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Chapter 541 - Snatching the Black Tortoise Seal


The blood pike swept down along with a sharp wind as it ruthlessly aimed towards Mu Chen's head. The attack was extremely vicious.

Mu Chen's pupils turned cold at the same time as black lightning instantly surge out of his body. He tightly clenched his fist as lightning flickered on it when he threw a punch towards the blood pike.


A metallic collision resounded as sparks flew. The fist and pike clashed as an astonishing fluctuation spread out. Mu Chen and Xue Tiandou's figures jolted before flying away.

Mu Chen tapped his foot on the air as he stabilised his figure. He had an indifferent expression as he stared at Xue Tiandou before him as killing intent vaguely surged wiyhin his eyes.

"Haha, your eyesight is pretty good…" Xue Tiandou said as he glanced at the Black Tortoise Seal in the light.

Xue Tiandou was similarly a Successor and thus, he naturally knew some info as well. The Black Tortoise Seal was the most powerful treasure amongst the ten treasures. Therefore, his choice was the same as Mu Chen's.

Mu Chen indifferently looked at him as the Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear appeared in his hand, before a baleful aura surged as he gripped it. He pointed the sharp end of the speartip towards Xue Tiandou as he smiled, "You've not been pleasing to my eyes since long ago. Seems like I no longer have to endure it."

"Are you sure you're not seeking shame yourself?" A mockery smile appeared on the corner of Xue Tiandou's lips.

"I believe you still don't have that qualification." Mu Chen said honestly.

The corner of Xue Tiandou's lips twitched as his eyes gradually turned cold. The hand that he used to hold onto the blood pike had veins popping out. Shortly after, the smile on his face gradually turned savage as he stomped his foot on their air. His figure mysteriously disappeared.

The instant Xue Tiandou disappeared, a dragon image flickered beneath Mu Chen's feet as he had appeared at the side of the pillar in an instant. The Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear in his hand drew a tricky angle as he stabbed towards the the left side of the pillar at lightning speed


The blood pike shot out from that direction as it clashed with the Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear. Sparks flew as the surrounding air exploded from the impact.

"If you want to snatch the treasure, defeat me first." Mu Chen smiled as he looked at the figure that had appeared on the left side.

"There isn't any better option."

Xue Tiandou coldly laughed as he stomped his feet. Boundless scarlet-red Spiritual Energy surged out from his body like a tidal wave as it instantly occupied half of the sky. A powerful Spiritual Energy pressure was unleashed towards Mu Chen.


Black lightning frantically flickered on the surface of Mu Chen's body. On his chest, five lightning runes appeared. Clearly, he had used the Lightning God's Physique. Great power filled his limbs, causing the powerful Spiritual Energy pressure to lose effect.


The two figures flew out at the same time, along with sounds of wind breaking, as earth-shattering spear images clashed against the blood pike with boiling Spiritual Energy. It was like torrential rain as they clashed.

Ding! Ding!

Everyone could only hear the metallic sounds ringing as they clashed, as well as the waves of rampant fluctuations. The two figures, however, were especially blurry to watch. No one dared to step foot in that region. Even those that wanted to seize the treasure had to avoid.


Speartip and pike tip clashed as neither was prepared to give an inch. Under the two powerful forces, even the spear and pike seemed vaguely curved. However, they were straightened in the next instant as the air exploded. The two figures were jolted back several steps.

Xue Tiandou's face was frozen cold. Mu Chen's physical body was indeed powerful. Even if he had the upper hand in terms of Spiritual Energy compared to Mu Chen, the latter could make use of his powerful physical body to compensate for it. Seems like ordinary methods would be useless to deal with this fellow.

"Blood God's Palm!"

As he pondered, Xue Tiandou's fist suddenly stretched out as formless bloody light gathered in his palm as he pushed his palm forward. A blood palm with the size of a few hundred feet was like thunderclouds as it shrouded Mu Chen along with concentrated reek of blood spreading out.

Mu Chen's eyes flickered as he clenched his fist. Black lightning frantically sparked as his entire arm became black in colour, giving off a feeling as if it could conquer everything before one.

"Thunder God's Fist!"

He threw the fist out as it carried along tge roar of thunder as it clashed against the blood palm.


Wild Spiritual Energy spread out as they caused even the space to start twisting.

When the surrounding people saw their confrontation, their faces couldn't help changing. Even a Late Phase Spiritual Energy expert would be in a terrible state at this level of confrontation.

"Four Gods Constellation Scripture!"

Destroying the blood palm with his fist, Mu Chen did not retreat as he formed seals with his hand. Powerful Spiritual Energy swept out as a starry sky appeared behind him. Four beasts took form as they charged towards Xue Tiandou in an instant.

"Petty tricks."

Xue Tiandou coldly smiled as he suddenly spreaded both his hands out. Boundless Spiritual Energy formed into a bloody screen as it descended before him. The four beasts were submerged as they charged into the bloody screen and quickly dissipated.

Mu Chen lightly smiled at the scene as his figure suddenly disappeared. When he appeared, he was already before the Black Tortoise Seal.

"Before you defeat me, stay your hands!" Xue Tiandou's gaze turned cold at the sight of him as he sent a palm out. The blood palm descended on Mu Chen's head.

Mu Chen narrowed both his eyes as the Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear suddenly stabbed forward. The spear lifted the Black Tortoise Seal as the body of the spear trembled, sending the Black Tortoise Seal flying away.


When the Black Tortoise Seal flew up, Xue Tiandou's eyes flickered as he had turned into bloody shadow, appearing before the Black Tortoise Seal before Mu Chen. He made a grab towards the seal as he coldly smiled, "Thanks a lot, seems like this treasure is unfated for you."

His smile had only been maintained for an instant, before his face changed. He could feel that the Black Tortoise Seal haf suddenly become heavy when it landed in his hands. The feeling was as if he was lifting the mountains with his bare hands. Not only did his body feel heavy, even the Spiritual Energy within his body slowed down.

"You're welcome."

Mu Chen's mocking voice resounded before him. Mu Chen mysteriously appeared before Xue Tiandou as lightning flickered on his palm as he slapped Xue Tiandou's chest at lightning speed.

A violent wind tore the space as Xue Tiandou's face changed. His sleeves trembled as a wooden bell flew out as it instantly expanded in size before him.


Mu Chen's palm heavily clashed against the wooden bell as it caused the bell to ring. Sound waves spread out, causing the air in this area to continuously shatter.

The wooden bell rapidly flew back into Xue Tiandou's sleeve under Mu Chen's palm.

"What a pity."

Mu Chen sighed in his heart. Before refining the Black Tortoise Seal, one would only feel pressure from coming in contact with it. That was the reason why he would send the Black Tortoise Seal flying away earlier, because he wanted Xue Tiandou to go after it. And as he had wished, the latter fell for his trap.

If Xue Tiandou did not have the Wooden Spiritual Bell, he would have been wounded by Mu Chen in that attack earlier.

"What a good scheme!"

Xue Tiandou's face was dark as he had reflected. His palm trembled as he sent the Black Tortoise Seal flying once again. The instant the Black Tortoise Seal left his hand, the pressure instantly disappeared. He coldly looked at Mu Chen as rage filled his eyes. He was actually tricked by that fellow.

"Since you're seeking death, I'll let you have a taste of Spirit Disaster!"

Xue Tiandou suddenly clenched both his fists as a torrential blood sea formed behind him. Both of his eyes turned red as concentrated bloodlust appeared on his face.

"Blood God Law - Blood Dragon Suppression!"

Xue Tiandou's scarlet-red fingers pointed at Mu Chen as the bloody sea frantically rolled. It had actually turned into a ferocious bloody dragon as it brought along a strong smell of blood. It tore through the horizon as a colossal shadow shrouded a few hundred feet around Mu Chen. It had sealed off Mu Chen's path of retreat.

Clearly, Xue Tiandou had pushed his strength of First Grade Spirit Disaster to the limits. It was even more powerful compared to the puppet Mu Chen had encountered in the Spiritual Treasure Mountain!

As the Blood God Suppression charged over, Mu Chen's charming face was filled with graveness. However, he did not have the intention to dodge. He deeply inhaled a mouthful of air as the lightning on the surface of his body suddenly grew stronger. The black light had a faint green light mixed within it.

It was as if the lightning runes were growing out of his body and onto his arm. Those lightning runes were black in colour as they filled every single corner of his right arm. Black lightning seemed as if it had formed into a liquid as it slowly circulated on his arm. An unspeakable power was being emitted at this instant, causing even the space to be twisted.

"Arm of the Lightning God."

Mu Chen took a step forth as lightning flickered in his black pupils. He threw a fist forward as the lightning liquid on his arm contained tens of thousands of lightning bolts as it heavily clashed with the incoming bloody dragon.


As the two forces clashed, the entire region was silent for an instant. Thereafter, everyone could see fine cracks appear on the space. Thereafter, a fearsome fluctuation swept out, causing those nearby to fly away. At the same time, the ground below was torn as cracks appeared.

The impact wreck havoc as the bloody dragon disappeared in an instant as it turned into a bloody light. Xue Tiandou, who was staring at the scene before him, had his face instantly pale.

At the direction that he was looking, Mu Chen did not move as he had maintained the posture when he sent that fist earlier. There were still liquid circulating on his arm.

On his chest, lightning flickered as another lightning rune quietly appeared on top of the fifth.

Mu Chen's Lightning God's Physique had undergone a breakthrough, reaching Hexa Rune Lightning Physique!

Lightning flickered as the longspear in Mu Chen's hand swipe horizontally with the spear tip tilting as the Black Tortoise Seal landed on the speartip.

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