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The wind whistled.

One security guard holding a baton was turned upside down by the shock of a turbulent flow of air half a meter away from Jiang Shaoliu.

In the center of the maelstrom, Jiang Shaoliu struck out with both palms, shouting: "Leave me alone!"

The nearest dozen guards couldn't hold on to their batons and broke their hands, scuttling backwards with fear and awe in their eyes.

The oncoming guards were struck one by one by Jiang Shaoliu's fists, lying struggling on the ground with broken bones.

"Get out of my way!" Turning around sharply, Jiang Shaoliu fiercely punched the air, unleashing a blast of air that sent over ten of the guards tumbling like bowling pins and spitting out blood, their uniforms torn to shreds.

"He's too strong, shoot him!" someone shouted. "Shoot his head off!"

Dozens of guards scattered to the sides like a receding tide to leave space for the gunmen to shoot. Reinforced rubber anti-riot shells poured like a torrential rain at Jiang Shaoliu from the muzzles of upwards of twenty shotguns.

Suddenly, Xiao Bai's huge form arrived beside Jiang Shaoliu, strong winds blowing and sharp teeth gleaming.

A storm of anti-riot shells crashed into Xiao Bai's flank, sending ripples through his white fur.

With a mighty roar, Xiao Bai bit off the nearest guard's head in a single mouthful.

Jiang Shaoliu quickly reached out and pulled the tiger's tail, dragging it back before the savage beast leaped into the crowd.

Xiao Bai turned back and growled at him, a puzzled look in his eyes.

Jiang Shaoliu shook his head briefly, then struck out like lighting.


The anti-riot guns warped and broke apart in a rush of wind. Several guards staggered back with their hands hanging limp.

They would have surely died if Jiang Shaoliu were fighting with full force.

More security guards were rushing in.

Jiang Shaoliu stood firmly, a grim look on his features. "I'm getting tired of this."

Behind him, Xiao Bai shook his head and tail, growling anxiously.

The security guards were becoming increasingly reckless, trying to beat him with down with their batons.

He took a deep breath and squatted slightly, letting the warm flow circulate through him.

Xiao Bai's eyes brightened up.

"Demon Fist!"

This was the first time Jiang Shaoliu used it after leaving the cave.

Combined with the Great Sage's Formula, he felt the strings of warmth flow along his limbs and the bones. His body was as big as a mountain, his arms like dragons.

Security guards tumbled to the ground as soon as they raised their hands to strike. Rubber shells whizzed past but couldn't hit him.

A few of the guards were not so lucky. They got their arms twisted in horrible angles, lying moaning on the ground.

The hundreds of guards could do nothing to him. They surrounded him, holding their batons menacingly in the hands, but didn't dare to come near.

Jiang Shaoliu felt a little nervous. "Now what?"

In the distance, a security guard removed the rubber anti-riot shells from his gun and replaced them with bright red metal slug shells.

Jiang Shaoliu changed his stance. "You're asking for it." He bent backward steeply, his back forming an exaggerated arch, then threw his fist with all his strength.

This was the fist form on the mural, where the giant ape defeated the lion.

But the ape used its palm, while Jiang Shaoliu used his fist.


The cunning guard's head exploded, brains splattering everywhere. The headless body remained upright for a few more seconds, until Jiang Shaoliu ran up and kicked it down.

The blood-spattered guards standing immediately next to him fell to their knees and threw up. A few fainted.

This was the second person Jiang Shaoliu had killed, besides the security chief, Sun Yongbiao.

Xiao Bai's roar shook the sky like rolling thunder.

This took the fight out of the guards. They slowly retreated and didn't dare to take another step towards him.

An increasingly loud whirring sound could be heard. Moments later, a black Cadillac four-by-four burst from around a corner, skidding across a dozen meters of asphalt before stopping not far from Jiang Shaoliu, wheels smoking and reeking of pungent burnt rubber.

"Brother," the rear passenger door opened and a pretty girl rushed to Jiang Shaoliu: "Are you ok?"

Xiao Bai's head whipped around, growling at the person approaching to Jiang Shaoliu.

He waved a hand to stop Xiao Bai, then smiled at her and said: "Hello, Xiao Yun."

She had waist-length hair that was tucked into her belt. She was a beautiful girl with slender legs, a littler shorter than Jiang Shaoliu.

She rushed towards Jiang Shaoliu and anxiously rubbed the blood on his face. "What happened on you? Where are you hurt? There's so much blood!" she almost burst into tears.

"It's not mine." Jiang Shaoliu flexed his muscles, instantly ripping his tattered, bloodstained shirt to ribbons. His smooth muscles and fair skin showed no signs of any injury. He pointed at what was left of the gunman: "It belongs to him."

Two men came out of the Cadillac. One of them was in a suite and had graying short hair, staring unkindly at Jiang Shaoliu.

The other man wore light casual clothes and seemed to be the one in charge. He walked up to Jiang Shaoliu and his younger sister.

"Brother, let me introduce him to you." Jiang Xiaoyun took his hand with a forced smile. "This is Li Xiang. He's very good to me."

Jiang Shaoliu kept calm.

Li Xiang was shorter than Jiang Shaoliu, with tidy hair and a handsome face.

"Hello," he smiled brightly and stretched his hand: "Xiao Yun always talks about you, the kind-hearted vet."

Jiang Shaoliu shook hands with him and said cryptically, "We don't need to cure those monsters. There's no use for kindness now, only force."

Li Xiang took back his hand with a smile. "The Hongfa Group's fighting masters have killed many monsters to protect the public. This is our greatest achievement."

Jiang Xiaoyun looked back and forth between Jiang Shaoliu and Li Xiang, not sure what they were talking about.

The grey-haired young man checked on the security guards and said to Li Xiang: "Brother, two are dead and more than ten are seriously injured. The rest will be fine."

Behind Jiang Shaoliu, Xiao Bai lowered his body and growled at him menacingly.

Now the tiger could understand that the girl was familiar with Jiang Shaoliu, but those two men were not up to anything good.

"Bunch of punks." Li Xiang frowned and said: "Serves them right for daring to fight Xiaoyun's brother."

The grey-haired man squinted quizzically at Jiang Shaoliu.

Jiang Shaoliu's expression remained staid, but he felt a little nervous. Behind him, Xiao Bai's fur stood up on end.

He was a powerful man.

As he looked at that man, the warmth flushed inside Jiang Shaoliu's body. He felt much better after quietly exercising the Great Sage's Formula a few.

"Well?" the grey-haired man looked a little surprised.

Jiang Xiaoyun nervously took Jiang Shaoliu's arm. The tense atmosphere made her a little uncomfortable.

"Bai Long…" Li Xiang said gravely.

Bai Long looked away and replied: "Brother Xiang."

"Xiaoyun, your brother must be tired after travelling all the way here." Li Xiang changed his expression and smiled gently. "Why don't you show him where he can rest while I arrange for dinner."

Jiang Xiaoyun pressed herself more tightly against Jiang Shaoliu. "Brother…"

"Xiao Bai, let's go." Jiang Shaoliu glanced at Bai Long before heading off with Jiang Xiaoyun.

After walking some distance, Li Xiang's voice scolding the security guards reached them: "How dare you fight Xiaoyun's brother! Do you want me to fire you?!"

Jiang Shaoliu followed Jiang Xiaoyun calmly and emotionlessly.

A warm mist hung in the bathroom of the suite on the first floor of the Hongfa International Hotel. Jiang Shaoliu felt relieved and comfortable as the warm water dripped from his smooth muscles to the tile floor.

Even as he bathed, Jiang Shaoliu didn't stop practicing the Great Sage's Formula. His joints popped softly as a strand of warm energy whirled around his insides.

The floor of the suite was covered in luxuriously soft carpets, a much appreciated improvement from the cold, hard rock of the Monkey King's cave. Xiao Bai lay on the carpet listlessly with half-closed eyes and enjoyed the softness.

Jiang Xiaoyun ran her hands through the tiger's thick fur with an expression of childish glee.

"Xiaoyun." Jiang Shaoliu walked out of the bathroom after changing into a new set of clothes, rubbing his hair with a towel. "How long have you known Li Xiang?"

She smiled and replied: "We were classmates in college. He used to chase me all the time but I never agreed to be his girlfriend. After the cataclysm, he found me and has been protecting me ever since. He's very good to me."

Jiang Shaoliu kept silent. Jiang Xiaoyun stood up and took him by the arm: "I know you're worried, Brother. Don't worry about killing those people from the Hongfa Group, just let him deal with it. I've seen so many people die during the disaster…"

Suddenly, a thought flashed in Jiang Xiaoyun's mind. "Brother, you haven't told me how you became so powerful? And how did you tame Xiao Bai?"

"I will tell you all about that later." Jiang Shaoliu threw away the towel and looked at her seriously: "Xiaoyun, what kind of person is Bai Long?"

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