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Chapter 527 - Courtyard

A brilliant golden light spread out in this Hidden Spiritual Courtyard. Wen Qingxuan held onto her golden warspear as her devastatingly beautiful face was filled with frost. Boundless and vast Spiritual Energy formed into a Spiritual Energy pressure as it swept towards the Academy Alliance.

Faced with Wen Qingxuan’s pressure, the Academy Alliance was trembling as they had already lost their fighting spirit.

At the sight of it, Mo Yu’s face turned ugly as he said with a solemn voice, “Wen Qingxuan, don’t take it too far. Our Academy Alliance has never once offended the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy. Why are you being so overbearing?!”

“I just don’t like the sight of you people.” Wen Qingxuan’s cold voice resounded.


Rage flashed across Mo Yu’s eyes as he continued to say with a solemn voice, “Wen Qingxuan, although you are powerful, our Big Brother might not fear you!”

“You’re trying to scare me with a fellow that only knows how to hide himself?”

Wen Qingxuan coldly smiled as she tapped her foot on the ground and flew out. Golden light surged as if it was a golden phoenix, it was extremely gorgeous. Under the gorgeous sight, her golden warspear emitted a dazzling light as it turned into spear images that covered the skies, surrounding the group from the Academy Alliance.

Boom! Boom!

With Wen Qingxuan’s strength, it was hard for ordinary people to withstand it. Not to mention that she could use a portion of her Spiritual Energy, whereas the group from the Academy Alliance could not. The strength of their physical bodies could not be comparable to Wen Qingxuan’s attacks.

Thus, the group from the Academy Alliance fled in disorder from the places that the golden light went. Several figures were sent flying away, spurting blood from the spear images.

In just a short dozen minutes, the group from the Academy Alliance had already been defeated.

“Wen Qingxuan, you’re too much!”

Mo Yu’s face turned pale at the sight of this as he issued a bark. His feet stomped on the ground as his figure flew forward. A surge of powerful Spiritual Energy swept out from his body as a huge sword image formed in his hands when he made a grabbing gesture. Thereafter, it shot towards Wen Qingxuan in a crafty angle.


When Mu Chen saw the powerful Spiritual Energy burst from Mo Yu, he gasped as he felt that Mo Yu had exploded all the Spiritual Energy within his body. It wasn’t the same as Qin Feng, who could only use half of his Spiritual Energy. Clearly, the Spiritual Protection Jade Plate that he had was more complete compared to Qin Feng’s.


Wen Qingxuan raised her phoenix-like gaze as she coldly snorted when she saw the Mo Yu that was charging towards her direction. The golden warspear in her hand abruptly burst with dazzling light and vaguely, there were cries of a phoenix resounding from it.

“Spear of the Golden Phoenix!”

The golden warspear shot forth as if it was a golden phoenix that had spread its wings. It brought along dazzling golden light as it ferociously clashed with the opposite attack without any retreat.


A clear metallic clash resonated. At the moment of the clash of the spear and sword, a fearsome gale swept out, causing deep marks to be made on the ground from the aura of the sword and spear.


The sword images suddenly exploded as Mo Yu’s figure trembled for a moment, before flying away. A blood trace appeared on his palm as blood flowed down from his fingers. Clearly, he was at a disadvantage in his clash with Wen Qingxuan.

“Spirit Disaster!”

Mo Yu looked at his palm that was covered in blood as he looked at Wen Qingxuan with a dark expression, “Indeed worthy as the Captain of the once numero uno team. The current you must have already experienced the Spirit Disaster, right?”

Mo Yu’s strength was only a step away before he would experience the Spirit Disaster. Ordinary Spiritual Energy Disaster experts were not his opponent. However, his opponent’s strength had clearly surpassed himself.

Hearing Mo Yu’s words, Qin Feng and Liu Xiong’s faces also changed. They were looking at Wen Qingxuan’s calm expression with fear. She had actually gone through her Spirit Disaster? Isn’t that a little too frightening?

“Lead your people and get lost from here.” Wen Qingxuan said indifferently as she held onto her longspear.

Mo Yu, Qin Feng and Liu Xiong’s faces turned into an ugly sight. They exchanged looks and could see the chill in each other’s eyes. Within the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard, it was the location where the Divine Wood Palace kept their Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. As long as they obtained one drop of it, they would be able to charge against the Spirit Disaster. Therefore, how was it possible to get them to leave?

“I’ll see what makes you qualified to speak such words.” Mo Yu coldly sneered. Thereafter, he waved his sleeves as a light ray shot out. In a flash, the light rapidly expanded and turned into a greenish wood statue. Boundless Spiritual Energy was emitting from the body of the statue.

“Divine Wood Guard?”

Seeing the familiar statue, Mu Chen’s gaze froze. Mo Yu actually possessed a Divine Wood Guard?

“Hmph, Wen Qingxuan, this Divine Wood Guard possesses the strength of a Spirit Disaster. Do you want to try it’s might?” Mo Yu coldly snorted. Summoning the Divine Wood Guard had raised his confidence.

“You want to obstruct me with a broken piece of wood?”

Wen Qingxuan gripped her golden warspear even tighter as a chill flashed across her eyes.

“Leave the Divine Wood Guard to me.” Just when Wen Qingxuan was about to act, Mu Chen’s voice suddenly resounded.

“You’re seeking death!”

Mo Yu smiled as he mocked upon hearing Mu Chen’s words. Mu Chen’s cultivation was just at Human Body Disaster. Even if he possessed some means up his sleeves, how could he fight with the Divine Wood Guard? However, he didn’t know that back in the Spiritual Treasure Mountain, Mu Chen had defeated a First Grade Spirit Disaster puppet.

“I don’t have to fight myself.” Mu Chen smiled towards Mo Yu. Shortly after, he waved his hand and from his sleeve, a light shot out as well and rapidly expanded. Thereafter, it turned into a huge Divine Wood Guard. The size of it wasn’t any inferior compared to the one standing up ahead.

“Coincidentally, I have something similar in my hands. I wonder, which one would be more powerful?” Mu Chen smiled with his eyes narrowed as he looked at Mo Yu, who had an ugly expression at the moment.

“Damn it, how do you have one as well?!” Qin Feng and Liu Xiong’s faces paled. Never, in their expectations, would they think that Mu Chen would also possess a Divine Wood Guard. And now, their powerful trump card had failed.

Wen Qingxuan was also looking at Mu Chen with a little astonishment. Clearly, she did not expect Mu Chen to have such a trump card as well. A puppet with a strength comparable to a Spirit Disaster was rather intimidating.

Mo Yu gritted his teeth and waved his hand. The Divine Wood Guard charged towards Wen Qingxuan with the ground rumbling from its steps.

“Haha, let the big fellows play with each other, why bother a girl?” Mu Chen lightly smiled and with an intent, his Divine Wood Guard had charged towards its opponent. It threw out its huge fist, along with greenish light.


Two colossal beings clashed and a huge battle broke out that even the ground was trembling.

At the sight of it, Wen Qingxuan nodded her head towards Mu Chen. Thereafter, she fixed her cold gaze onto Mo Yu’s group, her warspear had, once again, surged with golden light.

“What should we do?” At the sight of this, Qin Feng and his group’s faces changed. With Wen Qingxuan’s strength, even if the three of them were to join up, they would not be her opponent. Not to mention that Mu Chen and Luo Li were standing by on the side. Their advantage in numbers had become their burden under these special circumstances.

Mo Yu’s eyes were dark but he did not panic. He took a glance at the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard behind him as he muttered “It should be almost here.”

“Everyone, take formation as had been spoken of before.” Mo Yu coldly barked as he waved his hand.

The spirit of the Academy Alliance group that had previously lost their fighting spirit suddenly trembled. They retreated towards the edge of the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard. There was a protruding stone platform that they sat down on.

“Wen Qingxuan, as I have said. It’s not as easy as you think to chase us away!”

Mo Yu coldly smiled. Shortly after, his hand was placed on top of a wooden pillar of the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard. Boundless Spiritual Energy surged into the pillar and on the ancient wooden pillar, green light runes appeared as they spread out at an astonishing speed.


At the same time, all those people from the Academy Alliance that were seated on the stone platform around the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard barked out as their palms were placed on the stone platform. Light surged as they directed the Spiritual Energy within their body towards the stone platform. Thereafter, as the Spiritual Energy surged, the entire Hidden Spiritual Courtyard was emitting a dazzling light.

The sudden changes made Mu Chen and his group startled. Wen Qingxuan’s face was cold as the golden warspear shot forth with piercing golden light. However, just when the golden light had entered a few feet around the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard, it had been blocked by the greenish light that surged out.

The Hidden Spiritual Courtyard was covered in light as it became even more brilliant. The faces of all those Academy Alliance members that sat on the stone platform had turned pale.

Mo Yu did not bother about his companions that had their faces paled as he directed his cold gaze towards Mu Chen’s group of three. Within his eyes, it was filled with cold killing intent.

“Mu Chen, you guys will regret coming here.”

The smile on Mo Yu’s face turned savage. Shortly after, both of his hand were pressed against the ancient greenish pillar before him as he circulated all his Spiritual Energy.

Onom! Onomm!

Boundless Spiritual Energy suddenly gathered frantically before the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard. Thereafter, it vaguely turned into a fuzzy light image. Within the light image, the powerful ripples being emitted from it caused the faces of Mu Chen and his group to change.

“This is the Courtyard Spirit that guards the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard. Once it’s summoned, it would automatically wipe out the lifeforms around the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard. Only those that are within the range of the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard would not suffer its attacks.”

Mo Yu coldly smiled as he gazed at Mu Chen’s group of three in pleasure.

“Now, you three will become its prey. Mu Chen, the one that laughs till the end will not be you three.”

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