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The Inverted Dragon’s Scale: Chapter Two

The scene unfolded too quick and too suddenly, it didn’t allow anyone to react. By the time ZhangChen charged, the lackeys by his side also started to move. They planned to form an oval shape, coming three directions, sieging and cornering LiMuYang. Although in their hearts they felt that with just ZhangChen alone he can easily deal with LiMuYang. However, letting ZhangChen attacking alone, would that not seem too barbaric? This was not beneficial to ZhangChen’s image in the school as a male god. If the three of them went up together, it would seem much more overbearingly imposing. It would also let people feel that they are very loyal. They only ran about half the distance and ZhangChen was already sent flying and the sudden change in situation made it so they were a little rushed. The plan to charge straight on was suddenly curved and changed into a huge wave; they enclosed LiMuYang from a distance and stared at him dazed.

Previously LiMuYang’s principle of doing things was to tolerate as much as he could. As long as others didn’t go overboard in bullying him he would always laugh and play along. Only through this was he able to keep damages to a minimal. What else can he do if he can’t beat them? Also how did, LiMuYang, someone without the energy to even tie up a live chicken, use his fist to send ZhangChen flying? Furthermore, he didn’t even use any force! At this point LiMuYang really wanted ZhangChen to stand and take another hit to see just what had happened.



“You’ve used the wrong method.” LiMuYang looked at ZhangChen regretfully, slowly shook his head and sighed, saying:”Student CuiXiaoXing is a smart female that is prideful and modest. The type of person she would like would be gentle, intelligent and keeps to himself, but also someone who can control the situation. You always ran over to ridicule me, bully me; do you think that by doing that you are expressing your strengths?”

“He isn’t only just ugly, he’s also very hateful.” The maiden thought to herself.

LiMuYang pointed at his face and said:” Look at my face, you’re more handsome than I am. At the very least you’re whiter than me.”

“LiMuYany you—“

ZhangChen was completely enraged, he pounced and grabbed hold of LiMuYang’s neck and screamed:” LiMuYang, who did you say was pitiful? Who did you say was pitiful?”

“Someone help! Pull them apart!”


“Pu—“ ZhangChen spurted a mouthful of fresh blood, either because of internal injuries, or because of suffocation due to resentment. ZhanChen, who has gone mad with anger, was eventually pulled away by someone. ZhangChen kicked LiMuYang’s fishing pole away and said with a cold smile:” LiMuYang! Where does a trash like you qualify to feel pity for me? You can’t study, can’t cultivate, you’re ugly, every test you’ve took you’ve came last in place in the entire school, you can’t even catch one fish. Do you think that you will have future accomplishments? Your whole life you are just a pig that is waiting to die.


“LiMuYang—“ a clear and pure maiden’s voice sounded, like an arc of vibration from a kingfisher gliding. LiMuYang turned around to look and found that CuiXiaoXing still stood at the same place. This time seems to be different from the others. “You can confirm what I’ve said was right or judge what I’ve said to be wrong, but that is not important. The truth is, did you know? If you stay behind to talk to me others will use abnormal expressions to look at me, or be shocked, or be jealous, and even be envious. A pile of mud suddenly sprouted a beautiful flower, is indeed something very fresh. To me, that is without a doubt taking advantage of you. If I were you, I would pretend that just then, nothing happened.”

“Looks like you are willing to talk with me then. This is our first proper conversation right?” LiMuYang smiled and said.

LiMuYang nodded, said: “Then was wrong with the rest of what I’ve said?”

“Just that destiny was a little unfair to me.” LiMuYang smiled self-depreciatingly and said: “My family is poor and I am ugly. My brain is like paste, can’t study nor cultivate. I can only listen to the will of destiny and become trash that is spoon fed, waiting to die. Am I right?”

“I’m only saying things casually.” LiMuYang put a piece of sugar cane grass into his mouth to chew. The bittersweet grass juice slightly eased his feelings. “Continue”.

“Do you think that I am the same as mud but still able to be saved?” LiMuYang smiled out loud and said: “Then you are willing—“

Western Winds College was the empire’s greatest college. LiMuYang, with his current scores, could not enlist for Western Winds College and could only enlist in Wild Birds College with sufficient funds.


“However, the more beautiful a maiden is, the more outstanding men her eyes will set sight for. We can only watch from afar, if any one of the beauties suddenly do come close and say a few things without warmth or indifference, then to us that is already a gift bestowed by the heavens.” LiMuYang lifted his head to look up at the clouds and said: “What else is there?”

After finishing, she turned and walked towards the area that the group had gathered. The lake tour has ended and what awaits them is a brutal and cruel fight.

CuiXiaoXing turned around, she could not understand what else the boy, whom she had no previous communications with in the past, had to say to herself. In reality saying anything won’t help, she will not accept love due to sympathy.


CuiXiaoXing’s pretty face under the bright sunshine was as translucent as jade. She stared at LiMuYang coldly and said: “Idiot”.

LiMuYang carried his fishing pole and got ready to follow the rest of the group back home.

On the calm surface of the lake, suddenly a colourful Koi fish jumped out. Just like a foreboding omen, suddenly endless amounts of Koi fish jumped out from Sunset Lake. One thousand turned into ten thousand, seemingly endless. They filled the skies and their colourful fish scales covered half of Sunset Lake. In areas where eyes couldn’t see, even more Koi fish surged towards the lake, as if migrating. They surged towards the area LiMuYang left from, just like chasing after their most devoted faith. If a wise and experienced old man were to see this scene, they would definitely shout in surprise: Ten thousand Koi forming dragon, this is a once in ten thousand year’s ten thousand Koi forming dragon!!

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