is encountering such wind and rain, I wonder how XiaoYu is doing.”
“Father, there won’t be any problems.” LuQingMing comforted:” The family has prepared enough; QinXiaoLuo is the empire’s most experienced nurse specializing in childbirth, even the childbirth of the royal family is handled by her.”
LuXingKong pointed towards the two groups of black balls of light that have congealed together, smiled and said “Twin dragons playing with a pearl, a natural omen. That little guy, as soon as he comes out, he had already created such disturbances, then what will he be like in the future? My grandson, LuxingKong’s grandson, will have great future accomplishments!”
“As long as he isn’t defect.” LuQingMing replied in a ridiculing tone.
“He dares?”LuXingKong’s eyes became piercingly cold, two beams of shockingly cold light emerged from his eyes. “Our Lu family will not accept trash.”
Yet another flash of lightning descended, carrying a long tail as it flashed overhead, shocking everyone’s ears painfully and making their bodies tremble. If not for the secret defensive family arts that the Lu father and son cultivated, they would have surely been flattened by the strike of lightning. Thousands of beasts within the forest remained silent, even the demons bow their heads within the abyss. Dots of stars suddenly emerged within the skies above the brutal storm. A streak of silver light, like a silver chain, transversed through the skies; coming from what seems to be the extreme edges of time. This is a disturbance in time-space, an outrageous phenomenon going against the heavens. The twin black spiraling balls of light within the sky rapidly descended and exploded on top of the Lu manor. Golden coloured light illuminated heaven and earth, and went as quickly as it came.
A desolate voice emerged from the delivery room, followed by a pleasantly surprised cry from physician QinXiaoLuo:”He came! He came! Ah!”
LuXingKong was overjoyed, but without even getting to smile fully, he immediately heard a sharp yell “Whats going on?”
“Let me go have a look.” LuXingMing said loudly and ran towards the delivery room.

“Whats the situation?” LuXingKong asked in a deep voice.
“Skin black as charcoal, eyes still hasn’t opened up until now. His seven apertures are bleeding, heartrate is extremely low, I’m afraid….” LuQingMing’s eyes were watery and said the words with difficulty.
LuXingKong slammed his palm on top of the desk infront, the thousand years old rosewood desk crafted by a grandmaster immediately turned into dust.
“The thieving heavens are bullying the Lu clan!”
LuXingKong closed his eyes without speaking, after a while he asked with a deep voice “I heard that today a maidservant also gave birth to a daughter?”
“Yes, it’s XiaoYu’s maid” LuQingMing’s eyes suddenly bulged, face full of surprise. He said with difficulty :”Father, you…”
“Change it”
“Father, that is our Lu Clan’s flesh and blood, your own grandson!”
“I’ve said before, our Lu Clan will not accept trash.” LuXingKong snapped:” Unless you want the entire world to hear that our Lu Clan gave birth to a defect son? You want them to know that LuXingKong’s grandson and LuQingMing’s son was struck by lightning?”
“But XiaoYu over there…”
“She is tired, let her rest.” LuXingKong’s voice grew deeper. “Go and accompany her.”
LuQingMing walked outside with his head lowered, the originally large bodyline drooped after facing the cruel reality of the situation.
“She will be called LuQiJi.”LuXingKong said.
“That girl is called LuQiJi. It’s the name I’ve prepared for her.” LuXingKong said:” Tomorrow morning, take her out for praises and glory.”
“Yes, father.” LuQingMing’s hoarse voice replied.
He already knew, whatever decision his father has made, it will be made as fact.
His son… No, he has never had a son. His daughter is called LuQiJi.

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