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Chapter 601 - The Best 3

The brilliant Golden Battle Stairs stood towering on the Golden Battle Stage. At this instant, the best 3 teams were thoroughly revealed under all the gazes on the top three platforms of the Golden Battle Stairs.

However, when those gazes were shot over, the heavens and earth went into silence as numerous people couldn’t help widening their eyes.

On the third level of the Golden Battle Stairs were five charming girls, especially the one that stood at the front, who had instantly attracted the attention of everyone present.

The girl held onto a golden long spear with her hair draped down. Golden battle armor wrapped around her slender and flexible figure, possessing picturesque looks. Her phoenix-like eyes made her look arrogant, her fair neck made her look like a swan, a voluptuous chest with an heart-shaking arc, a slim and tight waist with a snow-white patch beneath her skirt was so beautiful that nothing more could be imagined.

Although the four other girls beside her were appealing, they were a little dull standing beside her as she was simply too dazzling.

Countless gazes were revolving around her body, with many of those gazes radiating with light and blazing with flames.


When that team appeared, an alarming burst of cheers exploded from the direction of the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy. That was basically the most glamorous region as countless girls were cheering with excited expressions since the team that had just appeared represented their academy.

When the students from the other Spiritual Academies heard the cheers, they involuntarily directed their sights over as their eyes became filled with longing. After all, amongst the Five Great Academies, the male students liked the Myriad Spiritual Academy the most, since no guys could resist the wonderful feeling of being surrounded by tens of thousands of flowers.

“Senior Sister Qingxuan made it to the best 3!”

“Hehe, she’s truly worthy of being someone I worship.”

“But I imagined Big Sister Qingxuan taking 1st. From the looks of it, there are truly hidden dragons and crouching tigers in this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.”

Under the soft and delicate voices that filled the air, someone finally directed their gazes at the second level as another team was revealed.

That team was dressed in white and every single one their momentum was out of the ordinary. But their facial expressions at this instant weren’t as excited as they had imagined as they had gloom all over their faces, especially the one leading whose face was ashen.

“Rank 2 is the team from the Saint Spiritual Academy!”

“Their Captain is that Ji Xuan, right? I have long heard of his name. Reportedly, he was the most popular predicted champion, how did he end up in 2nd place?”

“Not sure about that, either…”

“Even Ji Xuan only took 2nd, who’s in 1st?”

An uproar filled the sky as they abruptly shifted their gazes upwards and stopped at the peak of the Golden Battle Stairs. That area was the most eye-catching at this instant.

The light that filled the heavens and earth gathered as the golden light dissipated, revealing five silhouettes in the eyes of everyone.

The one standing at the front was a youth dressed in navy clothes. His figure was tall, like a spear, with outstanding looks. His black pupils were as abstruse as a starry sky and the outline of his face didn’t make him look young and inexperienced. On the contrary, there was a smear of decisiveness and self-confidence that was rarely seen for those at his age.

However, be it his appearance or temperament, he wasn’t in any way inferior to Ji Xuan.

Standing beside this youth, was a graceful figure. She wore a navy dress and beneath that dress of hers, was an impressive figure that outlined her curves, instilling a rush of excitement for those that were looking at her.

The fact that made countless others gasp in surprise was that she wasn’t in any way inferior to Wen Qingxuan. Her skin was as white as the snow with moon-curved brows. Especially her crystal-clear pupils, which seemed to possess magic power, intoxicating others. Looking at her, no matter what troubles they had, all seemed to disappear by looking into her clear pupils.

Her silvery river long hair fluttered in the wind and in the next moment, two words rose in everyone’s heart.

Absolutely breathtaking.

Facing such an outstanding girl, even those girls from the Myriad Spiritual Academy who had extremely high judgment fell into silence as they did not dare to make a comparison between her and Wen Qingxuan.

Standing beside that girl, was another beauty. Her hair draped down that made her look exceptionally gentle. Although she wasn’t as breathtaking as the former, her gentle temperament was still charming.

Standing beside her, were two towering youths, one with handsome features, while the other was emitting a disdainful temperament. With a glance, anyone could tell that they weren’t any ordinary goons. Regardless of temperament or appearance, this team made others gasp in surprise.

The heavens and earth seemed to have fallen into silence for a brief instant as if they were intimidated by this team that stood at the top.

“It’s the team from our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy!”

Suddenly, a voice filled with excitement broke the silence. Countless students from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy direction had their faces glow red from excitement as they yelled.

Astonishment and joy surged from everyone’s eyes as the shock brought by the scene before them was simply too strong. They never, in their wildest imagination, imagined that Mu Chen and his team would make it to 1st place!

They actually managed to surpass Ji Xuan, Wen Qingxuan, Wu Ling and Liu Qingyun from the remaining four of the Five Great Academies!

“Big Brother Mu is mighty!”

Innumerable students of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy yelled with their faces flushed red as the eyes of everyone were filled with excitement and deafening cheers thundered. Aside from the time when they managed to squeeze into the Five Great Academies, they never had such similar achievements.

Amidst the thunderous roars, Ye Qingling, Su Ling’er, and Yu Xi couldn’t control their widening mouths as their eyes were filled with shock.

“Big Brother Mu Chen is simply far too formidable!”

Yu Xi was so excited that her face flushed red, even her speech stuttered. Her eyes were filled with admiration as the achievement by Mu Chen and his team far surpassed the expectations of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

“What a monster.” Ye Qingling also couldn’t help herself as she muttered.

Su Ling’er had stars flashing in her eyes as well that even as someone with her barbaric personality had troubles controlling her emotions from the over-excitement.

“Wa, Big Brother Mu Chen is too great!” Sun’er cheered along.

Ling Xi felt relieved in her heart. Half a year of separation, that youth had been growing up at a rapid speed as he seemed more mature as well.

The excitement from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy pulled back the students of the other academies from their astonishment. Every single one of them had a complicated gaze, especially the students of the Saint Spiritual Academy. The whole time, they believed that the Numero Uno belonged to Ji Xuan, thus the current situation had caught them unprepared.

“What is there to be proud of, it’s just the elimination round. The Finals have yet to begin.” Criticism spoke from some students of the Saint Spiritual Academy since they couldn’t bear how cheerful the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy group was.

The Myriad Spiritual Academy also had countless delicate gazes shoot over at the top of the Golden Battle Stairs.

“I never imagined that the Numero Uno of the elimination round would go to the team from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.”

“Their Captain is quite handsome, but why haven’t I heard of such a powerful person of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy in the past?”

Whispers resounded from the Myriad Spiritual Academy as many girls were a little curious since they were unfamiliar with Mu Chen.

“His name is Mu Chen, a Freshman from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.”

Amongst all the curious whispers, a voice suddenly rang out. All the girls were looking at the direction of the voice in astonishment and saw a green-dressed girl, who was looking at the dazzling figure on the Golden Battle Stage with a complicated gaze.

The appearance of the girl was also extremely gorgeous. Even amongst the flowers, she was still rather eye-catching. Her black hair was tied into a ponytail, with her ponytail curving in at her waist area, which made her look more lively.

“Mhm? Qian’er, you know him?” a voice of exclamation sounded out from a girl.

“Qian’er and he grew up together as childhood sweethearts.”  A red-dressed girl smiled as she covered her mouth. She was Hong Ling, originated from the Northern Spiritual Academy as well.

The Qian’er that they were referring to was Tang Qian’er, who grew up together with Mu Chen and went to the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy later.

In just two years, the young girl from before had become increasingly more slender and elegant and became even more charming. Her eyes were fixed onto that figure, whom she had not seen for a long time. Although back in the Northern Spiritual Academy, Mu Chen was already very outstanding, she never imagined that he would be able to achieve such a feat two years later.

“Haha, so it turns out that Qian’er and he had that relationship. Why don’t you secretly tell him to lose to Big Sister Qingxuan in the Finals, maybe our Dean will make an exception for him to join our academy.” The girls that stood by the side laughed.

Tang Qian’er’s face flushed red as she shot them an annoyed gaze. Shortly after, her gaze was focused on that figure again as a hint of sentiment that was hard to defect flashed across her eyes When she saw the girl standing beside him, who was comparable to Wen Qingxuan, she couldn’t stop herself from biting her rosy lips.

Not knowing why she felt a little regret in her decision to enter the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy.

Despite so, she still felt happy in her heart to see how outstanding he was.

Tang Qian’er pursed her lips as they slid down an unset arc. However, it was only a brief moment, before she firmly lifted them up as she clenched her small fist and spoke in her heart. Mu Chen, you can do it.

If Uncle Mu saw how outstanding you were right now, he would definitely be very happy.

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