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Chapter 553 - Invitation

Heart of the Shattered Continent, northwest region.

Present here was a stretch of luscious green mountain ranges, with high ridges and peaks that overflowed with greenish life.

Generally speaking, such a place would normally appear exceedingly remote and quiet. However, at this moment, this place appeared exceedingly noisy and was filled with clamoring noises, while whooshing sounds continuously rang throughout the surrounding mountain ridges. Finally, glowing figures shot over, appearing in the sky or the sea of trees present below. Therefore, this place, which was already noisy, became even more lively.

The powerful groups that came from various directions stood in the distant sky. Yet, their gazes had all focused on the centre-most position of the mountain range without any prior consultation. Presently, there was an extremely majestic mountain peak that towered over the region. However, at this moment, bright and resplendent spiritual light had perfused over the top of the mountain peak. This spiritual light appeared exceedingly dazzlingly, appearing just like the rise of the scorching sun, causing piercing pain in the eyes of the people looking at it.

Therefore, the faces of the groups looking over were filled with solemness. That's because they could clearly sense how terrifying the Spiritual Energies radiating from that Mountain Peak were.

"The Multi-Academy Alliance's Xiao Huang's truly formidable, to actually be able to arrange such a powerful Spiritual Array. With such Spiritual Energy fluctuations, even an expert on the realm of the first level of Spirit Disaster would not dare to rush into it." Upon spotting the spiritual light perfusing from the mountain peak, the various groups present could not help whispering to each other.

"If the Spiritual Array's not strong, how would it be that easy for that Xiao Huang to trap Wen Qingxuan?" said some people in a deep voice.

"However, the guts of that Xiao Huang's truly big to actually dare to take such action against Wen Qingxuan in such a manner. I'm afraid that Wen Qingxuan and her people might be in some trouble this time."

"Hmph. This Xiao Huang had used a really despicable method and captured the groups of the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy, before using them as bait to lure Wen Qingxuan into an already prearranged Spiritual Array. Only by doing so was he able to trap her. If not, if she was to truly take action, that Xiao Huang would definitely not be a match for her." Some people snorted in disdain. Afterall, with her fame and reputation being so big, coupled by her absolutely stunning appearance, these traits were more than enough to attract the adoration and admiration of many people. Although there were many people that knew that this arrogant and haughty phoenix would not cast a gentle and beautiful gaze over to them, all of them already had some indignant feelings upon seeing Xiao Huang use such a method to deal with Wen Qingxuan.

This person's words had attracted some approvement. All of them knew that, although the Spiritual Array that Xiao Huang had arrange was indeed exceedingly formidable, wanting to  completely trap Wen Qingxuan was an extremely difficult thing to do. Therefore, although Wen Qingxuan had been trapped for the past few days, this was all completely due to her worry for the safety of her group members. After all, faced with such a formidable Spiritual Array, only she might have the ability and capability to contend against it.

"The only rule of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament is survival of the fittest. What methods or ways used doesn't matter. As long as you can defeat your opponent, who can care about what method or way you use? All of that is just the excuses of the losers." There were also some people with different opinions who voiced their opposition. Therefore, it had also attracted the sneers of people. With the sounds of dispute rising and falling in succession.

The entire region was filled with noisy sounds. Present on the top of a mountain peak not far away were a few standing figures, with their gazes locked on the mountain peak radiating with dazzling spiritual light.

"That Xiao Huang's truly despicable!"

Wearing a scarlet-red dress, a mocking expression filled Wu Ying's lovable face. Although she didn't have too much of a connection with Wen Qingxuan, they were girls, after all. As of now, seeing that the Multi-Academy Alliance was trying their best to deal with Wen Qingxuan, her heart was naturally biased towards the latter.

"Haha. That person, Xiao Huang, isn't some benevolent person," said a figure standing before Wu Yingying.

This figure appeared tall and thin, with a straight-like appearance, just like an erect spear. The black robe worn by him appeared exceedingly delicate, just like a girl. His facial features appeared slightly similar to Wu Yingying, causing him to have a slightly effeminate appearance. However, everyone from the Martial Spiritual Academy was extremely clear exactly how frightening of a talent this fellow that appeared like a girl possessed…

He similarly possessed the status of a Freshman in the Martial Spiritual Academy. However, within the short span of a year, he had already stood at the highest peak in the Martial Spiritual Academy. Those Seniors who possessed splendid talent could only give long sighs of despair in the presence of that figure.

He was Wu Ling.

As of now, he was the strongest person amongst the members of the Martial Spiritual Academy. At the same time, he was the elder brother of Wu Yingying.

"Wen Qingxuan isn't that easy to deal with. If not for her worrying for the other members of the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy, regardless of how prepared Xiao Huang is, he would not be able to trap her," said Wu Yingying with a cold snort.

Hearing that, Wu Ling gave a faint smile, since he knew that what Wu Yingying said was indeed right. Wen Qingxuan wasn't any ordinary girl. Even he had high amounts of dread towards that girl. Speaking of which, Wen Qingxuan would absolutely be considered as an opponent that he would need to focus all of his mind and spirit on. If Xiao Huang wanted to truly take head-on action against Wen Qingxuan, Wu Ling knew that Wen Qingxuan would absolutely possess a great chance of victory.

However, other than the frightening aspect of him being a Spiritual Array Master, once he was able to execute the method that he had meticulously prepared, he would be able to have absolute control over everything, just like the current situation. With Wen Qingxuan and her other members being trapped within the Spiritual Array and with it being completely activated, even Wen Qingxuan could only end up in a disadvantage, and be forced in a clearly passive position.

Therefore, it was still truly hard to say exactly who among Xiao Huang or Wen Qingxuan would obtain victory in this time's fight. 

"Furthermore, the target of Xiao Huang isn't only Wen Qingxuan. He just wants to use her to lure Mu Chen out, that's all," said Wu Ling with a faint smile, his gaze appearing somewhat peculiar. "Mu Chen should've been his target all along."

This name wasn't unfamiliar or foreign to him, as he had cross hands with Mu Chen while both of them were in the Spiritual Road, with both of them obtaining their respective victories. He was exceedingly interested in this former opponent of his. However, with the occurrence of the matter of Mu Chen being expelled from the Spiritual Road, this had always caused him to feel some regret.

However it was fortunate that he was finally able to heard this name again.

"Why would he want to deal with Mu Chen specifically? That fellow doesn't have much points, and there isn't any benefit in defeating him at all," asked Wu Yingying as her forehead started to wrinkle.

"Who knows? Perhaps, Xiao Huang had set his sights on something that Mu Chen possesses," said Wu Ling with a faint smile.

"From the looks of it, it seems that Xiao Huang had made thorough preparations. The might of this Spiritual Array is astonishing. Furthermore, it appears abstruse and profound. If that fellow Mu Chen truly dares to come, I'm afraid that he won't be able to get much of an advantage," said Wu Yingying, her voice containing a sliver of worry that was hard to conceal.

"Haha. Don't you hate him to death? Why are you worried about his safety?" Wu Ling shot a strange look at Wu Yingying as a smile appeared on his face.

"Who cares about him! I can't wait for him to be beaten to death!" snapped Wu Yingying back, her eyes wide open while her lovable face turned beet-red.

Wu Ling helplessly shrugged as he looked at his surroundings. There were hundreds to thousands of figures around them. Clearly, they were all attracted to this location. The matter had already spread throughout this vast central region as almost everyone knew that Xiao Huang had trapped Wen Qingxuan to lure Mu Chen.

However, under such circumstances, there was no one that interfered with the entire situation. Regardless of Xiao Huang, or Wen Qingxuan, and even Mu Chen, who had yet to appear, there were many people that were clear about how formidable they were. Therefore, they have great anticipation of the confrontation that would occur. After all, only in this kind of situation would they be able to obtain a chance to gain some benefit.

In such a situation, god-knows how many heavyweight groups were out there paying attention to the matters happening over here. Regardless of whether Mu Chen would appear or not, or that Wen Qingxuan would break out from the array, it would clearly lead to an extremely spectacular confrontation.

"Next up, we have to wait for the appearance of the main character, huh."

As spiritual light radiated from the majestic mountain peak and into the eyes of the everyone around, they could faintly discern incomparably complicated glowing patterns starting to surface from within. These glowing patterns appeared to be carved out of nothing, giving people an insubstantial feeling. This mountain peak was approximately a thousand metres in diameter. However, as of now, this was within the radius of the spiritual light's reach. This region had already been included in the radius of the Spiritual Array. Therefore, there was simply no one that dared to come close to it. 

At this moment, there were two figures sitting quietly on a green stone within a certain location of the Spiritual Array. Behind them stood Mo Yu, Qin Feng and Liu Xiong, the three leaders of the Multi-Academy Alliance, with their faces brimming with nervousness and worship.

"Great Leader, will that Mu Chen really come? He should already know that this place has already become a dangerous location for him…" asked Mo Yu in a quiet voice.

Present before him was a youth with long black hair that possessed an exceedingly ordinary appearance. However, his pair of eyes appeared to be like a deep chasm, causing people to be simply unable to see their depth.

Hearing Mo Yu's question, he faintly raised his eyes, before replying, "The news has already been circulated. Even Wen Qingxuan knows about it. She's a person that pursues perfection, even if it is towards her friends. If Mu Chen doesn't come, she would understand, yet this would result in some ill feelings being born within her heart. This would prohibit her friendship with Mu Chen from here on. This would result in the impossibility for her to collaborate with him in the future."

"If Mu Chen comes over, that's precisely what I want. I've set my sights on the thing from the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard, and he should hand it over. If not, I won't mind letting him know that not even the people from the five Great Academies possess the qualifications to be bossy and domineering in this place…"

"Therefore, I'm able to obtain a harvest, regardless of whether Mu Chen comes or not."

Hearing his reply, shadows of worship and respect instantly gushed from the eyes of Mo Yu and the other two, before excitement appeared on their faces. They were already unable to contain their impatience to see the expression Mu Chen would have when he was defeated. That bastard has actually forced them to return empty-handed from the remnant of the Divine Wood Palace and even sent them fleeing away like dogs with tails between their legs.

"Now, the only thing we need to do is wait."

Speaking with a faint smile, Xiao Huang proceeded to slowly close his eyes.

However, not long after shutting his eyes, a tremble suddenly shook through his eyebrows, before his eyes rapidly sprung open. Looking with indifference towards the distance, an arc started to curl from the corner of his mouth, one that brought about a sliver of chilling intent.

"You actually came so quickly. Truly befitting of the boldness of an able person."

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