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The Inverted Dragon’s Scale: Chapter Twelve

CuiXiaoXing stood in front of the door, pondered briefly and was just about to raise her hand to knock, when the dorm door was coincidentally pulled opened by someone on the other side.

CuiXiaoXing was also evaluating LiShiNian. She knew that LiMuYang had a sister but she never thought that she would be this pretty.

She then quickly dispelled that thought from her mind. LiMuYang was her savior, how could she shame him like so?

“LiShiNian?” Without know why, when she heard LiShiNian call out her own name, CuiXiaoXing felt a sense of hidden glee within her heart. She felt that this was a sign of recognition, although in the past she had never really cared whether or not anyone had recognized her.

“I’m here to visit LiMuYang.” CuiXiaoXing felt that LiShiNian’s expression in her eyes were a bit strange. However she had already played this situation over in her mind many times on her way over. She even thought originally that she would have had to deal with an even more complicated situation, such as dealing with LiMuYang’s father, mother or even some close relatives. She even expected them to use a judgmental or an appreciative expression while looking at her.

It was only LiShiNian herself in the sickroom. This evidently dispelled a lot of troubling matters for her.

CuiXiaoXing was not used to such affection. She had also never linked hands with such affection with any other girls.

CuiXiaoXing hesitated slightly, but in the end was still pulled over by LiShiNian over to the side of LiMuYang’s bed.

“I only wanted to…”

LiShiNian tightened her grip on CuiXiaoXing’s hand and said with a smile: “Big sis XiaoXing, can I leave my brother over to you?”

She could make out the ambiguity within LiShiNian’s words. However if she didn’t reply wouldn’t others view her as someone who likes to think too much?

LiMuYang said while embarrassed to CuiXiaoXing: “She has always been like that, don’t mind her.”

LiMuYang nodded and looked at CuiXiaoXing’s eyes while asking: “are you alright?”

In LiMuYang’s memories, during the surprise attack in Beast Aspect Pavilion’s, CuiXiaoXing seemed to have suffered injuries; however there were no signs of scars, as if what happened on that day was just a vivid but painful dream.

“You were saved by someone and taken away, weren’t you?” LiMuYang smiled as he said. “The person who shouted ‘evil pest’ was someone related to you. The bright red ball that was displayed, which incinerated the murder of crows, was also due to him, wasn’t it?” You only left after confirming the assassin had fled the scene, am I right?”

“I felt…” LiMuYang smiled slightly and revealed a set of teeth that was white to the point of dazzling the eye. “It was something that you would have done.”

“We are friends, aren’t we?” LiMuYang smiled as he said: “Just like how you believed that my studies can still be saved, I also believed in your character, believed that you were not someone who would abandon me in a dangerous situation.”

“I understand.” LiMuYang casually waved his hand and said: “I can imagine what went on in that kind of situation.”

It didn’t matter how heroic or valiant LiMuYang was on that day in Beast Aspect Pavilion, he is only a commoner after all.

She did not want to involve LiMuYang again, because no one can promise that LiMuYang would have such good luck once more.


“Oh.” CuiXiaoXing brushed the beautiful hair on her forehead slightly and said: “That is indeed what I have said, if you are still willing.”

“Then lets work hard together.” CuiXiaoXing pursed her thin lips and smiled.

From that day on wards CuiXiaoXing would visit LiMuYang every day, accompany LiMuYang and tutor him for four hours.

She would explain the coursework one by one and then allow LiMuYang to have a look at answers in the books. If there were anything LiMuYang did not understand then she would use a method that was easy to explain and narrate it to LiMuYang. She would only stop when LiMuYang completely understood the material within the question.

CuiXiaoXing was shocked. She wanted to find a few difficult to grasp problems and specially test him, but found out that LiMuYang was still able to quickly answer. There were times that he had solved problems in a way that was not taught by her.

However, the questions that she had only explained once, how did he manage to find other solutions to the same problem?

Could it be… He’s actually a hidden genius?

“LiMuYang.” CuiXiaoXing called out.

“Did you really not know anything before?”

CuiXiaoXing’s eyes widened as she said while looking at LiMuYang: “Did you just say that you can find better ways of solving every single one of these problems?”

CuiXiaoXing did not believe him and immediately pulled out a question from <>, pushed the scroll in front of LiMuYang and said: “Explain this question. Use methods that only you know of.”

After five minutes, LiMuYang was still busy.

Half an hour went past, one hour went past…

After one more hour, he passed on the tens of writing paper over to CuiXiaoXing and said in embarrassment: “This is all I know…”

“Yes.” LiMuYang nodded. “I actually have one more. But that method I only know the beginning stages of and I am still a little stuck on the later stages of projection. I am unable to completely express the String Theory within.


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