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Lu Li now had no choice but to fire the arrow, even though he hadn't fully drawn it.

The arrow weakly stabbed into the black bear, and didn't penetrate deep enough to deal any real damage. Not only did it fail to kill the bear, but it also provoked it. Its scarlet eyes stared at Lu Li as it rushed towards him with even more speed.

Lu Li threw the longbow down and grabbed the crossbow, then prepared to shoot.

Although he had to do this quickly and decisively, Lu Li didn't panic at all. The greatest strength he had in this Bear Hunting competition was his mental fortitude. Compared to the other players who had grown up in cozy, urban environments, he had seen many cruel and dark things.

Unfortunately, the black bear was moving so quickly that he was unable to hit it in a vulnerable spot.

Its giant paw swung through the air and Lu Li barely had time to drop the crossbow and roll aside. The bear towered over him ferociously, preparing to go in for the kill.

Lu Li raised his hunting knife and thrust it into its stomach.

However, it didn't seem to realize it had been stabbed; the pain must have been numbed by its bloodthirst for this player.

When it finally realized what had happened, it wanted to run away, but in that moment, Lu Li pressed the knife deeper into its abdomen and quickly rolled to the side.

His arm had been severely injured, and felt like it had been put in an unusual position. Fortunately, it wasn't a fracture, or at least, Lu Li didn't hear the sound of any breaking bones.

In addition, his leg was also stuck under the bear's body, and there was a good chance that it had been seriously hurt.

However, these two black bears gave him a total of 90 points, which was quite the reward.

The last few seconds had been thrilling, and Lu Li could feel his rapid heartbeat and the adrenaline surging throughout his whole body.

He was a man, and what man didn't enjoy a satisfying rush like this?

But now, with such serious injuries, it was going to be very difficult to continue hunting.

Moreover, in the second half of the Bear Hunting competition, almost all the players would be fighting each other. Lu Li had to find some way to keep himself alive.

He tested where his arm had been dislocated, and used the corpse of the bear to rest it on. Thanks to past experience of fights, he knew that this kind of injury wasn't too difficult to recover from.

The craft of bone-setting was an amazing field of medicine, even in traditional Chinese medicine.

There were also similar depictions in movies, but they were quite inaccurate. You couldn't apply too much force to this kind of dislocation, otherwise, it would be difficult to reset the bones.

As such, Lu Li took the effort to pull his leg out from under the black bear's body.

He was covered in blood, his arm was injured, and one of his legs was paralyzed.

After climbing out, Lu Li immediately collected his things and quickly left the battlefield. He then rode his horse in a single direction, towards where he had hunted the first bear.

There were no other large animals in that area as it was quite remote, and the trees could provide him with cover.

After arriving at his destination, Lu Li immediately sold his horse.

Even if the horse was hidden well, it was still an animal and was likely to reveal itself.

Lu Li limped into the woods and gathered some grass to cover himself. He kept his crossbow and dagger in one hand so that he could attack enemies that tried to come at him.

In 2-3 hours, the Bear Hunting competition would be over.

With Lu Li's current number of points, it was unlikely that he would win the competition. After all, those who had come in as a group could stack all their points onto a single person.

However, his 200 points would be enough to secure a top position.

Regardless, the main part of this competition for Lu Li was how exciting it was.

It must have been because he was in pain, but he didn't notice a figure walking towards him until it was too late.

It was a young girl who looked smaller than Lu Xin, which caused Lu Li to lower his crossbow. He closed his eyes and hoped that she wouldn't find him.

The little girl would hopefully just walk away and wouldn't force his hand. Even if he was forced to, he still didn't want to kill a child because of his relationship with his sister.

The little girl came to Lu Li and looked at him, who was bloody all over.

If she had a lot of hunting experience, she would have immediately noticed something strange. Despite how bloody Lu Li's was, he didn't smell like blood at all. In these hunting grounds, the smell of blood was an important sense for the beasts.

The little girl stepped quietly to Lu Li's side and reached out to the water bottle by his waist.

Lu Li couldn't hold it in anymore and asked, "What are you doing?"

"Ah!" the girl screamed, and kept screaming for a while. Lu Li was going deaf from the screaming and almost picked up his hunting knife.

Fortunately, she looked so young that even the cold-blooded Lu Li couldn't tolerate the idea of killing her. However, he still extended his hand to cover her mouth.

"I'll let go of you, but please stop screaming…"

The little girl desperately nodded and waited for Lu Li to let go of her. She then retreated in a hurry before saying, "I thought you were dead."

"How old are you? Why are you here?' Lu Li asked with a frown as he looked at her.

The dress she had on was still neat, and she clearly hadn't seen any battle. With a glance at her physical appearance, Lu Li felt like she was a junior high school student, but now that he could see more closely, he thought that she was perhaps only in primary school.

The Bear Hunting competition had an age restriction, and only those above 18 were allowed to join.

After all, this was where people came to experience what true hunting was like.

"I… I'm 18. My horse is thirsty and so am I," the little girl said.


Lu Li didn't believe her; she was way too child-like.

The girl thought that Lu Li wouldn't believe her, so she told him her ID.

"I'm really 18; my ID is 'Not an Elementary Student'."

After hearing her ID, Lu Li realized who she was.

She wasn't a primary school student - she was ranked highly on the beauty rankings and was the ultimate loli.

This girl's technique was fairly average, and Lu Li wasn't a lolicon in his previous life, so she wasn't much of a concern for him. Naturally, he didn't immediately recognize her.

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