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Chapter 89: Armour to have an audience with the emperor!

Li Muyang was well aware of the changes within his body.

Or perhaps he could say with extreme uncertainty: there was a huge dragon hiding within his body!

However, would people believe this?

“I didn’t kill Cui Zhaoren, the dragon in my body killed him——”

If he gave that explanation, others would only think there’s something wrong with his brain, right?

Li Muyang wanted to rip open his chest, pull out the black dragon that he encountered countless number of times in his dreams, then pat his head and say: Brother Dragon, by following me——you cause me to suffer to many times.

After listening to this annoying fat man’s analysis, Li Muyang already felt there’s no hope anymore.

What’s most important is that he knew that each word the fat man said made sense, and was not just said to frighten him.

After killing Cui Zhaoren and the dozens of men of the Monitor Department, it would be hard for him to find a place where he could fit in the entire West Wind Kingdom.

“It doesn’t matter if I die.” Li Muyang grasped firmly onto the fat man’s arm: “But would my family be affected by this? Are they going to be okay?”

“The kingdom does not have the crime guilt by association” The fat man explained. “But if the Cui family was to secretly retaliate——-choke to death while eating, fall to death while climbing or suddenly tumble while walking, all these things may happen to them.”

“I have to go back immediately.” Li Muyang crawled up from the ground, wanting to hurry back to protect his family.

Even if they die, he would die together with them.

However, under the vast sky and the sea of clouds, he does not even know where he was, let alone where his house was. How could he rush back?

“If you go back now it will only be a road that leads to death.” The fat man looked at Li Muyang and did not try to obstruct him.

“How could I live without going back?” Li Muyang no longer had any mood to talk to this guy. He has more important things to do.

He wants to transform.

Transform into the gigantic dragon.

He tried and tried.

Damn, still no success.

He is still Li Muyang, although he’s not a trash anymore but he is still the Li Muyang who could not soar into the air.

“Many people may say that after committing such a serious crime like you, there really is no place for you to go in the entire world. You angered both the Cui family and the royal family of the West Wind kingdom at the same time, how many heads do you have for them to behead?”

Li Muyang’s eyes lit up, grabbed tightly onto the fat man’s arm: “do you mean I still have a chance to live? ”

“Naturally.” Fat man said with a smile. “It was originally a situation where you must die, but it happens that you had found a small gap out——–Within the vast world, only Starry Sky is able to accept you.”

“Starry Sky Academy is not the Starry Sky Academy of West Wind kingdom?”

“Starry Sky Academy is the Starry Sky Academy of the divine continent. Your only way out now is to immediately rush to Starry Sky Academy, then if possible, quickly latch onto large thighs [1]——-In that case, you will be saved. Your family will also be saved.”

[1] Powerful people with great influence. Translated as large thighs as its going to be a running joke later on in the series 

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