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The sound of clear water lingered over the sky, but it was this crisp sound that made the scalps of countless disciples tingle in fear. It was clear that they all felt a terrible force contained in the seemingly gentle stream of water.

The clear and soft stream of water transformed into a massive lake, entrapping Xie Tianhe and the Demonic Blood Beast in it.

Xie Tianhe looked at the clear water surrounding him. His face twisted with vexation but he was not one to resign himself to death like a sitting duck. His gaze darkened as he conjured up different seals. The Demonic Blood Beast growled as it opened its large, ferocious mouth. A huge beam of blood red light shot out, and violent spiritual energy fluctuations swept through.


However, when the seemingly ferocious beam of blood red light crashed harshly on the pillar of water, it did not achieve much effect. Instead, it diminished at an alarming speed under the flow of the water.

The seemingly gentle lake, however, had become an impenetrable prison, firmly binding Xie Tianhe.

Luo Li hovered in the air, her crystal-like eyes looking nonchalantly at the fierce resistance Xie Tianhe was putting up. She stretched out her slender fingers and pointed them gently downwards.


Suddenly, the waves of the gentle lake thrashed violently, revealing its ferocious side. The currents abruptly shrank and contracted. Billowing waves unfolded carrying strange fluctuations as the lake mercilessly bombarded the massive body of the Demonic Blood Beast.


The currents rushed up and suddenly there was a shrill roar of agony as white mist rose up from the huge body of the Demonic Blood Beast. Huge expanses of skin had melted off, revealing the flesh and blood within. The Demonic Blood Beast was not in its real physical manifestation, but merely a force of its Soul Essence. Hence, it was not the real flesh and blood that disintegrated, but the pure spiritual energy and the power of the Soul Essence.

Thus, in the face of the vast streams of water, the crowd could clearly see that the Demonic Blood Beast's massive body was shrinking rapidly as its spiritual energy was being eroded.

Xie Tianhe stood on the shoulders of the Demonic Blood Beast, his face deathly pale and his eyes struck with terror. He found that no matter how much of a defense he put up, he could not resist the seemingly gentle, clear water. He could only watch helplessly as the Demonic Blood Beast melted away while the waves crashed.

In just a few moments, the Demonic Blood Beast trapped in the tumultuous currents had shrunk by nearly half, and the wild spiritual energy fluctuations that preceded it had begun to wither.

"The Serpent of Luo River."

Luo Li's breathtakingly beautiful face remained calm as she conjured up seals with one hand.


In the lake, there was a shrill whine and the water currents were torn with a swish. A dozen giant pythons sprang out. Their huge tails swung around the body of the Demonic Blood Beast, entangling and binding it securely. That terrifying force stopped the Demonic Blood Beast from moving even a muscle and was powerful enough to squeeze the Demonic Blood Beast into pieces just by sheer force.

Xie Tianhe's expression grew distorted as he thrust his arms into the Demonic Blood Beast's body. Despite feeling his Blood Essence surge out, he could barely put up a resistance. He could feel the growing power of the constricting force as his defense began to gradually falter.

The power of the Luo River to dissolve everything was overwhelmingly strong!

Around the golden battle stage, countless disciples watched the scene unfold and were unable to help but gasp in wonder. Who would have thought that Luo Li had such an unexpectedly strong ace up her sleeve? Once she revealed her hand, it had completely suppressed Xie Tianhe.

"All the best Senior Luo Li!"

In the direction of the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, numerous disciples cheered and shouted loudly with excited faces. Although they had lost Mu Chen, who had the strongest combat power, Luo Li's performance had amazed them. Although the victor of this Spiritual Academy Competition had not yet appeared, it was undeniable that the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy had put up the most impressive performance.


In the midst of the roaring cheers, Xie Tianhe's face became more and more aggravated. The massive body of the Demonic Blood Beast began to emit soft creaking sounds, signalling that it was at its limit. If this continued, it was bound to be destroyed, dealing irreparable damage to Xie Tianhe as well. He would no longer be able to withstand Luo Li.


Just as Xie Tianhe was about to reach his limit, suddenly an ancient and resounding cry of an eagle rang between the heavens and earth. Everyone twitched in response as they saw a shadow of an eagle's wing descending from the sky. The shadow seemed to sweep through the space as it dove straight into the lake, cutting over Xie Tianhe's body.

Boom! Crash!

As the shadow passed, the huge water pythons burst apart.


Feeling the weakening of his restraints, Xie Tianhe hurriedly manipulated the Demonic Blood Beast. They soared into the sky, escaping from the shrouded area of the lake, and then stopped in a humiliating manner in the sky. His eyes twitched with a tinge of palpitation. He did not expect that Luo Li would be so powerful after revealing her ace card, the Spirit of the Luo River. Just one careless move and he was nearly annihilated.

Upon seeing Xie Tianhe escape, Luo Li's eyebrows knitted together slightly. She lifted her beautiful face to glance towards another direction, her tone stating calmly, "You have finally decided to summon the Primordial Heavenly Dragon Hawk?"

Countless glances shifted upwards as they saw Ji Xuan's figure standing in the sky a short distance away. Behind him, mighty spiritual energy fluctuations permeated the air and in those powerful fluctuations, everyone could see the silhouette of a gargantuan eagle slowly emerge.

The great eagle extended his wings that seemed massive enough to veil mountains as dark purple ran throughout its body. It's head, however, did not resemble that of an eagle, but a ferocious dragon. Its sharp claws were also the sharp claws of a dragon. The creature who resembled a dragon and an eagle but was not entirely either one of them ranked eighth in the Spiritual Beasts Ranking, the Primordial Heavenly Dragon Hawk.

The Primordial Heavenly Dragon Hawk was a ferocious Sovereign Spiritual Beast, and despite it not having the pure bloodline of a dragon, the fusion between two bloodlines led to the emergence of metamorphosis. This resulted in the Primordial Heavenly Dragon Hawk having the power to surpass its predecessor. It was said that the Primordial Heavenly Dragon Hawk, which had the highest level of cultivation, could even feed on the Dragon Clan.

However, these dragons were merely Spiritual Beasts which had some of the Dragon Clan's bloodline. Although it did not paint the full picture, it was enough to prove the ferocity of the Primordial Heavenly Dragon Hawk.

"The Primordial Heavenly Dragon Hawk... It's ranked quite highly but with its Soul Essence, you didn't think that it would be able to rival the Spirit of the Luo River, did you?"

Her voice calm, Luo Li's crystal-like eyes glanced at the massive Primordial Heavenly Dragon Hawk.

"Haha well, the Spirit of the Luo River is ranked first on the Spiritual Beasts Ranking, and with the Primordial Heavenly Dragon Hawk's soul essence alone, it is naturally difficult to rival the Spirit of the Luo River," Ji Xuan said softly and smiled faintly as he looked at Luo Li.

"To compel the spirit of the Luo River, I'm afraid your ability is now infinitely close to the Sovereign-level. "

This remark, however, caused many disciples' hearts to jump in shock as they stared at the graceful figure in awe and reverence. The Sovereign-level… That was representative of being reborn, a boundary of demarcation to differentiate one from the rest. One could only be considered as a top power by attaining the Sovereign-level. Although the Sovereign-level and the Spirit Disaster were only a line apart, the difference between them could not be compensated for with mere ordinary means.

Now that Luo Li was infinitely close to the Sovereign-level, she could be considered invincible among the others and with this strength, she could even become an elder in some of the Spiritual Academies.

Xie Tianhe's heart shook. With Luo Li's immense power, no wonder he had been suppressed, despite passing through the Three Grades of the Spirit Disaster. Luo Li now had surpassed them by a large margin.

"I originally wanted to leave you to Mu Chen but suddenly, I feel that you don't deserve to be his opponent," Luo Li remarked calmly.

The smile on Ji Xuan's face stiffened little by little as the corners of his mouth twitched slightly. His handsome face suddenly became ferocious, and he glared at Luo Li as if he were going to devour her. Clearly, the latter's remark had dealt such a heavy blow to him, that he was too enraged to maintain his usual composed countenance.

"Are you saying that I'm not worthy to be the opponent of the fellow that has repeatedly been defeated by me?"

Ji Xuan took a deep breath, his face still twisted in rage. He let out an unnerving and eerie laugh and shook his head gently.

"Self-denial does not feel good at all but if he really had the ability, he should stand in front of me and say that statement straight to my face. Unfortunately… he's not worthy enough."

Upon hearing this, Luo Li smiled beatifically without a hint of rage. Her smile dazzled countless people before she lifted her Luo Shen Sword.

"You are not qualified to comment if he's worthy or not. Show me your true ability, and if your ace card is the Soul Essence of the Primordial Heavenly Dragon Hawk, I guess that would be too disappointing."

Ji Xuan's twisted expression gradually smoothed into his usual mask of composure. He cast a significant look at Luo Li before slowly closing his eyes. He spread out his arms gently, his nonchalant voice echoing in the sky.

"Since you requested, then… as you wish. I will let you know, between him and I, who exactly is not worthy enough to be the other's opponent."


Just when Ji Xuan's last word rang out, everyone felt a terrible power transcending that of the Spirit Disaster sweep out from within Ji Xuan's body like a raging storm.

In that instant, the crowd's expressions morphed into shock.

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